1. The person known as the father of Indian Army

A) K.M Kariyappa

B) Major Stringer Lawrance

C) Sam Maneshaw

D) Sir Roy Butcher

Correct Option : B



2. National Defence Academy is situated at

A) Khadakwasla

B) New Delhi

C) Dehradum

D) Bangalore

Correct Option : A



3. In Indian Navy day is observed on

A) January 15

B) February 4

C) December 14

D) December 4

Correct Option : D



4. Asia’s largest Navel Academy is situate at

A) Ezhimala

B) Visakhapatanam

C) Kozhikode

D) Kochi

Correct Option : A



5. The second largest standing Army in the world

A) China

B) America

C) Britain

D) India

Correct Option : D



6. The first Defence Minister of India is

A) V.K Krishnamenon

B) Baldev Singh

C) Jag Jeevan Ram

D) A.K Antony

Correct Option : B



7. Which is the oldest Paramilitary force in India


B) Indian Para military force

C) Assam Rifles

D) People’s Armed Police Force

Correct Option : C



8. The operation of Indian Navy to rescue Indian’s in to Yemen

A) Operation Vijay

B) Operation Rahat

C) Assam Rifles

D) Peoples Armed Police Force

Correct Option : B



9. The missile known as the missile of future

A) Astra

B) Trishul

C) Brahmos

D) Prithvi

Correct Option : A



10. RAW is under the control of

A) President

B) Defence Minister

C) Governor

D) Prime Minister

Correct Option : D



11. The father of Indian Missile Technology is

A) Dr.A.P.J Abdul Kalam

B) Homi.J.Bhabha

C) Vikram Sarabhai

D) V.K Saraswath

Correct Option : A



12. The person who established cantonment for the first time in India

A) Canning

B) Delhousie

C) Robert clive

D) Warren Hastings

Correct Option : C



13. Southern Naval Command is situated at

A) Kochi

B) Visakapatnama

C) Mumbai

D) Chennai

Correct Option : A



14. Shano Varuna is the motto of.........

A) Indian Army

B) Indian Air Force

C) Indian Navy

D) Paramilitary Force

Correct Option : C



15. The supreme commander of the defence system in India

A) The President

B) The Prime Minister

C) The Defence Minister

D) Ministry of External Affairs

Correct Option : A



16. First major operation of Indian Navy is

A) Operation Polo

B) Operation virat

C) Operation Vijay

D) Operation Pawan

Correct Option : C



17. National Defence college is situated at

A) Khadakwasla

B) Dehradune

C) New Delhi

D) Hyderabad

Correct Option : C



18. The highly honorary rank in Indian Army

A) Air Chief Marshal

B) Field Marshal

C) Brigadier

D) General

Correct Option : B



19. Number of commands in Indian Army

A) 6

B) 5

C) 4

D) 7

Correct Option : D



20. Army day is observed on

A) December 4

B) January 15

C) October 8

D) May 11

Correct Option : B



21. The combined military excersise between India and Bangladesh is





Correct Option : B



22. The biggest Naval base of Indian Navy is

A) INS Kadamba

B) INS Brahmaputra

C) INS Jarawa

D) INS Sindhurakshak

Correct Option : A



23. Kerala comes under the Air command of

A) Eastern Command

B) Western Command

C) Northern Command

D) Southern Command

Correct Option : D



24. First Central Armed Police force to establishe women battalion





Correct Option : C



25. The first and the only personality from the film field who got the title of Lt.Colonel in Territorial Army

A) Mammootty

B) Suresh gopi

C) Mohanlal

D) Major Ravi

Correct Option : C



26. The state of India that does not exist Home Guards

A) Andrapradesh

B) Arunachal Pradesh

C) Himachal Pradesh

D) Telengana

Correct Option : B



27. Who became the defence Minister during the Indo-China war 1962

A) Baldev Singh

B) Y.B Chavan

C) V.K Krishna Menon

D) Jagjeevan Ram

Correct Option : C



28. Air Force Academy is situated at

A) Hyderabad

B) New Delhi

C) Bangalore

D) Chennai

Correct Option : A



29. Assam Rifles was formed in the year

A) 1832

B) 1835

C) 1834

D) 1885

Correct Option : B



30. The military operation conducted to capture Veerappan

A) Operation Gambir

B) Operation Cocoon

C) Operation Castor

D) Operation Modad

Correct Option : B



31. Project Director of Agni V

A) Tessy Thomas

B) V.K Saraswath

C) J.Manjula

D) None of these

Correct Option : A



32. Kargil Victory Day is observed on

A) July 13

B) July 26

C) December 16

D) December 4

Correct Option : B



33. The prime minister who inaugurated southern Air Command

A) Jawaharlal Nehru

B) Indira Gandhi

C) Rajiv Gandhi

D) Morarji Desai

Correct Option : B



34. The headquarters of the Assam Rifles is located at

A) Shimla

B) Hyderabad

C) Shillong

D) Chennai

Correct Option : C



35. India’s first indigenously developed ship to ship missile

A) Asthra

B) Trshul

C) Dhanush

D) Brahmos

Correct Option : C



36. The first cricketer who got the title of Lt.Colonel in Territorial Army

A) Sachin Tendulkar

B) Kapil Dev

C) M.S Dhoni

D) Virat Kohli

Correct Option : B



37. The oldest intelligence Agency in the world


B) Intelligence Bureau


D) National Investigation Agency

Correct Option : B



38. Father of Indian Navy is

A) K.M Kariappa

B) Manor Stringer Lawrence

C) Chatrapati Sivaji Maharaj

D) Roy Butcher

Correct Option : C



39. The biggest Rank attainable in the Indian Air Force

A) Air Marshal

B) Air chief Marshal

C) Marshal of the Air Force

D) Air Vice Marshal

Correct Option : C



40. Eastern Naval Command is situated at

A) Kochi

B) Visakhapatnam

C) Mumbai

D) Bangalore

Correct Option : B



41. The flood relief operation of Indian Army

A) Sahyog

B) Karuna

C) Madad

D) Sarang

Correct Option : A



42. The ship of Indian Navy known as racing Rhyno

A) INS Sindhurakshak

B) INS Brahmaputra

C) INS Kochi

D) INS Jarawa

Correct Option : B



43. Air force Administrative college is situated at

A) Hyderabad

B) Secunderabad

C) Coimbatore

D) Bangalure

Correct Option : C



44. The modern Territorial Army was inaugurated by

A) V.K Krishnamemon

B) C.Rajagopalachari

C) Indira Gandhi

D) Rajendra Prasad

Correct Option : B



45. ‘Duty unto Death’ is the motto of




D) Coast Guard

Correct Option : B



46. National security Guard was formed in

A) 1985

B) 1984

C) 1935

D) 1934

Correct Option : B



47. 1st Indian to become commander in Chief of Army

A) K.M Kariyappa

B) Roy Butcher

C) Major Stringer Lawrence

D) Sam Maneshaw

Correct Option : A



48. First Submarine Museum of India was started at

A) Visakhapattanam

B) Mumbai

C) Kochi

D) Goa

Correct Option : A



49. The joined Military exercise between Indian army and Nepal army

A) Varuna

B) Surya Kiran XI

C) Mitra Shakti

D) indra Dhanush

Correct Option : B



50. India’s surface to surface missile is

A) Dhanush

B) Prithvi

C) Trishul

D) Astra

Correct Option : D