1. Choolannur Bird Sanctuary is located at

A) Palakkad

B) Idukki

C) Thrissur

D) Pathanamthitta

Correct Option : A



2. Who is considered as the father of Malayalam Cinema

A) S. Nottani

B) P.V. Rao

C) J.C. Daniel

D) P. Subrahmanian

Correct Option : C



3. The K.R. Narayanan National Institute of Visual Science and Arts is located at

A) Kottayam

B) Palakkad

C) Kannur

D) Kumarakam

Correct Option : A



4. In which year, G. Sankarakurup wins the Jnanpith Award

A) 1965

B) 1966

C) 1967

D) 1968

Correct Option : A



5. Anglo Indian representative is nominated to Kerala Legislative Assembly by

A) President

B) High Court Chief Justice

C) Governor

D) Chief Minister

Correct Option : C



6. The first mass struggle against untouchability in Kerala was

A) Guruvayoor Sathyagraha

B) Paliyam Sathyagraha

C) Channar Revolt

D) Vaikom Sathyagraha

Correct Option : D



7. The length of the coast line of Kerala is

A) 560 km

B) 590 km

C) . 580 km

D) 510 km

Correct Option : C



8. The longest river in Kerala

A) Bharathapuzha

B) Pamba

C) Chaliyar

D) Periyar

Correct Option : D



9. Hadayoga (Yoga) was laught to Chattampi Swamikal by

A) Sreenarayana Guru

B) Thycaud Ayya

C) . Brahmananda Sivayogi

D) Sree Sankaracharya

Correct Option : B



10. First Martyr of Kerala Renaissance

A) Brahmananda Sivayogi

B) Manonmaniam Sundaran Pillai

C) Arattupuzha Velayudha Panicker

D) Sreenarayana Guru

Correct Option : C



11. The women activist who is popularly known as the Jhansi Rani of Travancore a.

A) A.V. Kuttimalu Amma

B) . Akkama Cheriyan

C) Rosamma Punnus

D) Anna Chandi

Correct Option : B



12. The most fertile soil found in India is:

A) Deccan Soil

B) Laterite Soil

C) Alluvial Soil

D) Red Soil

Correct Option : C



13. The Pioneer Martyr of 1857 revolt:

A) Rani Lakshmi Bai

B) . Mangal Pandey

C) Nana Sahib

D) Tantia Tope

Correct Option : B



14. Who was the Grand old man of India

A) A.O. Hume

B) W.C. Banerji

C) C.R. Das

D) Dadabai Naoroji

Correct Option : D



15. The first National Park in India was:

A) Bandipur

B) Kasiranga

C) Jimcorbet

D) Periyar

Correct Option : C



16. `Konark` the famous sun temple is situated in which state

A) Maharashtra

B) Rajasthan

C) Madhyapradesh

D) Odisha

Correct Option : D



17. The Lahore session of the congress was held in the year

A) 1928

B) 1930

C) 1929

D) 1931

Correct Option : C



18. `Kasi` the holy place was situated on the bank of the river

A) Yamuna

B) Gangas

C) Brahmaputhra

D) Indus

Correct Option : B



19. The oldest Mountain Ranges in India

A) Vindhya Range

B) Sulaiman Range

C) Satpura Range

D) Aravalli Range

Correct Option : D



20. Identify the state which is also known as The city of Nizams and the City of Pearls:

A) Assam

B) Andhrapradesh

C) Arunachal Pradesh

D) Karnataka

Correct Option : B



21. Dowry Prohibition Act was passed in the year :

A) 1961

B) 1971

C) 1951

D) 1964

Correct Option : A



22. The Fundamental Duties are incorporated in the constitution of India by ...... Constitutional Amendment Act

A) 42nd Amendment

B) 44th Amendment

C) 73rd Amendment

D) 97th Amendment

Correct Option : A



23. National Human Rights Commission in India was set up in the year .....

A) 1990

B) 1992

C) 1993

D) 1994

Correct Option : C



24. Right to Education comes under the Act .....

A) 44

B) 46

C) 21

D) 21 A

Correct Option : D



25. The concept of Directive Principles was borrowed from :

A) Irish Republic

B) Switzerland

C) Constitution of USA

D) Constitution of UK

Correct Option : A



26. The Chairman and members of the state Public Service Commission are appointed by

A) The President

B) The Chief Justice of High Court

C) The Chief Minister of the State

D) The Governor

Correct Option : D



27. The constitution guaranteed protection of the rights of the minorities in India through which articles

A) 29 and 30

B) 350 and 351

C) 28 and 29

D) 15 and 16

Correct Option : A



28. Who is the chairman of the Rajya Sabha

A) The President

B) The Vice President

C) Lok Sabha Speaker

D) The Governor

Correct Option : B



29. The Fundametal Right of the Indian Citizens are enshrined

A) The Preamble

B) Part III of the Constitution

C) Part IV of the Constitution

D) Part V - A of the Constitution

Correct Option : B



30. Constitution of India was adopted by constituent Assembly on ]

A) . 26th January, 1950

B) 26th November, 1949

C) 29th August, 1947

D) 9th December, 1946

Correct Option : B



31. What is Oil of Vitriol

A) Sodium Chloride

B) Nitric Acid

C) Sulphuric Acid

D) Hydrochloric Acid

Correct Option : C



32. Minamata disease is due to

A) Arcenic

B) Lead

C) Copper

D) Mercury

Correct Option : D



33. A person suffering from bleeding gum need in his food

A) Carotene

B) Citrus

C) Vitamin K

D) Codliver Oil

Correct Option : B



34. The take appears shallow than its actual depth, due to

A) Reflection

B) Refraction

C) Diffraction

D) Interference

Correct Option : B



35. The unit of focal power of lense is

A) Walt

B) Horse Power

C) Dioptre

D) Candella

Correct Option : C



36. The nucleus of atom consists of

A) electrones and neutrones

B) electrones and protons

C) protons and neutrons

D) all of the above

Correct Option : C



37. Potassium is kept in :

A) Water

B) Kerosene

C) Alcohol

D) Ammonia

Correct Option : B



38. What is the main content of Biogas

A) Ethane

B) Methane

C) Acetylene

D) Butane

Correct Option : B



39. . What is the metal contained is Haemoglobin

A) Copper

B) Aluminium

C) Iron

D) Magnesium

Correct Option : C



40. Who is known as Father of Indian White Revolution

A) Dr. M.S. Swaminathan

B) C.V. Raman

C) Dr. Varghese Kurian

D) Dr. Chandrasekhar

Correct Option : C



41. Who is selected as the 14th President of India

A) Ram Nath Kovind

B) Suresh Kumar

C) Rajesh Kovind

D) Meera Kumar

Correct Option : A



42. Which team won the Women`s World Twenty 20 title

A) West Indies

B) Australia

C) England

D) New Zealand

Correct Option : B



43. A new book Maharana Pratap : The Invincible Warrior is authored by

A) Kiran Desai

B) Jhumpa Lahiri

C) Rima Hooja

D) Anita Desai

Correct Option : C



44. Andhra Pradesh`s seventh airport inaugurated at ........

A) Vizianagaram

B) Kakinada

C) Eluru

D) Orvakal

Correct Option : D



45. Which team clinched the 2019 Ranji Trophy

A) Bengal

B) Saurashtra

C) Vidarbha

D) Railways

Correct Option : C



46. National Deworming Day (NDD - 2019) was observed on;

A) February 12

B) February 11

C) February 10

D) February 09

Correct Option : C



47. G SAT - 31, which is in news recently, is launched from which of the following places

A) Sriharikota

B) Moscow

C) French Guiana

D) Florida

Correct Option : C



48. Dikkibandi Stadium was renamed after former Loksabha Speaker Purno A Sangma. It was located is the state of;

A) Manipur

B) Tripura

C) Meghalaya

D) Uttarakhand

Correct Option : C



49. Who is the present CAG

A) Sashi Kant Sharma

B) Rajeev Mehershi

C) Vinod Rai

D) H.K. Khanna

Correct Option : B



50. Who is the chairperson of Kerala State Vanitha Commission

A) K.C. Rossakutty

B) Sugathakumari

C) M.C. Josephine

D) C.K. Janu

Correct Option : C



51. The inventor of World Wide Web

A) Tim Berner`s Lee

B) Marc Andreessen

C) James H. Clark

D) Robert Cailliau

Correct Option : B



52. ......... unit provides the communication from man to machine

A) Input Unit

B) Memory Unit


D) Control Unit

Correct Option : A



53. ARPANET is an example of :





Correct Option : D



54. . Identify the odd one

A) Compiler

B) Assembler

C) Seperating

D) Interpreter

Correct Option : C



55. Which of the technology is mostly used in banking industry

A) Bar Code Reader




Correct Option : D



56. The father of Super Computer :

A) Charles Babbage

B) Glen Raikort

C) Seymour Cray

D) Winton Surf

Correct Option : C



57. Hacking is an offence as per IT Act 2000 Section

A) 65

B) 66

C) 67

D) 63

Correct Option : B



58. A person who does hacking is an unstilled manner or in a childish way is called .........

A) White Hat Hackers

B) Script Kiddle

C) Blue Hat Hackers

D) Phishing

Correct Option : B



59. The following is an example of software


B) Keyboard

C) M.S. Office

D) Mouse

Correct Option : C



60. Expansion of CPU is .......

A) Central Peripheral Unit

B) Central Printing Unit

C) Central Processing Unit

D) None of the above

Correct Option : C



61. Sachin`s age after 15 years will be 5 times his age 5 years back. Find out the present age of Sachin

A) 10 years

B) 11 Years

C) 12 years

D) 13 years

Correct Option : A



62. In the first 10 overs of a cricket game, the run rate was only 3.2. What should be the run rate in the remaining 40 overs to reach the target of 282 runs

A) 6.25

B) 5.5

C) 7.4

D) 5

Correct Option : A



63. An umbrella marked Rs. 300 is sold for Rs. 270. What is the rate of discount

A) 9%

B) 10%

C) 8%

D) 15%

Correct Option : B



64. If + means ÷ , - means x, x means +, ÷ means -, find the value of 30 ÷ 20 + 2 x 5 - 7 :

A) 40

B) 70

C) 55

D) 53

Correct Option : C



65. Choose the odd one : 43, 53, 63,73, 83

A) 73

B) 63

C) 53

D) 43

Correct Option : B



66. H.C.F of 24, 48 and 60 is

A) 6

B) 8

C) 12

D) 24

Correct Option : C



67. Find the next term in the sequence 4, 9, 25, 49, ......

A) 81

B) 121

C) 138

D) 1024

Correct Option : B



68. 10 3/4 + 2 3/5 - 5 1/10 = ?

A) 8 1/4

B) 4 1/8

C) 1 4/8

D) 8 1/20

Correct Option : A



69. A and B are two cities. A man travels from A to B at a speed of 10 km/hr and returns back at the speed of 30 km/hr. Find his average speed for whole journey

A) 12 km/hr

B) 15 km/hr

C) 20 km/hr

D) 22.5 km/hr

Correct Option : B



70. If a : b = 2 : 3, b : c = 4 : 5, then a : b : c = .........

A) 4 : 3 : 5

B) 2: 4 : 5

C) 8 : 12 : 15

D) 8 : 10 : 20

Correct Option : C



71. Find the odd one among these

A) Lake

B) River

C) Pool

D) Sea

Correct Option : B



72. Flower` is related to Petal is the same way is `Book` is related to

A) Author

B) Content

C) Page

D) Library

Correct Option : C



73. If EDUCATION is coded a NOITACUDE, the REDFORT will be coded as





Correct Option : A



74. Starting from a point, Babu walked 20 meters north side, he turned right and walked 10 meter, he again turned right and walked 20 meters, then he turned left and walked 5 meters. How far is now and is which direction from the starting point

A) 15 meter towards east

B) 5 meter towards east

C) 15 meter towards west

D) 5 meter towards west

Correct Option : A



75. The angle between both hands of a clock at 9.20 AM will be

A) 1200

B) 1500

C) 1600

D) 1300

Correct Option : C



76. Complete the following series IF, JH, LJ, OL, .........





Correct Option : A



77. Simplify 0.25 + 0.036 + 0.0075

A) 0.2935

B) 0.02935

C) 0.00136

D) 0.0136

Correct Option : A



78. If 14th April 2013 is sunday, 20th September 2013 is :

A) Sunday

B) Tuesday

C) Wednesday

D) Friday

Correct Option : D



79. What will be the next term 7, 12, 19, ........

A) 26

B) 28

C) 30

D) 24

Correct Option : B



80. Find 10 + 10 x 10 ÷ 10-10

A) 0

B) 10

C) 100

D) 1

Correct Option : B



81. ഒറ്റപ്പദമാക്കുക : ചേതനയുടെ ഭാവം

A) ശൈശവം

B) ഐഹികം

C) ദൗത്യം

D) ചൈതന്യം

Correct Option : D



82. ശരിയായ വിപരീതപദം ഏത് സരളം

A) ലഘു

B) പ്രൗഢം

C) സ ്തുതി

D) തഥ്യ

Correct Option : B



83. വിദ്വ ാന്‍ എന്ന വ ാക്കിന്‍റെ എതിര്‍ലിംഗം ഏത്

A) വിരഹിണി

B) വിദുഷി

C) തരകസ്യാര്‍

D) സ്വാമിനി

Correct Option : B



84. താഴെപ്പറയുന്ന പഴഞ്ചൊല്ലിന്‍റെ സാരസ്യമെന്ത ് നക്ഷത്രമെണ്ണിക്കുക

A) നിലവിട്ട് പെരുമാറുക

B) കഠിനശപഥം

C) വിഷമിപ്പിക്കുക

D) നാണം കെടുത്തുക

Correct Option : C



85. താഴെപ്പറയുന്ന കടങ്കഥയുടെ ശരിയുത്തരമേത ് തേന്‍കുടത്തില്‍ ഒറ്റക്കണ്ണന്‍

A) തേങ്ങ ചിരകല്‍

B) ഉപ്പ്

C) ചേന

D) ചക്കച്ചുള

Correct Option : D



86. സന്ധി എഴുതുക എണ്ണൂറ്

A) ആഗമസന്ധി

B) ആദേശസന്ധി

C) ലോപസന്ധി

D) ദ്വിത്വസന്ധി

Correct Option : B



87. പിരിച്ചെഴുതുക അഹര്‍വൃത്തി

A) അഹര്‍ + വൃത്തി

B) അഹ് + വൃത്തി

C) അഹസ ് + വൃത്തി

D) അഹ + സ ്വൃത്തി

Correct Option : C



88. ഒറ്റപ്പദമാക്കുക ദശരഥന്‍റെ പുത്രന്‍

A) ദാശരഥി

B) ദശവീരന്‍

C) ദശഗ്രീമന്‍

D) ദക്ഷന്‍

Correct Option : A



89. തന്നിരിക്കുന്ന പദത്തിന്‍റെ മലയാള പരിഭാഷ എന്ത് Carricature

A) ആക്ഷേപം

B) പൂര്‍വ്വസ്ഥിതി

C) തൂലികാചിത്രം

D) കുറ്റവാളി

Correct Option : C



90. സമാനപദം കണ്ടെത്തുക അളിഹം

A) നെറ്റി

B) യുദ്ധം

C) നിലാവ്

D) ആന

Correct Option : A



91. Choose the word which is spelt correctly

A) Archeologist

B) Archologist

C) Archaeologist

D) Archlogist

Correct Option : C



92. Change the voice : Did the blast terify the children

A) Was the blast terrified by the children ?

B) Was the children terified by the blast ?

C) Were the children terrifying by the blast ?

D) Were the children terrified by the blast ?

Correct Option : D



93. Give a one word substitute for: One who believes in the existence of God

A) Altenist

B) Atheist

C) Theist

D) Amateur

Correct Option : B



94. Sheena ........ visit her uncle when he was here

A) will

B) ought to

C) can

D) used to

Correct Option : D



95. We all look forward to ....... a picnic is the park

A) have

B) have had

C) having

D) be having

Correct Option : C



96. You must attend ..... his instructions

A) of

B) on

C) . to

D) for

Correct Option : C



97. We have plenty of time, ......?

A) isn`t it

B) haven`t we

C) don`t we

D) didn`t we

Correct Option : B



98. What is the antonym of predecessor

A) descendant

B) successor

C) ancestor

D) ascendant

Correct Option : B



99. The girl was wearing ...... yellow frock with red frills at the cuffs

A) a

B) an

C) the

D) all

Correct Option : A



100. The meaning of the idiom `Parish Pumps` is ......

A) charity

B) local politics

C) . sacred offerings

D) state of alarm

Correct Option : B