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1. Who is the creator of Micky Mouse and Donald Duck?

A) Walt Kelly

B) R.K.Laxman

C) Walt Disney

D) Mort Wlaker

Correct Option : C


2. Which musical instrument does Bismillah Khan play?

A) Sitar

B) Mouth organ

C) Tabala

D) Shehnai

Correct Option : D


3. The Chairman of the State Planning Board is

A) President

B) Governor

C) Finance Minister

D) Chief Minister

Correct Option : D


4. Father of India’s White Revolution

A) Sundarlal Bahugana

B) Dr. M.S.Swaminathan

C) Dr. Varghese Kurian

D) Dr. Salim Ali

Correct Option : C


5. Which is the highest Gallantry Award in India?

A) Param Vir Chakra

B) Arjuna Award

C) Bharatha Ratna

D) Dada Saheb Falke Award

Correct Option : A


6. Where is the head quarters of GATT organisation?

A) New York

B) Beijing

C) Washington

D) Geneva

Correct Option : D


7. Who is the first woman to win the Golden Slam of Tennis?

A) Martina Navaratilova

B) Steffie Graff

C) Anna Kurnikova

D) Jennifer Capriati

Correct Option : B


8. Which of the following is not a hardware?

A) Mouse

B) Keyboard

C) Windows 95

D) C.P.U

Correct Option : C


9. Who invented the dynamite?

A) William Sturgeon

B) Benjamin Franklin

C) Alfred Nobel

D) Jeseph Aspidin

Correct Option : C


10. Which of the following is not correctly matched

A) Coolie - Mulk Raj Anand

B) Malgudi days - R.K. Narayan

C) Odakhuzhal - G. Sankara Kurup

D) The Guide - Salman Rushdie

Correct Option : D


11. The city of Ahemedabad is on the banks of the river

A) Godavari

B) Brahmaputhra

C) Sabarmati

D) Gomati

Correct Option : C


12. Which day is considered as ‘Mother’s day’ in India?

A) First Sunday of May

B) Second Wednesday of May

C) First Wednesday of May

D) Second Sunday of May

Correct Option : D


13. Babri Masjid was demolished in which year?

A) 1991

B) 1989

C) 1988

D) 1992

Correct Option : D


14. Which fuel is mainly used to drive rockets?

A) Hydrogen

B) Aviation sprit

C) Oxygen

D) Liquid Hydrogen

Correct Option : D


15. With which river is Sardar Sarovar Project associated?

A) Mahanadi

B) Narmada

C) Krishna

D) Sabarmati

Correct Option : B


16. Which vitamin is known as anti- sterility vitamin?

A) Vitamin E

B) Vitamin A

C) Vitamin C

D) Vitamin B

Correct Option : A


17. The most famous student of Socrates?

A) Plato

B) Aristotle

C) Confucious

D) Cicero

Correct Option : A


18. The largest Tiger Sanctuary in the world

A) Kasirange National Park

B) Thekkady

C) Silent Valley

D) Sundarbans

Correct Option : D


19. Where is the ‘Amarnath Shrine’ ?

A) Orissa

B) Amritsar

C) Sri Lanka

D) Kashmir

Correct Option : D


20. Who invented a method of reading for the blind?

A) Pascal

B) Williams Burroughs

C) Braille

D) Walter Hunt

Correct Option : C


21. Indian Constitution defines India as

A) Unitary State

B) Federal State

C) Union of States

D) Quasi Federal

Correct Option : C


22. Where is India’s first wave power plant located?

A) Kochi

B) Vizhinjam

C) Kanyakumari

D) Neyyardam

Correct Option : B


23. Which is India’s first communication satellite?

A) SLV-3


C) Aryabhatta

D) Apple

Correct Option : D


24. Name the Malayali poet who struggled against social evils like caste system and untouchability through his works?

A) Vallathol

B) Ulloor

C) Kumaran Asan

D) G. Sankara Kurup

Correct Option : C


25. Who appoints the Chief Election Commissioner?

A) Parliament

B) The President of India

C) The Prime Minister

D) The Chief Justice of India

Correct Option : B


26. Which of the following chemicals is used in the making of photo graphic films

A) Sodium Chloride

B) Aluminium hydroxide

C) Silver bromide

D) None of these

Correct Option : C


27. Deficiency deseases are caused due to the deficiency of :

A) Carbohydrates

B) Proteins

C) Fats

D) Vitamins

Correct Option : D


28. The study of fossils is known as

A) Palentology

B) Petrology

C) Seismology

D) Bathymetry

Correct Option : A


29. Red Blood Corpuscles(RBC) are formed in the

A) Liver

B) Heart

C) Spleen

D) Marrow

Correct Option : D


30. Which of the following is caused by Virus?

A) Diphtheria

B) Tetanus

C) Syphils

D) Influenza

Correct Option : D


31. The radiant energy of the sun results from

A) Cosmic radiation

B) Nuclear fusion

C) Nuclear fission

D) Combustion

Correct Option : B


32. Who among the following non-Indians was conferred India’s highest national Award Bharat Rathna?

A) Sam Nujoma

B) Martin Lutherking

C) Zubin Mehta

D) Khan Abdul Ghaffer Khan

Correct Option : D


33. Which among the following is closest to the equator?

A) Kanyakumari

B) Thiruvananthapuram

C) Tuticorin

D) Great Nicobar Islands

Correct Option : D


34. The earth revolves round the sun. This causes:

A) formation of day and night

B) deflection of winds and currents

C) change of seasons

D) difference in longitude and time

Correct Option : C


35. In which Shakespearian drama is Desdemona a character?

A) Hamlet

B) Merchent of Venice

C) Othello

D) As you like it

Correct Option : C


36. The meeting of the Rajya Sabha is presided over by:

A) The speaker

B) Vice-President of India

C) The President of India

D) The Prime Minister

Correct Option : B


37. Which is the most powerful house of legislature at the centre in India?

A) Rajya Sabha

B) Lok Sabha

C) Vidhan Sabha

D) Vidhan Parishad

Correct Option : B


38. Dhanwanthari Award is given for the outstanding contribution to

A) Social Science

B) Medical Science

C) Literature

D) Peace

Correct Option : B


39. The Constitution of India came into effect on :

A) 9th December 1946

B) 26th November 1949

C) 26th January 1950

D) 15th August 1947

Correct Option : C


40. The first woman appointed as the judge of the supreme court of India hailed from

A) Tamil Nadu

B) Orissa

C) Kerala

D) Karnataka

Correct Option : C


41. Taxes paid by a producer on the production of some commodity is :

A) Profession tax

B) Income tax

C) Excise duty

D) Compulsory tax

Correct Option : C


42. Tin is purified by

A) liquidation

B) distillation

C) electrolysis

D) reduction

Correct Option : A


43. A country with a high percapita income is a

A) Developed country

B) Developing country

C) Capitalist country

D) Socialist country

Correct Option : A


44. Crop failure is a common phenomenon in the Indian agricultural field because the farmers depend on water.

A) seasonal rains

B) irrigation canals

C) wells

D) pumpsets

Correct Option : A


45. ‘Operation Black Board’ has been adopted as a mean to overcome illiteracy in the country under the

A) New Education Policy

B) VII Five -Year Plan

C) VIII Five-Year Plan

D) World Bank

Correct Option : A


46. The author of War and Peace

A) Charles Dickens

B) Adam Smith

C) Bernard Shaw

D) Tolstoy

Correct Option : D


47. Who said “ there is neither a Hindu nor a Muslim only man”?

A) Guru Nanak

B) Swami Vivekananda

C) Sree Ramakrishna

D) Chaitanya

Correct Option : B


48. How long can a person continue to be a Minister in India without being a member of either House of Parliament

A) Three months

B) Six months

C) One year

D) No time limit

Correct Option : B


49. When did East India Company was permitted to trade in Bengal

A) A.D.1600

B) A.D.1700

C) A.D.1634

D) A.D.1857

Correct Option : C


50. Which fundamental right is concerned with abolition of social distinctions?

A) Right to equality

B) Right against exploitation

C) Right to freedom

D) Cultural and Educational Rights

Correct Option : A


51. In C language the data type float has ------ memory requirement

A) 1 byte

B) 2 bytes

C) 3 bytes

D) 4 bytes

Correct Option : D


52. An iteration control statement is ------

A) For

B) If----- else

C) Switch ----case

D) Nested if

Correct Option : A


53. In C language ----- is used to allocate a block of memory.

A) calloc()

B) realloc()

C) free()

D) malloc()

Correct Option : D


54. The nervous system of the computer

A) Central Processing Unit

B) Memory Unit

C) Control Unit

D) Arithmetic and Logic Unit

Correct Option : C


55. RTC stands for

A) Real Transfer Control

B) Real Time Clock

C) Real Time Cylinder

D) Rotational Time Clock

Correct Option : B


56. Select the correct sentence:

A) I have to do a speech.

B) He said a speech at the conference.

C) Suddenly,everyone stopped to talk.

D) Two prisoners succeeded in escaping.

Correct Option : D


57. Could you ------ me your pen?

A) lending

B) lent

C) lend

D) have lent

Correct Option : C


58. Everyone is liable to make mistake -------?

A) isn’t he

B) is he

C) don’t they

D) aren’t they

Correct Option : D


59. Hardly had I reached home ---- it began to rain.

A) when

B) than

C) soon

D) then

Correct Option : A


60. The paths of glory lead but to the -------

A) tomb

B) grave

C) burial ground

D) graveyard

Correct Option : B


61. Neither of them, ----- invited to the party

A) was

B) were

C) had

D) will

Correct Option : A


62. The meaning of euthanasia:

A) mercy killing

B) murder

C) assassination

D) atrocity

Correct Option : A


63. If you take rest, your health -----

A) would improve

B) will improve

C) would have improved

D) would be improving

Correct Option : B


64. How do you ------ your new neighbour ?

A) get by

B) get around

C) get on with

D) get through

Correct Option : C


65. Opposite of the word ‘confident’

A) secret

B) public

C) optional

D) diffident

Correct Option : D


66. Find out the wrongly spelt word:

A) moustache

B) hipocrasy

C) omission

D) maitre

Correct Option : B


67. A new broom sweeps clean- എന്നതിന്‍റെ തനതായ തര്‍ജ്ജമ

A) ഉള്ളതു പറഞ്ഞാല്‍ ഉറിയും ചിരിക്കും

B) മിന്നുന്നതെല്ലാം പൊന്നല്ല

C) പുത്തനച്ചി പുരപ്പുറം തൂക്കും

D) കാറ്റുള്ളപ്പോള്‍ തൂറ്റണം

Correct Option : C


68. The passive form of ‘He issued the orders’ is

A) The orders were issued by him

B) He has issued the orders

C) He had been issue the orders

D) The orders was issued by him

Correct Option : A


69. In which part of the sentence is error

A) I was

B) asked to

C) meet

D) the concerned clerk

Correct Option : D


70. I have lived here ----- 2010.

A) since

B) in

C) at

D) about

Correct Option : A


71. He is 80 years old, ------

A) isn’t it?

B) isn’t he?

C) is he?

D) is it?

Correct Option : B


72. Choose the apt word showing the meaning of the underlined words in the sentence: The landslide and heavy rain "caused much damage and misfortune" in Amboori near Kattakada.

A) calamity

B) cascade

C) penury

D) fertility

Correct Option : A


73. One-word for ‘the practice of those in power of favouring relatives’

A) favourism

B) samaratinism

C) bias

D) nepotism

Correct Option : D


74. “Don’t drive too fast” Meera said to her husband. ( Change the speech)

A) Meera said to her husband don’t drive too fast.

B) Meera told her husband not to drive too fast.

C) Meera told her husband he didn’t drive too fast.

D) Meera told her husband he doesn’t drive too fast.

Correct Option : B


75. The appropriate meaning of the phrase ‘en bloc’ :

A) whole as a group

B) a small group

C) different groups

D) one block

Correct Option : A


76. A car costs a dealer Rs. 50,000. The dealer raised the price by Rs. 13,000 and then deducted 1/7 of the new price. What percentage of the original cost was the car sold for?

A) 105%

B) 107%

C) 108%

D) 110%

Correct Option : C


77. Some persons contributed Rs. 1089. Each person gave as many rupees as they are in number. Find their number.

A) 33

B) 66

C) 45

D) 23

Correct Option : A


78. . A boy asked to write the value of 2^5 ×9^2. He wrote it as 2592. The difference between the obtained and actual value is:

A) 2^1×9^2

B) 2^2×9^3

C) 2^3×9^4

D) Zero

Correct Option : D


79. If a^3b=ab^3c=180 and a, b, and c are positive integers, the value of c is

A) 10

B) 15

C) 25

D) data inadequate

Correct Option : D


80. L.C.M of 2.5,0.5 and 0.175=?

A) 2.5

B) 0.5

C) 0.175

D) 17.5

Correct Option : D


81. Find the smallest of a given fraction 5/6, 3/4, 5/8, 6/7

A) 3/4

B) 6/7

C) 5/8

D) 5/6

Correct Option : C


82. If the radius of a circle is diminished by 10%, the area is diminished by

A) 36%

B) 20%

C) 19%

D) 10%

Correct Option : C


83. In an examination, Hari got 8 marks less 80%of the full marks and Ravi got 5 marks more than 70% of the full marks. Hari beats Ravi by 2 marks . The marks scored by Ravi is

A) 90

B) 110

C) 130

D) 140

Correct Option : B


84. By selling an article for Rs.100, one gains Rs.10. Then the gain percent is

A) 10%

B) 9%

C) 11 1/9%

D) 10 1/2%

Correct Option : C


85. The sum of two consecutive even numbers is 23 more than the average of these two numbers. What is the second number?

A) 22

B) 24

C) 26

D) 20

Correct Option : B


86. 81 is divided in to three parts, such that half of the first part, one third of the second part and one fourth of the third part are equal. The third part is more than the first by

A) 9

B) 18

C) 27

D) 36

Correct Option : B


87. A man, a woman or a boy can do a piece of work in 3,4 and 12 days respectively. How many boys must assist 1 man and 1 woman to do the work in 1 day?

A) 5 boys

B) 6 boys

C) 2 boys

D) 20 boys

Correct Option : A


88. NOPQ:PMRO :: ABCD: ?





Correct Option : A


89. Find the wrong term? 56,72,90,110,132,150

A) 72

B) 90

C) 110

D) 150

Correct Option : D


90. Ratan ranked 8th from the top and 37th from the bottom in a class . How many students are there in the class?

A) 44

B) 46

C) 45

D) 48

Correct Option : A


91. സകര്‍മ്മക ക്രിയ ഏത്?

A) വഴങ്ങി

B) കുഴങ്ങി

C) മുഴങ്ങി

D) പുഴുങ്ങി

Correct Option : D


92. കൃത്തിന് ഉദാഹരണം ഏത്?

A) വെണ്‍മ

B) പുതുമ

C) എളിമ

D) താഴ്ച

Correct Option : D


93. ഭേദകത്തിന് ഉദാഹരണം ഏത്?

A) ഊടെ

B) ഹാ!

C) ചെറു

D) ഗംഗ

Correct Option : C


94. നിയോജക പ്രകാരത്തിന് ഉദാഹരണമേത്?

A) വരട്ടട്ടെ

B) വരാം

C) പോകണം

D) വരിക

Correct Option : C


95. നാഴിയരി എന്നതില്‍ `നാഴി` ഭേദകത്തിന്‍റെ ഏതു വിഭാഗത്തില്‍ പെടുന്നു?

A) ശുദ്ധം

B) സാംഖ്യം

C) പാരിമാണികം

D) വിഭാവകം

Correct Option : C


96. ദ്വിഗു സമാസത്തിനുദാഹരണമല്ലാത്ത ഒരു പദമാണ്?

A) അഞ്ചാറ്

B) മുപ്പാര്

C) ചതുരംഗം

D) ഷഡ്പദം

Correct Option : A


97. തിരുവനന്തപുരത്തേക്ക് "പോകുന്ന" വണ്ടി. ഇവിടെ അടിവരയിട്ട പദം?

A) കൃതികൃത്ത്

B) പേരെച്ചം

C) വിനയെച്ചം

D) അനുപ്രയോഗം

Correct Option : B


98. സൂത്രം എന്ന പദത്തിന് ചരട് എന്നര്‍ത്ഥം വരുന്ന പദം?

A) സൂത്രധാരന്‍

B) സൂത്രക്കാരന്‍

C) സൂത്രവാക്യം

D) സൂത്രവിദ്യ

Correct Option : A


99. കര്‍മ്മധാരയ സമാസം വരുന്നത്?

A) രത്നപ്രഭ

B) സൂര്യപ്രഭ

C) ദീപപ്രഭ

D) തീക്ഷ്ണപ്രഭ

Correct Option : D


100. കള്ളക്കാക്ക ഇവിടെ കള്ള എന്നത്?

A) നാമാംഗജം

B) ക്രിയാവംശം

C) ശുദ്ധം

D) വിഭാവകം

Correct Option : D