1. A mixture of 40 liters of wine and water contains wine and water in the ratio of 3:1. How much water must be added may be 5:2?

A) 1 liter

B) 3 liter

C) 5 liter

D) 2 liter

Correct Option : D



2. If a man spends 65% of his salary and saves Rs.525 per month. His monthly salary is

A) 1000

B) 1500

C) 2,000

D) 2,500

Correct Option : B



3. Geethu purchased 12 pencil and 8 pens for Rs. 124. Neethu purchased 5 pencil and 10 pens for Rs.105 from the same trader, at the same rate what is the price of one pencil

A) Rs.5.00

B) Rs.8.00

C) Rs.9.00

D) Rs.4.50

Correct Option : A



4. The average of 5 consecutive natural number is 43. Find out the largest number?

A) 36

B) 45

C) 48

D) 52

Correct Option : B



5. At what rate percent of simple interest will a sum of money double itself in 12 years

A) 33/4%

B) 25/3%

C) 17/2%

D) 19/2%

Correct Option : B



6. A and B together can do a piece of work in 12 days and A alone can complete the work in 18 days. How long will be alone take to complete the job?

A) 6 days

B) 30 days

C) 36 days

D) 21 days

Correct Option : C



7. Two trains of length 210 meters and 130 meters respectively are running in opposite directions on parallel tracks. If their speeds are 32 km/ hr and 36 km/ hr respectively, in what time will they cross each other?

A) 0.005 sec

B) 18 sec

C) 5 min

D) 30 sec

Correct Option : B



8. Which is not a prime number

A) 61

B) 47

C) 51

D) 59

Correct Option : C



9. The ratio of ages of Anil and Ashima is 3:5. The sum of their age is 48 years . What is the age of Ashima?

A) 18 years

B) 10 years

C) 16 years

D) 30 years

Correct Option : D



10. Perimeter of rectangle is 100 cm one side is 20 cm. What is its are in square cm?

A) 1600

B) 800

C) 600

D) 400

Correct Option : C



11. 1st January 2013 is Tuesday. How many Tuesday are there in 2013?

A) 51

B) 52

C) 54

D) 53

Correct Option : D



12. Complete the following by filling the question mark: 2, 7 ,14, 23, ?, 47

A) 28

B) 34

C) 31

D) 38

Correct Option : B



13. Some boys are standing in a square. If 10th boy from behind is 5th behind the 12th boy from the front, how many are there in the queue?

A) 26

B) 17

C) 20

D) 27

Correct Option : A



14. The angle between minute hand and hour hand of a clock when the clock shows 3 hours and 20 minutes

A) 120°

B) 100°

C) 20°

D) 80°

Correct Option : C



15. Choose the correct missing letters: m-m-mn-nm-mn

A) mmnn

B) mmmn

C) nnmn

D) nnmm

Correct Option : C



16. Gopu started from a point and went 8 m north,turned right and moved 6 m. How far is he away from his starting point?

A) 14 m

B) 12 m

C) 10m

D) 7 m

Correct Option : C



17. Pointing to a lady, a man said;" the son of her only brother is the brother of my wife` How is the lady related to that man

A) sister of father in law

B) mother`s sister

C) Grand mother

D) mother in law

Correct Option : A



18. Find the odd one out

A) Red

B) Orange

C) Blue

D) Green

Correct Option : B



19. Which of these words will come first in the dictionary?

A) menial

B) menagerie

C) meningitis

D) mendicant

Correct Option : B



20. The value of 1/3*5 + 1/5*7 + 1/7*9 + 1/9*11 is

A) 4/99

B) 4/11

C) 1/45

D) 4/33

Correct Option : D



21. The Gandhi Sagar Dam is constructed over which of the following river

A) Ganga

B) Chambal

C) Kaveri

D) Hoogli

Correct Option : B



22. The agricultural census is done at which one of the following intervals?

A) Once in five years

B) every year

C) once in ten years

D) twice

Correct Option : A



23. The famous Dilwara Temple is situated in:

A) Odisha

B) Maharashtra

C) Rajasthan

D) Punjab

Correct Option : C



24. Swami Vivekananda delivered his famous Chicago speech in:

A) 1872 January 12

B) 1893 Sep.11

C) 1888 Oct 2

D) 1867 Nov.1

Correct Option : B



25. Which language is known as the camp language

A) Sanskrit

B) Urdu

C) Arabi

D) Marathi

Correct Option : B



26. Durgadevi Zone is a part of:

A) Corbet National Park

B) Kaziranga National park

C) Gir National Park

D) Sundarban National park

Correct Option : A



27. The freedom movement initiated from Bombay

A) Non Co operation movement

B) Civil disobedience movement

C) Quit India movement

D) Rowlat Act

Correct Option : C



28. India`s National Newspaper `The Hindu` started since

A) 1898

B) 1888

C) 1878

D) 1868

Correct Option : C



29. India`s first five year plan was based on:

A) Feldman model

B) Mahelanobis Model

C) Harrod-Domer model

D) Leontief model

Correct Option : C



30. The british governor general in India during the great Rebellion

A) Dalhousie

B) Hardinge

C) Canning

D) Wellesley

Correct Option : C



31. The birth place of the famous classic painter Raja Ravi Varma

A) Thiruvananthapuram

B) Thripunithura

C) Kilimanoor

D) Kottayam

Correct Option : C



32. The tamil leader who participated in the `Vaikom Sathyagraha`


B) Annadurai

C) Karunanithi

D) Ramaswami Naickar

Correct Option : D



33. Which one is not the work of Sree Narayana Guru

A) Atmopadesha Sathakam

B) Nirvriti Panchakam

C) Darsanamala

D) Vedadikara Niroopanam

Correct Option : D



34. The year in which V.T Bhattathirippad wrote his play `Adukkalayil Ninnum Aragathekku`

A) 1919

B) 1925

C) 1929

D) 1946

Correct Option : C



35. Who was the founder of Nair Service Society (NSS)

A) Veluppilly Asan

B) Sri.Narayana Guru

C) Mannath Padmanabhan

D) Kannan Nair

Correct Option : C



36. Periyar orginates from the :

A) Anamala

B) Azhimala

C) Ponmudi

D) Sivagirimala

Correct Option : D



37. Which is the largest backwater in Kerala?

A) Vembanad Kayal

B) Ashtamudi Kayal

C) Sasthamkotta Kayal

D) Kayamkulam Kayal

Correct Option : A



38. Which among the following is a megalithic Burial site in Kerala?

A) Peruvanam

B) Muzhikkulam

C) Cherumangad

D) None of these

Correct Option : C



39. The order permitting channar women to wear jacket was issued by which Diwan

A) Col.Munroe

B) William Logan

C) PNG Unnithan

D) C.P Ramaswami

Correct Option : A



40. The wild life sanctuary which is a part of Nilagiri Biosphere Reserve

A) Chinnar

B) Parambikulam

C) Muthanga

D) Chulannur

Correct Option : C



41. Panchayathi Raj instructions came into ef fect with the amendment of the constitutions

A) 70th

B) 73rd

C) 76th

D) 79th

Correct Option : B



42. The constitution of India adopted the idea of directive principles of state policy from the constitution of

A) Canada

B) U.K

C) U.S.A

D) Ireland

Correct Option : D



43. Which article is inserted in the constitution of India by the constitution (97th amendment) Act 2011?

A) Article 43 B

B) Article 39 A

C) Article 338 A

D) Article 361 B

Correct Option : A



44. Which of the following is considered as the soul of Indian constitution

A) Preamble

B) Directive Principles

C) Fundamental Rights

D) Fundamental Duties

Correct Option : A



45. According to the preamble of the constitution , India is a

A) Sovereign Democratic Republic

B) Sovereign Socialist Democratic Republic

C) Sovereign Socialist Secular Democratic Republic

D) Sovereign Secular Democratic Republic

Correct Option : C



46. Who chair the joint sitting of the houses of parliament

A) President

B) Prime minister

C) Supreme Court Chief Justice

D) Loksabha Speaker

Correct Option : D



47. To whom does the Public Accounts Committee submits its report

A) Prime minister

B) Speaker of Loksabha

C) President

D) Vice President

Correct Option : B



48. Which of the following commentators on the Indian constitution has called Indian federal ism as co -operative federalism

A) Sir Iyor Jennings

B) Morris Jones

C) K.C Wheare

D) Granville-Austin

Correct Option : D



49. The constitution of India was adopted on

A) January 26,1950

B) January 26,1949

C) November 26, 1949

D) December 28,1949

Correct Option : C



50. The Sarkaria commission was set up to review the relation between

A) Prime minister and the President

B) Executive and Judiciary

C) Legislature and Executive

D) Centre and the state

Correct Option : D



51. Who was the winner of IPL 2018 season

A) Chennai super kings

B) Sunrisers Hyderabad

C) Mumbai Indians

D) Kolkata night riders

Correct Option : A



52. Who won US open 2018 women singles

A) Caroline Wonziack

B) Naomi Osaka

C) Simona Halep

D) Angelique Kerber

Correct Option : B



53. ONV cultural centre will be set up in

A) Kannur

B) Malappuram

C) Ernakulam

D) Trivandrum

Correct Option : D



54. What was the theme of world intellectual property day 2018

A) Powering charge: women in innovation and creativity

B) Safe and space for youth

C) Know your numbers

D) None of these

Correct Option : A



55. Which butterf ly is recently declared as state butterfly of Kerala malabar Raven

A) Mayoori

B) Budha Mayoori

C) Neela Kannan

D) Chitra Mayoori

Correct Option : B



56. Who has been appointed as the new chairperson of the natural Green Tribunal

A) Umesh Dattatrya Salvi

B) Jawad Rahim

C) Lokeshwar Singh Panta

D) Adarsh Kumar Goel

Correct Option : D



57. Who has been named the first ever female high court chief justice of pakistan?

A) Asifa Quaraishi

B) Riffat Hassan

C) Tahira Safdar

D) Maria Ulfah

Correct Option : C



58. Which state government has launched rural cleanliness and sanitation compaign Swachhameva Jayate

A) Madhya Pradesh

B) Rajasthan

C) Goa

D) Karnataka

Correct Option : D



59. India`s first executive dog park has came up in which city

A) New Delhi

B) Lucknow

C) Jaipur

D) Hyderabad

Correct Option : D



60. Who is the chief Architect designed the world`s tallest statue `statue of Unity`

A) Ram.V.Sutar

B) Vivan Sundaram

C) Jitish Kallat

D) N.N Rimzon

Correct Option : A



61. ഭംഗിയുള്ള വീട് അടിവരയിട്ട പദം ഏത്

A) വാചകം

B) ദ്യോതകം

C) ഭേദകം

D) വിഭാവകം

Correct Option : C



62. `കേരള ഹെമ്മിംഗ്വേ` എന്നറിയെ പ്പടുന്നതാര്

A) എം.ടി വാസുദേവന്‍ നായര്‍

B) തകഴി

C) സി.വി

D) ചെറുശ്ശേരി

Correct Option : A



63. `ഹിഗ്വിറ്റ` എന്ന കൃതിയുടെ രചയിതാവ്

A) നന്തനാര്‍

B) എന്‍.എസ് മാധവന്‍

C) പി.സി കുട്ടികൃഷ്ണന്‍

D) കേശവദേവ്

Correct Option : B



64. കാക്കേ കാക്കേ കൂടെവിടെ എന്ന കവിത രചിച്ചതാര്

A) ചങ്ങമ്പുഴ

B) ഉള്ളൂര്‍

C) വര്‍ഗ്ഗീസ് മാപ്പിള

D) കേശവദേവ്

Correct Option : B



65. താഴെകൊടുത്തിരിക്കുന്നതില്‍ തദ്ധിതത്തിന് ഉദാഹരണം ഏത്

A) എണ്ണം

B) കള്ളം

C) പിടിത്തം

D) None of these

Correct Option : D



66. ശരിയായ പദം ഏത്

A) നിഘണ്ഡു

B) നിഘണ്ടു

C) നിഖണ്ഡു

D) നിഖണ്ഡു

Correct Option : B



67. `മനീഷ` എന്ന പദത്തിന്‍റെ അര്‍ത്ഥം

A) ശക്തി

B) മനസ്സ്

C) അമൃത്

D) ബുദ്ധി

Correct Option : D



68. There is no smoke without fire

A) പുകയില്ല തീയുണ്ട്

B) പുകയില്ല തീയില്ല

C) തീയില്ലാതെ പുകയില്ല

D) None of these

Correct Option : C



69. `കുന്ദന്‍` ഏതു നോവലിലെ കഥാപാത്രമാണ്

A) മരണ സര്‍ട്ടിഫിക്കറ്റ്

B) ആള്‍ക്കൂട്ടം

C) മരുഭൂമികള്‍ ഉണ്ടാകുന്നത്

D) അഭയാര്‍ത്ഥികള്‍

Correct Option : C



70. കലവറ എന്ന പദം പിരിച്ചാല്‍

A) കല+വറ

B) കലം+അറ

C) കലം+വറ

D) കല+അറ

Correct Option : B



71. The colour seen on the outer edge of the rainbow

A) Yellow

B) Red

C) Orange

D) Blue

Correct Option : B



72. Which gas increase in the atmosphere is major cause to global warming

A) Argon

B) Oxygen

C) Hydrogen

D) Carbondioxide

Correct Option : D



73. Who is the founder of scientific astronomy

A) Hoffman

B) Chandra Sekhar

C) Kepler

D) Copernicus

Correct Option : C



74. Which part of the brain is affected when pain killer is used

A) Cerebellum

B) Pituitary

C) Thalamus

D) Hypothalamus

Correct Option : C



75. The process used to produce Ammonia is :

A) Contact process

B) Haber process

C) Chlor -alkali process

D) Creighton process

Correct Option : B



76. The disease caused by a protozoa


B) Malaria

C) Typhoid

D) Chicken Guniya

Correct Option : B



77. Diabetes is caused due to the malfunctioning of

A) Heart

B) Kidney

C) Lungs

D) Pancreas

Correct Option : D



78. Chemical name of Baking Soda

A) Calcium Carbonate

B) Sodium Carbonate

C) Sodium Bicarbonate

D) Sodium Chloride

Correct Option : C



79. Plants without chlorophyll

A) Algae

B) Fungi

C) Bryophytes

D) Angiosperms

Correct Option : B



80. Which of the following is water soluble vitamin

A) Calciferol

B) Tocoferol

C) Ascorbic acid

D) Phyloquinone

Correct Option : C



81. In the list of synonyms given below which one is incorrect?

A) Surplus-deficit

B) haste-hurry

C) Absurd-stupid

D) Lavish-deficit

Correct Option : D



82. Correct the proverb meaningfully by replacing the verb slow and steady is the race

A) are

B) wins

C) wons

D) winning

Correct Option : B



83. Which of the following is correct?

A) This is good furniture

B) These are good furnitures

C) This is a good furniture

D) These are good furniture

Correct Option : A



84. The stranger said to me, which is the shortest route to the railway station? Turn to indirect speech

A) The stanger asked me which is the shortest route to the railway station

B) The stranger asked me which route was the shortest to the railway station

C) The stranger told me the shortest route to the railway

D) The stranger told me the route to the railway station is the shortest

Correct Option : B



85. The old man was overwhelmed ........... grief at his son`s death

A) in

B) with

C) of

D) by

Correct Option : B



86. The opposite of the word `oriental` is

A) Disoriented

B) Spurious

C) Occidental

D) Eastern

Correct Option : C



87. What is the active form of : The criminal was arrested by the police

A) The criminal was being arrested by the police

B) The criminal is being arrested by the police

C) The police arrested the criminal

D) None of these

Correct Option : C



88. A stones throw approximately means

A) a long distance

B) no distance

C) a short distance

D) throw a stone

Correct Option : C



89. In which part of the following sentence is the mistake?

A) Hardly had

B) I entered the room

C) when the mobile

D) had started ringing

Correct Option : D



90. Hundred rupees ........enough for the taxi fare

A) is

B) are

C) has

D) have

Correct Option : A



91. The practice and study of techniques for secure data communication in the presence of third parties

A) folding

B) cryptography

C) hiding

D) phishing

Correct Option : B



92. Resolution of a monitor depends on the

A) Aspect Ratio

B) Size of the screen

C) Number of pixels

D) Refresh Rate

Correct Option : C



93. Minimum number of bits essential to store any 2 digit decimal number is equal to........

A) 9

B) 8

C) 7

D) 6

Correct Option : C



94. Which of the following is not an example of an optical storage device

A) Compact Disk

B) Digital Versatile Disk

C) Flash drive

D) Floppy Disk

Correct Option : D



95. Which of the following system software translate and execute high level language source code statement by statement

A) Assembler

B) compiler

C) interpreter

D) operating system

Correct Option : C



96. The list of coded instruction is called

A) Computer program

B) Algorithm

C) Flow chart

D) Utility program

Correct Option : A



97. Operating system is a

A) General purpose software

B) Application software

C) System software

D) None of these

Correct Option : C



98. Expand GUI

A) Graphical User Instance

B) Graphical User Intermediate

C) Graphical User Interface

D) Graphical Used Instance

Correct Option : C



99. India`s first cyber crime police station is located in:

A) Hyderabad

B) Bangalore

C) Delhi

D) Mumbai

Correct Option : B



100. ............ is used to authenticate electronic records

A) Electronic card

B) Electronic mail

C) Electronic commerce

D) Electronic Signature

Correct Option : D