1. The branch of science which deals with the study of origin of life?

A) Exobiology

B) Abiogenesis

C) Environmental Science

D) Zoology

Correct Option : B



2. Who is known as the father of Indian Botany?

A) Theodor Schwann

B) Carl Linnaeus

C) M.J. Schleiden

D) William Roxburgh

Correct Option : D



3. Which are responsible for heredity?

A) Lipids

B) Nucleic acid

C) Carbohydrate

D) Cell

Correct Option : B



4. Name the scientist who called protoplasm as the physical basis of life?

A) T.H. Huxley

B) Rudolph Virchow

C) A.J. Oparin

D) Robert Hook

Correct Option : A



5. Which is known as the brain of the cell?

A) Lysosomes

B) Nucleus

C) Golgibodies

D) Chloroplast

Correct Option : B



6. The nitrogen base which is not present in DNA?

A) Adenine

B) Guanine

C) Uracil

D) Cytosine

Correct Option : C



7. Which stage of cellular respiration does not need oxygen?

A) Kreb`s cycle

B) Hydrolysis

C) Glycolysis

D) Autophagy

Correct Option : C



8. Which is the hardest and undigestable sugar?

A) Glucose

B) Fructose

C) Cellulose

D) Maltose

Correct Option : C



9. What is the normal temperature of human body?

A) 36.3°c

B) 36.9°c

C) 37.90°

D) 35°c

Correct Option : B



10. Which cells lack the capability of cell division?

A) Neuron

B) Blood cell

C) Muscle cells

D) Liver cells

Correct Option : A



11. The group of nerve cells which lack the myelin sheath are called?

A) White matter

B) Blue matter

C) Grey matter

D) Green matter

Correct Option : C



12. What is the average weight of human brain?

A) 1.4 kg

B) 1.2kg

C) 1.5 kg

D) 1.6 kg

Correct Option : A



13. Which hormone helps to maintain the normal level of blood particles?

A) Oxytocin

B) Vasopressin

C) Adrenalin

D) Insulin

Correct Option : A



14. Which part of the cerebrum is associated with the ability to recognize and understand languages?

A) Broca`s Area

B) Corpus Callosum

C) Wernicker`s area

D) Cerbral Cortex

Correct Option : C



15. Which is the control center of coughing and sneezing ?

A) Cerebrum

B) Cerebellum

C) Medulla Oblongata

D) Thalamus

Correct Option : C



16. Which is the middle layer of eye that nourishes oxygen and food?

A) Cornea

B) Choroid

C) Pupil

D) Iris

Correct Option : B



17. Which metal is seen in tear?

A) Calcium

B) Iron

C) Zinc

D) Copper

Correct Option : C



18. The narrow tube which helps to maintain the air pressure of ear cavity?

A) Vestibule

B) Eustachian tube

C) Vertibule

D) Semi circular Canal

Correct Option : B



19. Which is the anvil like bone in the middle ear?

A) Incus

B) Malleus

C) Stapes

D) Pinna

Correct Option : A



20. What are the small projections on the surface of tongue

A) Palatine tonsil

B) Lingual tonsil

C) Papillae

D) Terminal Sulcus

Correct Option : C



21. Which disease is caused due to the deficiency of melanin?

A) Albinism

B) Cretinism

C) Anosmia

D) Anaemia

Correct Option : A



22. Which is the organ without muscles?

A) Kidney

B) Heart

C) Lungs

D) Pancreas

Correct Option : C



23. Who discovered mitochondria?

A) J.E. Purkinje

B) Carl Linnaeus

C) Theophrastus

D) Richard Altman

Correct Option : D



24. Which digestive enzyme is present in Saliva?

A) Ptyalin

B) Pepsin

C) Lipase

D) Renin

Correct Option : A



25. Kidney stone chemically known as

A) Calcium Phosphate

B) Calcium Silicate

C) Calcium Carbonate

D) Calcium Oxalate

Correct Option : D



26. Which lens is used to rectify Myopia?

A) Convex

B) Concave

C) Bifocal

D) Cylindrical

Correct Option : B



27. How many chambers are present in the heart of a cockroach?

A) 15

B) 10

C) 13

D) 11

Correct Option : C



28. What is the colour of the blood of Annelids?

A) Green

B) Red

C) Blue

D) White

Correct Option : A



29. Which type of WBC produces heparin?

A) Neutrophil

B) Lymphocyte

C) Monocyte

D) Basophil

Correct Option : D



30. Study of horse is known as?

A) Hepatology

B) Hippology

C) Herpatology

D) Haematology

Correct Option : B



31. Which organ helps to maintain the pH of blood?

A) Kidney

B) Heart

C) Liver

D) Small Intestine

Correct Option : A



32. World blood donation day is observed on?

A) October 1

B) July 14

C) June 14

D) June 10

Correct Option : C



33. Who discovered Bombay blood group?

A) James Blundell

B) Dr. Y.M.Bhende

C) Karl Land Steiner

D) Dr.R.H. Lawler

Correct Option : B



34. The plastic used to make artificial heart valve?

A) Teflon

B) Bakelite

C) Nylon

D) Polystyrene

Correct Option : A



35. The blood group without antigen is ?

A) O group

B) AB group

C) A group

D) B group

Correct Option : A



36. Which animal has most number of teeth?

A) Opposum

B) Blue whale

C) Tortoise

D) Cow

Correct Option : A



37. The length of small intestine is

A) 6m

B) 10m

C) 7m

D) 11m

Correct Option : C



38. Insulin prepared outside the human body is called?

A) Humulin

B) Haemopure

C) Poly Haem

D) Cumulin

Correct Option : A



39. Which is the first discovered hormone?

A) Prolactin

B) Insulin

C) Secretin

D) Adrenalin

Correct Option : C



40. How many bones are present in neck?

A) 8

B) 14

C) 33

D) 7

Correct Option : D



41. Which vitamin is excreted through urine?

A) Vitamin C

B) Vitamin A

C) Vitamin K

D) Vitamin D

Correct Option : A



42. Which is the longest muscle in the human body?

A) Gluteus maximus

B) Cardiac muscle

C) Sartorius

D) Stapedius

Correct Option : C



43. Antibiotics can be made from a group of bacteria called?

A) Myxo bacteria

B) Actinomycetes

C) Acidobacteria

D) Cyanobacteria

Correct Option : B



44. Which one of the following is not a viral disease?

A) Bird flu

B) Warts

C) Plague

D) Swine flu

Correct Option : C



45. Otitis affect which organ?

A) Ear

B) Skin

C) Lungs

D) Liver

Correct Option : A



46. Who coined the term `Genetics`?

A) Gregor Mendel

B) William Bateson

C) Sir Horace Walpole

D) Alphonse Laveran

Correct Option : B



47. How many number of chromosomes are present in Ant?

A) 6

B) 26

C) 2

D) 36

Correct Option : C



48. Which tissue is used to make the soft part of plants

A) Parenchyma

B) Sclerenchyma

C) Collenchyma

D) Xylem

Correct Option : A



49. The rate of photosynthesis is high in .....

A) yellow light

B) red light

C) orange light

D) None of these

Correct Option : B



50. Plants that grow in acidic soil are called?

A) Oxylophyte

B) Lithophyte

C) Sciophyte

D) Mesophyte

Correct Option : A



51. Which plant hormone stimulates stem growth and promote flowering?

A) Cytokinin

B) Auxin

C) Gibberellins

D) Ethylene

Correct Option : C



52. Pollination through butterfly is called?

A) Phalaenophily

B) Psychophily

C) Cantharophily

D) Myrmecophily

Correct Option : B



53. Colourless pigment in plastids are called?

A) Chloroplast

B) Chromoplast

C) Leucoplast

D) None of these

Correct Option : C



54. Which is known as `Tonic of Nature`

A) Coffee

B) Cashew

C) Banana

D) Vanilla

Correct Option : C



55. Which plant known as `single medicine therapy`?

A) Sandal

B) Agarwood tree

C) Gooseberry

D) Neem

Correct Option : D



56. `Allium Sativam` is the scientific name of?

A) Turmeric

B) Garlic

C) Tobacco

D) Wheat

Correct Option : B



57. Who is known as the father of First Aid?

A) Gregor Mendel

B) Andenson

C) Louis Pasteur

D) Ismark

Correct Option : D



58. World autism awareness day is observed on?

A) March 2

B) . April 2

C) October 1

D) April 25

Correct Option : B



59. Which is the first cloned animal in India?

A) Injaz

B) Noori

C) Samrupa

D) Victoria

Correct Option : C



60. Which hormone is known as Surgical hormone`?

A) Thymosine

B) Adrenalin

C) Noradrenalin

D) Somatotropin

Correct Option : C



61. What is the study of number of functions and structure of genes separately?

A) Genetic engineering

B) Genome mapping

C) Gene therapy

D) Genetics

Correct Option : B



62. Which test is used to detect syphilis?

A) Schick test

B) Tourniquet test

C) Ishihara test

D) Wassermann test

Correct Option : D



63. Where was SARS reported for the first time in India?

A) Goa

B) Kolkata

C) Hyderabad

D) Chennai

Correct Option : A



64. Which disease is caused due to the deficiency of vitamin B3?

A) Pellagra

B) Anaemia

C) Beriberi

D) Sterility

Correct Option : A



65. Which instrument is used to measure muscle contraction?

A) Sphigmomanometer


C) Kymograph


Correct Option : C



66. The bones present in fore arm is?

A) Tibia

B) Femur

C) Fibula

D) Radius

Correct Option : D



67. How many number of bones are present in an adult?

A) 306

B) 206

C) 309

D) 204

Correct Option : B



68. Teeth are made up of?

A) Calcium

B) Dentine

C) Enamel

D) Crown

Correct Option : B



69. Who performed the first successful heart transplantation?

A) Alain Carpentier

B) William.J. Sholder

C) Christian Barnard

D) Robert. K. Jarvik

Correct Option : C



70. Which digestive enzyme acts on protein?

A) Lipase

B) Pepsin

C) Amylase

D) Ptyalin

Correct Option : B



71. What is the sum of cubes of first 5 natural numbers?

A) 300

B) 96

C) 225

D) 89

Correct Option : C



72. Find the sum of the smallest 6 digit number and the greatest 5 digit number?

A) 199999

B) 20,1999

C) 17,329

D) 16399

Correct Option : A



73. The ages of Anu and manu are in the ratio 3:5. After 9 years, the ratio of their ages will be 3:4. Find the present age of Anu?

A) 8 years

B) 10 years

C) . 9 years

D) 11 years

Correct Option : C



74. In a class, the average weight of 12 students and their teacher is 17 kg. If the weight of the teacher is not included, the average weight decreases by 2 kg. Find the weight of the teacher?

A) 55kg

B) 49 kg

C) 60kg

D) 41 kg

Correct Option : D



75. If A and B together can do a piece of work in 6 days and B alone can do the work in 18 days, then how many days will A take to complete the work?

A) 8 days

B) 9 days

C) 7 days

D) 10 days

Correct Option : B



76. Two trains 200m and 150m long on parallel rail at the rate of 40 km/hr and 45 km/hr respectively. In how much time will they cross each other, if they are running in the same direction?

A) 240 sec

B) 250 sec

C) . 252 sec

D) 275 sec

Correct Option : C



77. The area of a triangle is 216cm2 and sides are in the ratio 3:4:5. Find its perimeter?

A) 72

B) 52

C) 140

D) 76

Correct Option : A



78. Some articles were bought at 6 for Rs.5 and sold at 5 for Rs.6. Gain % is?

A) 47%

B) 44%

C) 50%

D) 64%

Correct Option : B



79. Walk : Run :: Breeze : .....?

A) Flow

B) Fall

C) Air

D) Wind

Correct Option : D



80. A woman introduces a man as the son of the brother of her mother. How is the man related to the woman?

A) Cousin

B) Brother

C) Uncle

D) Nephew

Correct Option : A



81. 1st January 2013 is Tuesday. How many Tuesday are there in 2013?

A) 55

B) 53

C) 52

D) 51

Correct Option : B



82. Facing south A start his journey and make turnings towards the left and right in the sequence given below. Which sequence will finally lead to a direction other than the south?

A) left,right,right,left, left right

B) left right left right left right

C) right right right left left left

D) . left left right left left right

Correct Option : D



83. What is the angle between the minute hand and hour hand of a clock at half past two?

A) 95°

B) 115°

C) 105°

D) 100°

Correct Option : C



84. At what rate percent of simple interest will sum of money double itself in 12 years?

A) 25/3%

B) 21/2 %

C) 19/3 %

D) 17/2%

Correct Option : A



85. 35,57,79,....?

A) 98

B) 911

C) 196

D) 107

Correct Option : B



86. No one knows the answer,.....?

A) doesn`t they?

B) does they?

C) does none?

D) do they?

Correct Option : D



87. Mini said to Kiran, please don`t disturb me. Change to indirect speech

A) Mini asked Kiran don`t disturb her

B) . Mini told Kiran don`t disturb her

C) Mini told Kiran not to disturb her

D) Mini requested Kiran not to disturb her

Correct Option : D



88. We had lunch together, .....

A) hadn`t they?

B) hadn`t we?

C) didn`t we?

D) . hadn`t us?

Correct Option : C



89. Find the meaning of `emphasis`?

A) de- emphasis

B) stress

C) timid

D) sly

Correct Option : B



90. The town council is repairing this road Change to passive voice

A) This road is repairing by the town council

B) This road is being repaired by the town council

C) . This road is repaired by the town council

D) . This road are being repaired by the town council

Correct Option : B



91. She is far a head ..... the others in Science

A) in

B) on

C) of

D) by

Correct Option : C



92. Neither of them ...... the answer

A) know

B) knows

C) knew

D) have known

Correct Option : B



93. He was wearing ....... yellow cap

A) a

B) an

C) the

D) none of these

Correct Option : A



94. Find the meaning of `Apple of discord`

A) punish

B) to study

C) cause of dispute

D) enmity

Correct Option : C



95. Find the opposite meaning of `esteem`

A) careless

B) formal

C) appreciation

D) disfavour

Correct Option : D



96. She often ..... with her husband

A) falls up

B) . falls in

C) falls out

D) falls off

Correct Option : C



97. This is the older ..... the two buildings

A) of

B) to

C) with

D) than

Correct Option : A



98. At the end of his speech the leader wished ....... to all

A) Obiter dictum

B) Au revoir

C) Amen

D) None of these

Correct Option : B



99. He is the finest man ..... ever lived

A) that

B) who

C) whose

D) whom

Correct Option : A



100. Our team .... won the match

A) has

B) have

C) were

D) was

Correct Option : A