1. Who is known as the father of Organic Chemistry?

A) Joseph Priestly

B) Antoine Lavoisier

C) Friedrich Wohler

D) Robert Boyle

Correct Option : C



2. The construction of electron microscope was based on?

A) Dual Nature of Matter

B) Atomic size

C) Electron affinity

D) Ionization potential

Correct Option : A



3. Which is the heaviest sub atomic particle?

A) Proton

B) Neutron

C) Electron

D) Nucleus

Correct Option : B



4. 1 atomic mass unit is equal to

A) 1.6605x10-27 kg

B) 1.6605x10-25 kg

C) 1.4405x10-27 kg

D) 1.3305x10-27 kg

Correct Option : A



5. Who proposed atomic theory of atom?

A) J.J. Thomson

B) Max Planck

C) Werner Heisenberg

D) John Dalton

Correct Option : D



6. The maximum number of electrons in a shell?

A) 2n2

B) 3n2

C) 2n3

D) 4n2

Correct Option : A



7. The number of molecules obtained in 1 mole of gas is called?

A) Mass number

B) Atomic number

C) . Avogadro number

D) Atomic volume

Correct Option : C



8. Elements that do not conduct electricity and heat which tends to accept electrons are called?

A) Metals

B) Non metals

C) Metalloids

D) Quartz

Correct Option : B



9. Which is the most electro positive stable element?

A) Francium

B) Radon

C) Caesium

D) Caesium

Correct Option : C



10. Which compound is used for the preservation of grains and food?

A) Silver Bromide

B) Sodium Peroxide

C) Sodium Citrate

D) Sodium Benzoate

Correct Option : D



11. A colloidal solution formed between two liquids is called?

A) Emulsion

B) Foam

C) Aerosol

D) Heterogeneous mixture

Correct Option : A



12. Which isotope is used for the treatment of Skin cancer?

A) Carbon 14

B) Carbon 60

C) Oxygen 15

D) Phosphorous 32

Correct Option : C



13. Who suggested the term `Isobars`?

A) Frederick Soddy

B) Alfred Walter Stewart

C) K. Guggenheimer

D) Henry Moseley

Correct Option : B



14. Mendeleev`s periodic table was based on?

A) Increasing order of atomic number

B) Increasing order of atomic mass

C) Decreasing order of atomic number

D) Decreasing order of atomic mass

Correct Option : B



15. Who discovered BHC?

A) Michael Faraday

B) . William Gregor

C) Alexander Volta

D) Henri Moissan

Correct Option : A



16. Which is the most abundant element in sea water?

A) Chlorine

B) Nitrogen

C) Calcium

D) Titanium

Correct Option : A



17. Second group elements are also known as?

A) Alkali metals

B) Boron family

C) Carbon family

D) Alkaline earth metals

Correct Option : D



18. In periodic table atomic size of elements from top to bottom?

A) decreases

B) increases

C) first increases then decreases

D) No change

Correct Option : B



19. `The Law of Octaves` was proposed by?

A) Dobereiner

B) Mendeleev

C) Moseley

D) John Newland

Correct Option : D



20. The name `Palladium` is obtained from

A) Ceres

B) Neptune

C) Sun

D) Asteroid

Correct Option : D



21. Which is the liquid non metal in room temperature?

A) Mercury

B) Bromine

C) Francium

D) Chlorine

Correct Option : B



22. Which metal is used in atomic clock?

A) Silicon

B) Caesium

C) Francium

D) Germanium

Correct Option : B



23. A reaction in which no new substance is produced is called?

A) Atomic reaction

B) Chemical reaction

C) Physical reaction

D) Photochemical reaction

Correct Option : C



24. Which is the last element in the periodic table?

A) Nihonium

B) Moscovium

C) Tennessine

D) Oganesson

Correct Option : D



25. What is called the ability of an atom to donate electron?

A) Electro negativity

B) Electro positivity

C) Bonding

D) Electron affinity

Correct Option : B



26. Which is the weakest bond in nature?

A) Ionic Bond

B) Covalent Bond

C) Vander Waals Bond

D) Electro Valent Bond

Correct Option : C



27. Capability of metals to being drawn out or stretched?

A) Tensile

B) Sonority

C) Malleability

D) Ductility

Correct Option : D



28. Which element act as strongest reducing agent?

A) Lithium

B) Boron

C) Mercury

D) Osmium

Correct Option : A



29. Which metal is used for making the nib of a fountain pen?

A) Titanium

B) Copper

C) Osmium

D) Magnesium

Correct Option : C



30. Which one of following is not an ore of Copper?

A) Chalcolite

B) Rutile

C) Malachite

D) Cuprite

Correct Option : B



31. The impurities present in the ore?

A) Gangue

B) Flux

C) Slag

D) None of these

Correct Option : A



32. Wilson`s disease is caused by

A) Iron

B) Copper

C) Mercury

D) Silver

Correct Option : B



33. The process of separation of a substance from a mixture of liquids having different boiling points?

A) Hydrolysis

B) Pyrolysis

C) Liquation

D) Distillation

Correct Option : D



34. Which alloy is used for making the parts of aeroplanes?

A) Alnico

B) Nichrome

C) Duralumin

D) Silumin

Correct Option : C



35. Which is the colour of pure Hydrogen?

A) Blue

B) White

C) Colourless

D) Green

Correct Option : C



36. Naturally occurring compound of Beryllium?

A) Emerald

B) Fullerine

C) Coal

D) Borax

Correct Option : A



37. Which isotope of Hydrogen is used as moderator in nuclear reactor

A) Protium

B) Deuterium

C) Tritium

D) Both a and c

Correct Option : B



38. Which is the only alkali in the name of acid ?

A) Hydrochloric acid

B) . Acetic acid

C) Nitric acid

D) Boric acid

Correct Option : D



39. Light has lowest speed in which medium?

A) Graphite

B) Diamond

C) Water

D) Glass

Correct Option : B



40. By which process Sulphur is produced

A) Solvay process

B) . Bosch process

C) Frasch process

D) Deacons process

Correct Option : C



41. Which gas controls burning

A) Oxygen

B) Carbon dioxide

C) Nitrogen

D) Hydrogen

Correct Option : C



42. Which gas formed during lightning?

A) Nitric Oxide

B) Nitrous Oxide

C) Sulphur Dioxide

D) Nitrogen

Correct Option : A



43. Ozone layer is found in which layer of atmosphere?

A) Troposphere

B) Thermosphere

C) Ionosphere

D) Stratosphere

Correct Option : D



44. Compound which is used as air purifier cell in submarines?

A) Sodium Thio Sulphate

B) Sodium Peroxide

C) Sodium Citrate

D) Sodium Bicarbonate

Correct Option : B



45. Which element is known as `Chemical Sun`?

A) Hydrogen

B) Helium

C) Calcium

D) Magnesium

Correct Option : D



46. Double sulphate of Aluminium is

A) Opal

B) Alum

C) Topaz

D) Sapphire

Correct Option : B



47. Which is known as `Rock cotton`?

A) Asbestos

B) Mica

C) Alnico

D) Sulphur

Correct Option : A



48. Which is used for making safety matches?

A) White phosphorous

B) Red phosphorous

C) Black phosphorous

D) None of these

Correct Option : B



49. Mixture of Sulphur and coal is known as ?

A) Gun Metal

B) Gun powder

C) Carnalite

D) Phosphine

Correct Option : B



50. The most abundant metal present in blood?

A) Iron

B) Calcium

C) Sodium

D) Potassium

Correct Option : D



51. The compound which regulate the setting time of cement?

A) Plaster of paris

B) Gypsum

C) Calcium Carbonate

D) Calcium Oxide

Correct Option : B



52. Which metal is known as wonder metal?

A) Aspirin

B) Uranium

C) Titanium

D) Ilmenite

Correct Option : C



53. Which is the purest form of Iron?

A) Wrought Iron

B) Pig Iron

C) Cast Iron

D) Iron Pyrites

Correct Option : A



54. Who discovered Cobalt?

A) Georg Brandt

B) Louis Nicolas Vauquelin

C) Carl Sheele

D) Johan Gottlieb Gahn

Correct Option : A



55. Which element is used in manufacturing of perfurmes?

A) Copper

B) Zinc

C) Cobalt

D) Iron

Correct Option : B



56. Which is the second element having highest reactivity?

A) Flourine

B) Bromine

C) Iodine

D) Chlorine

Correct Option : D



57. Which is the only one radioactive gaseous element?

A) Argon

B) Neon

C) Krypton

D) Radon

Correct Option : D



58. Which element have maximum number of isotopes?

A) Tin

B) Lead

C) Mercury

D) Gold

Correct Option : A



59. Which element is present as an anti knocking agent in petrol?

A) Lead

B) Iron

C) Copper

D) Zinc

Correct Option : A



60. Which metal is known as `Hiranya`?

A) Calcium

B) Magnesium

C) Gold

D) Silver

Correct Option : C



61. Water has the maximum density at?

A) 0° c

B) 100 °c

C) 4 °c

D) 6 °c

Correct Option : C



62. The sewage material in Aeroplanes are turned into solid by?

A) Carbon dioxide

B) Dry Ice

C) Blue Ice

D) Chlorine

Correct Option : C



63. Which catalyst is used in Haber Process?

A) Vanadium Pentoxide

B) Iron

C) Sulphuric acid

D) Calcium Oxide

Correct Option : B



64. What is the other name of formic acid?

A) Methanoic acid

B) Ethanoic acid

C) Acetic acid

D) Hydrochloric acid

Correct Option : A



65. The colour of phenolphthalein in acid?

A) Pink

B) Red

C) Colourless

D) Orange

Correct Option : C



66. Which alkaloid is present in Neem?

A) Caffeine

B) Piperine

C) Margosein

D) Capsaicin

Correct Option : C



67. Number of moles of solute present in 1 litre of solution is called?

A) Normality

B) Molality

C) Molarity

D) PH value

Correct Option : C



68. Who is known as the father of polymer chemistry?

A) Hermann Staudinger

B) Hermann Mark

C) Joseph Aspidin

D) Joseph Black

Correct Option : A



69. The drug used to reduce pain without causing impairment of consciousness?

A) Antiseptic

B) Analgesic

C) Antipyretic

D) Antibiotic

Correct Option : B



70. The product derived from the reaction between an acid and an alcohol is called?

A) Ester

B) Alkaloid

C) Salt

D) Polymer

Correct Option : A



71. Manu purchased a machine for Rs.80,000 and spent Rs. 5000 on repair and Rs.1000 on transport and sold it with 25% profit. At what price did he sell the machine?

A) 112650

B) 107500

C) 103500

D) 123360

Correct Option : B



72. If 15% x=20% of y, then x:y is

A) 4:3

B) 3:4

C) . 5:6

D) 4:5

Correct Option : A



73. Jeeva and Thara are partners in a business. Jeeva invests Rs. 35000 for 8 months and Thara invests Rs.42,000 for 10 months. Out of a profit of Rs. 31,570 Jeeva`s share is?

A) 13,500

B) 10,250

C) 12,546

D) 12,628

Correct Option : D



74. 36 men can complete a piece of work in 18 days.In how many days will 27 men complete the same work?

A) 24

B) 30

C) 20

D) 26

Correct Option : A



75. person travels from P to Q at a speed of 40km/hr and returns by increasing his speed by 50%. What is his average speed for both the trips?

A) 25km/hr

B) 24km/hr

C) 48 km/hr

D) 56 km/hr

Correct Option : C



76. A sum of Rs.1600 gives a simple interest of Rs. 252 in 2 years and 4 months. The rate of interest per annum is?

A) 6 3/4%

B) 4 3/4 %

C) 5%

D) 5 1/2%

Correct Option : A



77. The difference between length and breadth of a rectangle is 23 m. If its perimeter is 206 m, then its area is?

A) 1040m2

B) 3600m2

C) 2520m2

D) 2640m2

Correct Option : C



78. At what time between 2 and 3 O`clock will the hands of a clock be together?

A) 10 10/11 minutes past 2

B) 9 9/11 minutes past 2

C) 10 9/11 minutes past 2

D) 9 10/11 minutes past 2

Correct Option : A



79. Which is the next in the series? 3, 13,31,57,....?

A) 86

B) 75

C) 81

D) 91

Correct Option : D



80. If `BANK` is coded as `CAMP` in a language, how is `RAMP` coded in that language?





Correct Option : B



81. If 40 litres of mixture containing milk and water, the ratio of milk and water is 3:1. How much water should be added to the mixture so that the ratio of milk to water becomes 2:1?

A) 3L

B) 10L

C) 7L

D) 5L

Correct Option : D



82. he difference between 25% and 45% of a number is 300. Find the number?

A) 2000

B) 1500

C) 1300

D) 1000

Correct Option : B



83. 25th March 2014 was a Monday. What was the day of the weak on 27th November?

A) Wednesday

B) Thursday

C) Friday

D) Tuesday

Correct Option : A



84. A man goes 10m due north and then 30m due east. His distance from the starting place?

A) 20 ROOT10m

B) 10m

C) 10 root10m

D) 20m

Correct Option : C



85. Pointing to a photograph, Ravi said she is the only daughter of my grandfather`s only son. How is Ravi related to the person in the photograph?

A) Brother

B) Father

C) Uncle

D) Sister

Correct Option : A



86. onvert the sentence into indirect speech you may leave the room, said the teacher

A) The teacher said I may leave the room

B) The teacher said I might leave the room

C) he teacher said I could leave the room

D) The teacher said that I might leave the room

Correct Option : D



87. The police ...... questioning the suspects

A) is

B) am

C) are

D) was

Correct Option : C



88. Have you heard the ...... news?

A) later

B) latest

C) late

D) latter

Correct Option : B



89. Gopal is an illiterate, but his son is studying ......a University

A) in

B) on

C) at

D) for

Correct Option : C



90. What is the meaning of `proscribe`

A) banish

B) allow

C) forbidden

D) give

Correct Option : A



91. When I first met him, he ..... at the hospital

A) had been working

B) had worked

C) was working

D) have been working

Correct Option : C



92. I go to school ...... Raju`s bike

A) by

B) on

C) in

D) No preposition

Correct Option : B



93. Can you find three ..... in the picture

A) sheeps

B) sheep

C) sheepes

D) None of these

Correct Option : B



94. Find the meaning of `to get wind fall`

A) found guilty

B) to get unexpected fortune

C) very rarely

D) punishment

Correct Option : B



95. Have they killed the snake. Change to passive voice

A) Has the snake been killed by them

B) Have the snake been killed by them

C) Had the snake been killed by them

D) Has the snake killed by them

Correct Option : A



96. The conductor as well as the passengers ..... to blame for the trouble

A) is

B) am

C) has

D) have

Correct Option : A



97. He has some books,.......

A) doesn`t he?

B) hasn`t he?

C) don`t he?

D) None of these

Correct Option : B



98. Where will you .... the bus?

A) go off

B) get off

C) . go with

D) come by

Correct Option : B



99. He is a ..... person

A) Coward

B) Cowardice

C) Cowardly

D) . None of these

Correct Option : C



100. A .... of ants were found on the floor

A) army

B) hive

C) flock

D) herd

Correct Option : A