1. Who is the father of Indian Nuclear Programme?

A) Vikram Sarabhai

B) C.V. Raman

C) APJ Abdul Kalam

D) Homi.J.Bhabha

Correct Option : D



2. A Karate player in order to break a brick hits quickly because of?

A) Momentum

B) Inertia

C) Projectile Motion

D) Rectilinear motion

Correct Option : A



3. What is the escape velocity of moon?

A) 4.2 km/s

B) 11.2km/s

C) 2.4 km/s

D) 69 km/s

Correct Option : C



4. Who proposed `The Corpuscular theory` of light?

A) Isaac Newton

B) James Clark Maxwell

C) Christiaan Huygens

D) Thomas Young

Correct Option : A



5. Which is the complementary colour of Blue?

A) Magenta

B) Yellow

C) Cyan

D) None of these

Correct Option : B



6. Which phenomena of sound is used in stethescope?

A) Oscillation

B) Vibration

C) Reflection of sound

D) Frequency

Correct Option : C



7. Heat from the sun reaches the earth by?

A) Conduction

B) Radiation

C) Convection

D) Sublimation

Correct Option : B



8. Which is the working principle of Mercury thermometer?

A) Thermal Expansion

B) Thermal Conductivity

C) Melting point

D) Humidity

Correct Option : A



9. 1 Coulomb is equal to

A) 6.24 x 1016 electrons

B) . 6.24 x 1018 electrons

C) 6.24 x 1010 electrons

D) 6.24 x 1012 electrons

Correct Option : B



10. Which is the device used to convert AC to DC?

A) Oscillator

B) Rectifier

C) Inductor

D) Ammeter

Correct Option : B



11. What is the unit of magnetic flux density?

A) Tesla

B) Weber

C) Coulomb

D) Ampere

Correct Option : A



12. What is the energy conversion in Electric oven?

A) Electrical to heat energy

B) Heat to electrical energy

C) Chemical to electrical energy

D) Electrical to Chemical energy

Correct Option : A



13. Which is the isotope of hydrogen used in nuclear fusion?

A) Proteum

B) Dueterium

C) Tritium

D) Both b and c

Correct Option : D



14. Which technique is used for calculating the age of caves and sea animals, corals

A) Thermo luminescence

B) Rubidium - Strontium dating

C) Uranium Thorium dating

D) Carbon dating

Correct Option : C



15. What is the reason for floating of Ice on water?

A) Density of water is less than density of Ice

B) Density of Ice is less than density of water

C) Water and Ice have equal density

D) Melting of Ice

Correct Option : B



16. Which law states that If the pressure is kept constant, the volume of a gas is directly proportional to its absolute temperature?

A) Charle`s law

B) Avogadro`s law

C) Boyle`s law

D) Combined Gas law

Correct Option : A



17. What is the unit of solid angle?

A) Square metere

B) Weber

C) Steradian

D) Cubic metre

Correct Option : C



18. Raman effect associated with

A) Wave length of light

B) Scattering of light

C) Frequency

D) Electro Magnetic wave

Correct Option : B



19. Kakrapara nuclear powerplant is situated in which State of India?

A) Rajasthan

B) Gujarat

C) Karnataka

D) Tamil Nadu

Correct Option : B



20. Who wrote the book `Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica`?

A) James Clerk Maxwell

B) Isaac Newton

C) Thomas Young

D) Madam Curie

Correct Option : B



21. Which instrument is used to measure solar radiation?

A) Pyro meter

B) Pyrano meter

C) Psycho meter

D) Radio meter

Correct Option : B



22. What is the CGS unit of mass?

A) Kilogram

B) Pound

C) Gram

D) Milligram

Correct Option : C



23. Which is the 6th State of matter?

A) Fermionic condensate

B) Quark Gluon Plasma

C) Bose Einstein Condensate

D) Plasma

Correct Option : A



24. The rate of doing work is called?

A) Energy

B) Power

C) Kinetic energy

D) Potential energy

Correct Option : B



25. Einstein proposed the special theory of relativity in which year?

A) 1905

B) 1915

C) 1910

D) 1903

Correct Option : A



26. Rotation of earth is an example for which type of motion?

A) Periodic motion

B) Simple harmonic motion

C) Circular motion

D) Rectilinear motion

Correct Option : A



27. Which of the following is an example for a scalar quantity?

A) Momentum

B) Force

C) Velocity

D) Time

Correct Option : D



28. The capability of rotating objects around a fixed axis is called?

A) Torque

B) Centrifugal force

C) Centripetal force

D) Frictional force

Correct Option : A



29. Surface tension is

A) Directly proportional to temperature

B) Directly proportional to pressure

C) Both a and b

D) Inversely proportional to temperature and pressure

Correct Option : D



30. What is the value of atmospheric pressure?

A) 300mm of Mercury

B) 760 mm of Mercury

C) 650 mm of Mercury

D) 790 mm of Mercury

Correct Option : B



31. Which is the weakest force in nature?

A) Gravitational force

B) . Frictional force

C) Centrifugal force

D) Centrifugal force

Correct Option : A



32. Escape velocity of the planets increases with its .....

A) Velocity

B) Mass

C) Temperature

D) Pressure

Correct Option : B



33. The shadow obtained from a point source is a region of darkness which is called?

A) Spectrum

B) Shade

C) Umbra

D) Black hole

Correct Option : C



34. Which colour has most deviation through glass prism?

A) Red

B) Violet

C) Blue

D) Yellow

Correct Option : B



35. Who proposed wave theory of light?

A) Isaac Newton

B) James Clark Maxwell

C) Max plank

D) Christian Huygens

Correct Option : D



36. Which is the branch of physics which deals with the measurement of light emitted by objects?

A) Optics

B) Photometry

C) Photochemistry

D) Photonics

Correct Option : B



37. Which colour is not used for printing?

A) Yellow

B) Cyan

C) Blue

D) Magenta

Correct Option : C



38. What is the phenomenon of emission of light in the visible region after absorbing certain electromagnetic radiations?

A) Fluorescene

B) Photo luminescence

C) Reflection

D) Dispersion

Correct Option : B



39. Fatamorgana is a term associated with

A) Mirage

B) Twinkling of light

C) Total internal reflection

D) Interference

Correct Option : A



40. Which mirror is used in torches?

A) Convex mirror

B) Concave mirror

C) Both convex and concave mirror

D) None of these

Correct Option : B



41. Who discovered MASER?

A) . Theodore Maiman

B) Albert.H. Taylor

C) Charles.H. Towns

D) Leo.C. Young

Correct Option : C



42. Which of the following is an example for a natural polarizing material?

A) Tourmaline

B) Silica

C) Gold

D) Steel

Correct Option : A



43. High pitch of the siren of an approaching ambulance which passes an observer is due to?

A) Loudness

B) Pitch

C) Doppler effect

D) Timbre

Correct Option : C



44. Which rays are used to study the internal atomic structure of crystal?

A) Cosmic rays

B) X rays

C) Gama rays

D) Infra red rays

Correct Option : B



45. Sound has maximum speed in?

A) Gases

B) Water

C) Steel

D) Glass

Correct Option : C



46. Which is the machine used to reproduce sound?

A) phonogram

B) Microphone

C) Loud speaker

D) Angiogram

Correct Option : A



47. What is the minimum distance reuired for the production of echo?

A) 18m

B) . 17m

C) 14m

D) 25m

Correct Option : B



48. Who invented thermo meter?

A) Sir James Devar

B) Galelio

C) Sir Isaac Newton

D) Max Plank

Correct Option : B



49. The temperature at which the water inside a pressure cooker boils?

A) 100°c

B) 110°c

C) 90°c

D) 120°c

Correct Option : D



50. While sweating under a fan we feel cool because of?

A) Evaporation

B) Sublimation

C) Humidity

D) Conduction

Correct Option : A



51. What is the absorption power of perfectly black body?

A) 2

B) 1

C) 0

D) 4

Correct Option : B



52. Which is the SI unit of electrical potential difference?

A) volt

B) joule

C) coulomb

D) watt

Correct Option : A



53. Nichrome is used as heating element in many appliances because of?

A) Low Melting point

B) High resistivity

C) Low resistivity

D) None of these

Correct Option : B



54. What is the voltage of a torch cell?

A) 3.6 volt

B) 2.5 volt

C) 1.5 volt

D) 1 volt

Correct Option : C



55. Vacuum tubes works on the principle of?

A) Thermionic Emission

B) Super conductivity

C) Rectification

D) Oscillation

Correct Option : A



56. In intrinsic semiconductors number of holes is equal to number of?

A) Protons

B) Neutrons

C) Electrons

D) Positrone

Correct Option : C



57. Who invented integrated circuits?

A) Jack Kilby

B) Faraday

C) Marconi

D) John Bardeen

Correct Option : A



58. Permanent magnet is made up of?

A) Pure Iron

B) Lodestone

C) Alnico

D) Solenoid

Correct Option : C



59. What is the life span of filament lamp?

A) 100 hours

B) 1000 hours

C) 5000 hours

D) 250 hours

Correct Option : B



60. National energy conservation day is observed on?

A) August 14

B) January 22

C) . December 14

D) October 14

Correct Option : C



61. What is the working principle of transformer?

A) Mutual Induction

B) Self induction

C) Electromagnetic induction

D) Paramagnetism

Correct Option : A



62. Beta rays are equivalent to

A) Helium nucleus

B) Electrons

C) Electromagnetic waves

D) Protons

Correct Option : B



63. Which is the coolant used in high temperature breeder reactor?

A) Uranium Oxide

B) Heavy Water

C) Plutonium

D) Liquid Sodium

Correct Option : D



64. The weight of a body in moon is equal to?

A) of the weight of a body on earth

B) of the weight of a body on earth

C) of the weight of a body on earth

D) of the weight of a body on earth

Correct Option : A



65. Which one of the following does not works on the principle of pascal`s law?

A) Hydraulic Jack

B) Flush tank

C) Hydraulic press

D) Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Correct Option : D



66. Who discovered that light travels faster in vacuum?

A) Sir Isaac Newton

B) Leon Foucault

C) Thomas Young

D) Heinrich Hertz

Correct Option : B



67. Which instrument is used for measurement of relative density under water?

A) Gyroscope

B) Gravimeter

C) Eudimeter

D) Hydrometer

Correct Option : D



68. The majority of UV radiations coming from the sun are absorbed by the?

A) Earth

B) Ozone layer

C) Thermosphere

D) Micro organisms

Correct Option : B



69. What is the amount of matter contained is a body called?

A) volume

B) weight

C) mass

D) thrust

Correct Option : C



70. Which is the radioactive isotope used for the treatment of cancer?

A) Cobalt 60

B) Phosphorous 32

C) Iodine 131

D) Oxygen 15

Correct Option : A



71. Let`s us go for a movie, .....

A) will you ?

B) shall you?

C) shall I?

D) shall we?

Correct Option : D



72. Spot error

A) According to Bible

B) fear of God

C) is the beginning of wisdom

D) No error

Correct Option : A



73. Find the meaning of `lament

A) Unhealthy

B) Enthusiasm

C) Search

D) Mourn

Correct Option : D



74. While in Chennai, he .... at the five star hotel

A) put in

B) put across

C) put about

D) put up

Correct Option : D



75. The fire has destroyed a lot of property Change to passive voice

A) a. A lot of property has been destroyed by the fire

B) A lot of property had distroyed by the fire

C) A lot of property have been destroyed by the fire

D) A lot of property have destroyed by the fire

Correct Option : A



76. If I have money, I ... a house

A) I will built

B) I will built

C) I would have built

D) None of these

Correct Option : D



77. We give them salary .... cash

A) on

B) in

C) by

D) for

Correct Option : B



78. Neither my brother nor my parents ...... come to the party

A) is

B) are

C) has

D) have

Correct Option : D



79. Kiran said to Anil, I shall buy a car. Change to indirect speech

A) Kiran said Anil that he shall buy a car

B) Kiran told Anil that he would buy a car

C) Kiran told Anil he would buy a car

D) Kiran told Anil he will be buying a car

Correct Option : B



80. Would you mind ...... the door

A) open

B) opening

C) opened

D) None of these

Correct Option : B



81. Find the meaning of `a chip of old block`?

A) great resemblance

B) reveal the secret

C) enmity

D) narrow escape

Correct Option : A



82. A ..... of ladies

A) cluster

B) bevy

C) panel

D) gallery

Correct Option : B



83. Find the opposite meaning of flamable

A) non flamable

B) inflamable

C) dis flamable

D) unflamable

Correct Option : A



84. I handed the job ..... to a collegue

A) in

B) on

C) over

D) out

Correct Option : B



85. Find the one word of `one who persues pleasure as way of life`

A) Stoic

B) hedonist

C) egoist

D) theist

Correct Option : B



86. On dividing a certain number by 342 we get 47 as remainder. If the same number is devided by 18. What will be the remainder?

A) 12

B) 47

C) 23

D) 11

Correct Option : D



87. The smallest fraction, which each 6/7, 5/14, 10/21 of will divide exactly is?

A) 60/147

B) 30/98

C) 50/294

D) 30/7

Correct Option : D



88. Sixty five percent of a number is 21 less than four - fifth of that number. What is the number?

A) 140

B) 65

C) 130

D) 70

Correct Option : A



89. 24/6 (10 - 4) -18+2 =?

A) 4

B) 8

C) 10

D) 6

Correct Option : B



90. A is twice as fast as B and B is thrice as fast as C. The journey covered by C in 54 minutes will be covered by B in?

A) 15 min

B) 21 min

C) 12min

D) 18 min

Correct Option : D



91. A and B can do a work in 8 days B and C can do the same work in 12 days. A,B and C together can finish it in 6 days. A and C together will to do in?

A) 8 days

B) 2 days

C) 6 days

D) 4 days

Correct Option : A



92. A cylinder of radius 4 cm and height 10cm is melted and recasted into a sphere of radius 2cm. How many such sphere are got?

A) 40

B) 15

C) 25

D) 20

Correct Option : B



93. The HCF of 2^4x3^2x5^3x7, 2^3x3^3x5^2x7 and 3x5x7x11 is

A) 105

B) 1155

C) 2310

D) 277202

Correct Option : A



94. What is the difference between the biggest and the smallest fraction among 2/3, 3/4,4/5 and 5/6?

A) 1/6

B) 1/12

C) 1/20

D) 1/30

Correct Option : A



95. 2-[2-{2-2(2+2)}]=?

A) -4

B) 4

C) -6

D) 8

Correct Option : C



96. The average of the first nine prime number is

A) 9

B) 11

C) 11 1/9

D) 11 2/9

Correct Option : C



97. 45% of 750 -25% of 480=?

A) 216

B) 217.50

C) 236.50

D) 245

Correct Option : B



98. A person incures 5% loss by selling a watch for Rs.1140. At what price should the watch be sold to earn 5% profit?

A) 1260

B) 1340

C) 1750

D) 1200

Correct Option : A



99. If A:B= 1/2 : 3/8 ,B:C = 1/3 :5/9 and C:D = then the ratio A:B:C:D is?

A) 4:6:8:10

B) 6:4:8:10

C) 6:8:9:10

D) . 8:6:10:9

Correct Option : D



100. P and Q started a business investing Rs. 85000 and Rs. 15000 respectively. In what ratio the profit earned after 2 years be divided between P and Q respectively?

A) 3:4

B) 3:5

C) 15:23

D) None of these

Correct Option : D