1. The river which forms the Kashmir Valley?

A) Beas

B) Ravi

C) Jhelum

D) Chenab

Correct Option : C



2. The place known as land of Mountain Passes?

A) Siwalik

B) Ladakh

C) Khardung

D) Mintaka Pass

Correct Option : B



3. Which of the following is rift valley river?

A) Mahanadi

B) Narmada

C) Tapti

D) Godavari

Correct Option : B



4. Oldest part in Indian subcontinent?

A) Mewar Plateau

B) Chotta Nagpur

C) Malwa Plateau

D) Deccan Plateau

Correct Option : D



5. Western ghat is listed in World heritage site of UNESCO in?

A) 2013

B) 2012

C) 2014

D) 2015

Correct Option : B



6. The river which flows through Kangra, Kulu and Manali Valleys?

A) Ravi

B) Sutlej

C) Chenab

D) Beas

Correct Option : D



7. The Indus Water Treaty was signed in?

A) September 19, 1958

B) September 20 ,1960

C) September 19, 1960

D) September 15, 1960

Correct Option : C



8. The river which is known as Chandrabhaga?

A) Jhelum

B) Beas

C) Ravi

D) Chenab

Correct Option : D



9. The river known as the sorrow of Assam?

A) Mahanadi

B) Damodar

C) Brahmaputhra

D) Yamuna

Correct Option : C



10. The river that flows through the Jim Corbett National Park?

A) Ram Ganga

B) Kosi

C) Son river

D) Yamuna

Correct Option : A



11. Mahakali river Treaty was signed between?

A) India and Pakistan

B) . India and Bengladesh

C) Indian and Nepal

D) India and Srilanka

Correct Option : C



12. The famous `Marble Water Falls` is situated on the river?

A) Teesta

B) Godavari

C) Mandovi

D) Narmada

Correct Option : D



13. The soil formed by weathering of ancient crystalline and metamorphic rocks?

A) Black Soil

B) Red Soil

C) Alluvial Soil

D) Laterite Soil

Correct Option : B



14. Indian Biodiversity Act passed by the Parliament in ?

A) 1986

B) 2002

C) 1980

D) 1952

Correct Option : B



15. Forest Conservation belongs to the list of?

A) Union list

B) State list

C) Concurrent list

D) Residuary Powers

Correct Option : C



16. Tropical Forest Reserach Institute located at?

A) Dehradun

B) Bhopal

C) Jabalpur

D) Palode

Correct Option : C



17. First dam built as a part of Chambal River Valley Project?

A) Koyna dam

B) Maithon Dam

C) Bisalpur Dam

D) Gandhi Sagar Dam

Correct Option : D



18. Jaithapur atomic power station located in the state of?

A) Karnataka

B) Maharashtra

C) Rajastan

D) Uttar Pradesh

Correct Option : B



19. The Soil which is formed by the deposit of organic substance in Marshy land?

A) Desert Soil

B) Mountain Soil

C) Peat Soil

D) Laterite Soil

Correct Option : C



20. First lake in the world having complete Wi-fi connectivity?

A) Wular Lake

B) Dal Lake

C) Kolleru Lake

D) Chilka Lake

Correct Option : B



21. The river known as handmaid of Narmada?

A) Godavari

B) Mahanadi

C) Krishna

D) Tapti

Correct Option : D



22. The river known as Hesidros to the ancient Greeks?

A) Beas

B) Sutlej

C) Chenab

D) Ravi

Correct Option : B



23. Indian Metropolitan City nearest to Tropic of Cancer?

A) Chennai

B) Kolkata

C) Thiruvananthapuram

D) Banglore

Correct Option : B



24. Sun rays fall vertically at the tropic of Cancer on?

A) December 22

B) June 21

C) June 20

D) December 20

Correct Option : B



25. The Himalayan range known as outer Himalaya?

A) Karakkoram

B) Siwalik

C) Himachal

D) Himadri

Correct Option : B



26. The pass that connects Ladakh with Tibet is known as?

A) Mintaka Pass

B) Chang La Pass

C) Khardung La Pass

D) Banihal Pass

Correct Option : B



27. Purvachal is the natural boundary between India and

A) Nepal

B) Bengladesh

C) Myanmar

D) Bhutan

Correct Option : C



28. The zone famous for saffron cultivation?

A) Khadar

B) Bhangar

C) Terai

D) Karewas

Correct Option : D



29. The river known as Keerthinasini in Bangladesh

A) Indus

B) Brahmaputra

C) Mahanadi

D) Ganges

Correct Option : D



30. The river which is known as `Telugu Ganga`?

A) Brahmaputra

B) Godavari

C) Kaveri

D) Krishna

Correct Option : D



31. The biggest city on the hands of the river Krishna in Andra Pradesh?

A) Vijayawada

B) Hyderabad

C) Sangli

D) Rajamundri

Correct Option : A



32. Which of the following coast where is Gulf of Mannar is located

A) Tamil Nadu

B) kerala

C) Karnataka

D) Andra Pradesh

Correct Option : A



33. Where is the Baglihar Hydro - Power Project located?

A) Beas

B) Chenab

C) Ravi

D) Sutlej

Correct Option : B



34. Which of the following state has the Hydel Power Project Nathpa Jhakri?

A) Himachal Pradesh

B) Uttarakhand

C) Jammu and Kashmir

D) Madya Pradesh

Correct Option : A



35. What makes the Ankleshwar famous

A) Coal mining

B) Exploration of Oil and natural gas

C) Iron and Steel Industries

D) Cotton textile industries

Correct Option : B



36. Which of the following tributaries of Ganga that rises from the Har - Ki- doon valley and holds water more than the main stream that merges after Kalsi near Dehradun?

A) Yamuna

B) Gomti

C) Son

D) Damodar

Correct Option : A



37. On which river National Waterway I (NWI) is located?

A) Ganga

B) Mahanadi

C) Barak

D) Narmada

Correct Option : A



38. Which one of the following river forms an estuary?

A) Kaveri

B) Narmada

C) Mahanadi

D) Krishna

Correct Option : B



39. Which of the following Indian Peninsular river has the largest river basin?

A) Narmada

B) Ganga

C) Godavari

D) Krishna

Correct Option : C



40. Which of the following state on India known for the famous lake `Fulhar`?

A) Madhya Pradesh

B) Uttarakhand

C) Uttar Pradesh

D) Jammu and Kashmir

Correct Option : C



41. Ninai falls are located in which of the following states in India?

A) Gujarat

B) Kerala

C) Manipur

D) Karnataka

Correct Option : A



42. Which of the following waterfalls forms the border between Karnataka and Goa?

A) Duduma falls

B) Dudhsagar falls

C) Hebbe falls

D) Pebble falls

Correct Option : B



43. Where is Mayurakshi Project?

A) Jammu and Kashmir

B) Punjab

C) West Bengal

D) Maharashtra

Correct Option : C



44. Which of the following forest that are found in the Western Ghats, hills of the North Eastern region and the Andaman and Nicobar islands?

A) Mangrove forest

B) Dry deciduous forest

C) Tropical evergreen forest

D) Semi desert and desert vegitation

Correct Option : C



45. Which of the following is the highlights of the `Rally for Valley` programme in India?

A) Environmental degradatio

B) Biodiversity

C) Resettlement of displaced people

D) Loss of agricultural productivity

Correct Option : A



46. Aizwal is situated on which of the following bank?

A) Meghna

B) Tlawng river

C) Hwang Ho

D) Irawadi

Correct Option : B



47. Which of the following soil is related to the term Regur?

A) Laterite soil

B) Black cotton soil

C) Red soil

D) Deltaic Alluvial Soil

Correct Option : B



48. Which one among the following river does not flow into the Bay of Bangal?

A) Mahanadi

B) Kaveri

C) Tapti

D) Godavari

Correct Option : C



49. The paithan (Jayakwadi) Hydro electric Project, completed with the help of Japan, is on the river?

A) Ganga

B) Kaveri

C) Narmada

D) Godawari

Correct Option : D



50. Which of the following types of soil are mostly confined to river basins in India?

A) Alluvial Soil

B) Black Soil

C) Laterite Soil

D) Red Soil

Correct Option : A



51. The only private sector refinery set up by Reliance Petroleum Ltd is located at?

A) Guwahati

B) Jamnagar

C) Mumbai

D) Chennai

Correct Option : B



52. Which is the Iron ore exporting port in India?

A) New Manglore Port

B) Mormugao

C) Kandla Port

D) Kandla Port

Correct Option : B



53. Which of the following is the highest Peak of Satpura Range?

A) Gurushikhar

B) Dhupgarh

C) Pachmarhi

D) Mahendragiri

Correct Option : B



54. The novel in which Rudyard Kipling refers to Karakoram Mountian range?

A) The White Man`s Burden

B) The second Jungle Book

C) Kim

D) Just so Stories

Correct Option : C



55. Barak Valley in Assam is famous for which among the following?

A) Petroleum Production

B) Tea Cultivation

C) Bamboo Industry

D) Cottage Industries

Correct Option : B



56. `Gir Kesar` which has been given the Geographical Indication tag, is a famous variety of which among the following?

A) Saffron

B) Pepper

C) Mango

D) Sweater

Correct Option : C



57. The Jhamarkotra mines of Rajastan are best known for which among the following minerals?

A) Mica

B) Zinc

C) Rock Phosphate

D) Lime stone

Correct Option : C



58. Which of the following rivers feeds the `Tehri Dam`?

A) Alakananda

B) Bhagirathi

C) Gandak

D) Ghaggar

Correct Option : B



59. Jaduguda is famous for

A) Copper

B) Iron

C) Uranium

D) Gold

Correct Option : C



60. What is the number of states having coastal area?

A) 8

B) 9

C) 10

D) 6

Correct Option : B



61. Which is the Second maritime State in India (Second Largest Coastline)

A) Gujarat

B) Andra Pradesh

C) Karnataka

D) Tamil Nadu

Correct Option : B



62. An island in the Mumbai harbour which is fortified and owned by the Indian Navy is?

A) Majuli

B) Oyster Rock

C) Pamban island

D) Piram island

Correct Option : B



63. On July 2018 which one of the following was included in the UNESCO`s World Heritage list?

A) Dilwara Temple

B) Kalka Shimla Railway

C) Bhitarkanika Mangrove

D) Visakhapatanam to Araku Valley railway line

Correct Option : B



64. Where are shevaroy Hills located?

A) Andra Pradesh

B) Karnataka

C) Kerala

D) Tamil Nadu

Correct Option : D



65. Among the following river Indravati is a tributary of?

A) Narmada

B) Godavari

C) Ganga

D) Krishna

Correct Option : B



66. The famous pirpanjal ranges are located in?

A) Himachal

B) Siwalik

C) Himadri

D) Aravalli Mountains

Correct Option : A



67. `Parasnath Peak is located in?

A) Bihar

B) Jharkhand

C) Tamilnadu

D) Kerala

Correct Option : B



68. Rajghat River Valley Project a joint venture of the Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh states is launched on?

A) Chambal river

B) Ken river

C) . Betwa River

D) Son river

Correct Option : C



69. Lipu lekh pass is located in?

A) Himachal Pradesh

B) Uttarakhand

C) Arunachal Pradesh

D) Sikkim

Correct Option : B



70. Which one of the following is called `land locked river system` in India?

A) Luni

B) Narmada

C) Tapti

D) Sabarmati

Correct Option : A



71. Hitler ..... the Jew`s as a whole

A) make out

B) made away with

C) made over

D) made out

Correct Option : B



72. ..... information he had was not quite reliable

A) Little

B) A little

C) The few

D) The little

Correct Option : D



73. Mary is .... Sophia by two years

A) elder to

B) oldest

C) older to

D) old

Correct Option : A



74. One who compiles dictionaries is called a?

A) Dictator

B) Calligrapher

C) Linguist

D) Lexicographer

Correct Option : D



75. Plural of Son - in -law is?

A) Sons -in -laws

B) Sons -in- law

C) Son - in -laws

D) Sons and laws

Correct Option : B



76. The tiller was standing .... in the field

A) Stationary

B) Stationery

C) Stationory

D) Stantionory

Correct Option : A



77. The corporation is spending a lot of money to .... the city

A) beauteous

B) beautifull

C) beautify

D) beautifier

Correct Option : C



78. The passive form of `The Secretary garlanded the Chief guest is.....

A) The Chief guest was garlanded by the Secretary

B) The Chief guest is garlanded by the Secretary

C) The Chief guest has been garlanded by the Secretary

D) The Chief guest will be garlanded by the Secretary

Correct Option : A



79. Let us go for a walk,........?

A) shall we

B) should we

C) letn`t we

D) don`t we

Correct Option : A



80. Neither the teachers nor the headmaster ........ the programme?

A) attend

B) has attended

C) have attended

D) None of these

Correct Option : B



81. He visits his home town once in a blue moon meaning of the Underlined idiom

A) Often

B) Once in a month

C) Seldom

D) Once in a week

Correct Option : C



82. If you utter a word, I ..... you

A) dismiss

B) will dismiss

C) am dismissing

D) will have been dismissed

Correct Option : B



83. Would you mind ..... for a minute?

A) wait

B) waited

C) waiting

D) could wait

Correct Option : C



84. The word `delicacy` means

A) Sky

B) Inconvenience

C) Sensitive

D) Weakness

Correct Option : D



85. Do you have any progress..... your studies

A) on

B) in

C) over

D) with

Correct Option : B



86. if x:y = 5:3 what is (x+y):(x-y)?

A) 8:2

B) 1:4

C) 4:1

D) 2:8

Correct Option : C



87. The difference between 72% and 54% of a number is 432. What is 55% of that number?

A) 1355

B) 1445

C) 1420

D) 1320

Correct Option : D



88. If a man sell his horse for Rs.450, he would lose 25%. For what price he would sell his horse if he has to get 15% gain?

A) 600

B) 690

C) 700

D) 800

Correct Option : B



89. The number of girls in a class is half of the number of boys. The total number of students in a class can be?

A) 54

B) 64

C) 38

D) 46

Correct Option : A



90. If + means , - means x, means + and x means - ,then 36*12 + 4 / 6 + 2 - 3= ?

A) 2

B) 32

C) 42

D) 52

Correct Option : C



91. A is two years older than B, who is twice as old as C. If total ages of A,B,C be 27, how old is B?

A) 5

B) 8

C) 10

D) 12

Correct Option : C



92. A cylinder of radius 4cm and height 10cm is melted and recasted into a sphere of radius 2cm. How many such spheres are get?

A) 25

B) 30

C) 15

D) 28

Correct Option : C



93. What is the angle between the minute hand and hour hand of a clock at half past two?

A) 105°

B) 103°

C) 110°

D) 90°

Correct Option : A



94. Geetha is taller than Seetha, but shorter than Rema. Rema is shorter than Swapna but taller than Maya. Who is the tallest among them?

A) Swapna

B) Geetha

C) Maya

D) Seetha

Correct Option : A



95. In a certain code SUNDAY is coded is USDNYA. How could CREATION be written in that code?





Correct Option : D



96. A man drives 5km to the North direction turns left and drives 2km, turns left and drives another 3km, and then turns right and again drives 5km and finally turns to right which direction is he facing now?

A) North

B) West

C) East

D) South

Correct Option : A



97. Find the missing number 8,24,48,80,120,....

A) 172

B) 168

C) 158

D) 162

Correct Option : B



98. A father is 25 years older than his son. 10 years ago father`s age was 6 times of his son`s age. What is the present age of son?

A) 10

B) 40

C) 30

D) 15

Correct Option : D



99. Find the time taken by a 180m long train running at 54km/hr to cross a man standing on a platform?

A) 4 seconds

B) 12 seconds

C) 30 seconds

D) 15 seconds

Correct Option : B



100. Introducing a man, a woman said His wife is the only daughter of my father. How is that man related to woman?

A) Brother

B) Husband

C) Father in law

D) Uncle

Correct Option : B