1. The logo of Kerala tourism Gods Own Country is conceived by?

A) Walter Mendez

B) James Mendes

C) Salim Ali

D) None of these

Correct Option : A



2. Southern most river in Kerala

A) Neyyar

B) Killiyar

C) Karamanayar

D) Pampa

Correct Option : A



3. What is the rank of Kerala in the case of density of population

A) 13

B) 3

C) 22

D) 23

Correct Option : B



4. Which district administration started a free meal programme namely `Numma Onnu`

A) Thiruvananthapuram

B) Kottayam

C) Thrissur

D) Ernakulam

Correct Option : D



5. Who was the first industrial Minister of Kerala?

A) T.V Thomas

B) A.R Menon

C) P.K Chathan

D) K.P Gopalan

Correct Option : D



6. Rajyarani express connects Trivandrum Central to

A) Kasargod

B) Punalur

C) Nilambur

D) Sengottai

Correct Option : C



7. The headquarters of Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Academy is situated at

A) Thiruvananthapuram

B) Thrissur

C) Malappuram

D) Ernakulam

Correct Option : B



8. Integrated Rural Technology Centre established by Kerala Sasthra Sahithya Parishad is situated at

A) Mannarkad

B) Pattambi

C) Mundur

D) Alathur

Correct Option : C



9. Kanwatheertha beach is located at which district

A) Kasargod

B) Kannur

C) Thiruvananthapuram

D) Kollam

Correct Option : A



10. Thunchath Ezhuthachan Malayalam University was established in the year

A) 2010

B) 2009

C) 2012

D) 2015

Correct Option : C



11. Where is the National University of Advanced Legal Studies situated?

A) Chalakkudi

B) Thiruvananthapuram

C) Pattambi

D) Kochi

Correct Option : D



12. First light house in western coast is........

A) Idukki

B) Pathanamthitta

C) Alappuzha

D) Wayanad

Correct Option : C



13. First child friendly panchayat in Kerala

A) Venganoor

B) Kalamassery

C) Nedumbassery

D) Thalassery

Correct Option : C



14. District having the shortest coastline in Kerala

A) Alappuzha

B) Kottayam

C) Kannur

D) Kollam

Correct Option : D



15. First Grama Panchayat in Kerala to get public administration Award of prime minister

A) Kumali

B) Kalluvathukkal

C) Eraviperoor

D) Edavanakkadu

Correct Option : C



16. First Panchayat in Kerala to receive Swaraj Trophy

A) Alayamon

B) Agali

C) Adoor

D) Kanjikuzhy

Correct Option : D



17. First Panchayat with 100% literacy in Akshara Keralam Programme

A) Alanallur

B) Alangad

C) Karivellur

D) Amarambalam

Correct Option : C



18. The first court in Kerala for Narcotics trial was established at

A) Thiruvananthapuram

B) Vadakara

C) Kochi

D) None of these

Correct Option : B



19. The headquarters of Kerala State Financial Enterprises?

A) Kottayam

B) Ernakulam

C) Kollam

D) Thrissur

Correct Option : D



20. Kerala was declared as the first literate state of India on

A) April 8 1991

B) April 28 1990

C) April 18 1991

D) April 18 1990

Correct Option : C



21. The Sanskrit educational centre Kanthalloor Salai was on the banks of the river

A) Neyyar

B) Vamanapuram river

C) Killiyar

D) Kalladayar

Correct Option : C



22. First coastal police station in Kerala

A) Neendakara

B) Mattanchery

C) Guruvayoor

D) Kozhikode

Correct Option : A



23. Who was the only Keralite to become the leader of opposition (recognised) in Indian Parliament?

A) K.V Thomas

B) C.M Stephan

C) N.K Premachandran

D) None of these

Correct Option : B



24. Kerala Highway Research Institute is situated at?

A) Thiruvananthapuram

B) Kollam

C) Ernakulam

D) Kottayam

Correct Option : A



25. The district Thiruvananthapuram was formed on?

A) June 1 1949

B) August 27 1950

C) July 1 1949

D) July 17 1949

Correct Option : C



26. Kerala Media Academy (formerly Kerala Press Academy) was established in

A) 1979

B) 1971

C) 1980

D) 1982

Correct Option : A



27. Which river in Kerala is also known by the name `Beppurpuzha`?

A) Chalakudipuzha

B) Chaliyar

C) Periyar

D) Bharathapuzha

Correct Option : B



28. The first completely electrified grama panchayat in kerala

A) Kollamkode

B) Nilambur

C) Ottapalam

D) Kannadi

Correct Option : D



29. Kerala is........ largest state by population

A) Tenth

B) Eleventh

C) Thirteenth

D) Seventeenth

Correct Option : C



30. The Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha seats from Kerala are...... and ......... respectively

A) 20 and 10

B) 20 and 9

C) 24 and 13

D) 22 and 12

Correct Option : B



31. What is `Sukrutham`

A) Free Educational Programme

B) Free Cancer Treatment Programme

C) Free Housing programme

D) Free vaccination programme

Correct Option : B



32. What is the shortest highway in the Indian Highway network?

A) NH 66

B) NH 966 B

C) NH 966 A

D) NH 44

Correct Option : B



33. What is the shortest highway in the Indian Highway network?

A) NH 66

B) NH 966 B

C) NH 966 A

D) NH 44

Correct Option : C



34. ............ is the first airport in India developed under a public private partnership (PPP) model

A) Cochin International Airport

B) Calicut International Airport

C) Trivandrum International Airport

D) Kannur International Airport

Correct Option : A



35. The Nehru Trophy Boat Race is held .......... lake

A) Punnamada

B) Vembanad

C) Ashtamudi

D) Vellanickal

Correct Option : A



36. Hindustan Newsprint factory is situated at?

A) Nattakom

B) Velloor

C) Thalassery

D) Chavara

Correct Option : B



37. From where A.K Gopalan started his starvation march in 1936

A) Thrissur

B) kannur

C) Kottayam

D) Kasargod

Correct Option : B



38. Which was the main centre of salt Sathyagraha in Kerala

A) Payannur

B) Kuttiyadi

C) Karivelloor

D) Chittoor

Correct Option : A



39. Iron ore deposits in Kerala are located in?

A) Kozhikode

B) Kannur

C) Malappuram

D) Both a and c

Correct Option : D



40. Kerala Kalamandalam gained the states of a deemed University in?

A) 2006

B) 2005

C) 2001

D) 2009

Correct Option : A



41. In which year for the first time Vascoda Gama reached Kozhikode in Kerala

A) 1435

B) 1498

C) 1465

D) 1508

Correct Option : B



42. Who is the longest serving chief Minister of Kerala

A) A.K Antony

B) K.Karunakaran

C) V.S Achuthanandan

D) E.K Nayanar

Correct Option : D



43. Headquarters of Kannur University

A) Kalamassery

B) Thavakkara

C) Thenjipalam

D) Athirampuzha

Correct Option : B



44. Which one was the first olympics participated by PT Usha

A) Montreal 1976

B) Moscow 1980

C) Los Angles 1984

D) Seoul 1988

Correct Option : B



45. Headquarters of Kerala Forest Development Corporation

A) Vellore

B) Kottayam

C) Perunna

D) Pambadi

Correct Option : B



46. `Aruvikuzhui` waterfalls is in

A) Idukki

B) Kottayam

C) Palakkad

D) Pathanamthitta

Correct Option : B



47. The largest archaeological museum in Kerala is functioning at

A) Tripunithara

B) Thalassery

C) Thiruvananthapuram

D) Punalur

Correct Option : A



48. In which river Chenkulam hydel project is built?

A) Bharathapuzha

B) Kalladayar

C) Chaliyar

D) Muthirampuzha

Correct Option : D



49. Where is the Indian Telephone Industries situated in Kerala

A) Kochi

B) Ramakkalmedu

C) Kanjikode

D) None of these

Correct Option : C



50. The first city to be granted the status of corporation after the formatoin of Kerala state?

A) Thrissur

B) Kozhikode

C) Kottayam

D) Kannur

Correct Option : B



51. Aralam wildlife Sanctuary was established in

A) 1976

B) 1983

C) 1978

D) 1984

Correct Option : D



52. Kerala Khadi and Village industries Board was set up in?

A) 1951

B) 1976

C) 1957

D) 1958

Correct Option : C



53. The number of women members in the 14th legislative assembly

A) 2

B) 8

C) 10

D) 7

Correct Option : B



54. The person who became the deputy Chief Minister after holding the position of Chief Minister

A) R.Sankar

B) C.H Muhammed Koya

C) Avukhadar Kutty Naha

D) Mathai Chacko

Correct Option : B



55. Kerala Forest Research Institute was established in ?

A) 1975

B) 1970

C) 1981

D) 1985

Correct Option : A



56. In which month Kerala receives the maximum rain

A) January

B) July

C) August

D) February

Correct Option : B



57. The shortest river in south Kerala

A) Ayiroor River

B) Karamana river

C) Ramapuram river

D) Vamanapuram

Correct Option : A



58. Where is Lakshmi Bhai national college of physical Education

A) Nedumangadu

B) Karyavattom

C) Ponmudi

D) Thumba

Correct Option : B



59. The first model livestock village in Kerala

A) Panmana

B) Mattupetti

C) Niraman

D) Thumboormuzhy

Correct Option : B



60. Muriyad Lake is situated in

A) Kozhikode

B) Thrissur

C) Kannur

D) Ernakulam

Correct Option : B



61. Out of 14 district which district accounts for major share of PWD roads?

A) Ernakulam

B) Idukki

C) Thiruvananthapuram

D) Kottayam

Correct Option : D



62. First Governor of Kerala who cast his vote in an Assembly election?

A) P.Sadasivam

B) M.O.H Farook

C) Sikander Bakth

D) V.V Giri

Correct Option : A



63. Kerala University of Health Science was started in?

A) 2010

B) 2011

C) 2012

D) 2009

Correct Option : A



64. The river Chaliyar is orginated from

A) Pulichimalai

B) Elamabaleri Kunnu

C) Anamali

D) Sivagiri hills

Correct Option : B



65. First village in Kerala to complete 100% Aadhar Enrollment

A) Ambalavayal

B) Madikai

C) Melila

D) Ollukkara

Correct Option : C



66. The name Nellikampetty sanctuary was changed to periyar wildlife sanctuary in

A) 1934

B) 1938

C) 1978

D) 1950

Correct Option : D



67. Kurinjimala sanctuary is located in

A) Wayanad

B) Idukki

C) Palakkad

D) Kozhikode

Correct Option : B



68. Idukki was formed on?

A) January 26 1972

B) January 26 1950

C) January 28 1972

D) January 16 1956

Correct Option : A



69. T.N Seshan, the only chief election commissioner from Kerala is included in which district of Kerala

A) Ernakulam

B) Kottayam

C) Thrissur

D) Palakkad

Correct Option : D



70. Edasseri Memorial is situated at?

A) Ponnani

B) Elavumthitta

C) Nilambur

D) Kondotty

Correct Option : A



71. In two triangle the ratio of the areas is 4:3 and ratio of their heights is 3:4 find the ratio of their bases?

A) 16:9

B) 9:16

C) 9:12

D) 16:12

Correct Option : A



72. (2.89)^0.5, 2-(0.5)^2, root 3 and 3 root 0.008 is

A) 2-(0.5)^2, root3, 3root 0.008, (2.89)^0.5,

B) 3root 0.008, (2.89)^0.5, root3, 2-(0.5)^2

C) 3root 0.008, , root3, (2.89)^0.5,2-(0.5)^2,

D) root3, 3root 0.008, 2-(0.5)^2,(2.89)^0.5,

Correct Option : B



73. 10.3x10.3x10.3+1x1x1 / 10.3x10.3-10.3x1+1x1 =? is equal to?

A) 9.3

B) 10.3

C) 11.3

D) 12.3

Correct Option : C



74. If the students of a class can be grouped exactly into 6 or 8 or 10, then the minimum number of students in the class must be

A) 60

B) 120

C) 180

D) 240

Correct Option : B



75. The price of a certain item is increased by 15%. If the consumer wants to keep his expenditure on the item the same as the before how much percent must he reduce his consumption of that item?

A) 15%

B) 13 1/23%

C) 16 2/3%

D) 10 20/23%

Correct Option : B



76. The area of a circle is increased 22cm and its radius is increased by 1 cm. The original radius of the circle is

A) 6 cm

B) 3.2 cm

C) 3 cm

D) 3.5 cm

Correct Option : C



77. Raju deposited Rs. 4500 at a rate of 15% for 5 years. The interest in which he gets after 5 years

A) 3375

B) 4535

C) 3735

D) 5753

Correct Option : A



78. VOHA:WPIB::CJQX:...........





Correct Option : A



79. `A` walks 10 meters in front then 10 meters to the right. Then every time turning to his left, he walks 5,15 and 15 meters respectively. How far is he now from his starting point?

A) 5 m

B) 10 m

C) 20 m

D) 25 m

Correct Option : A



80. if x+ 1/x =2 find the value of (x^2 +1/x^2)( x^3+1/x^3)

A) 20

B) 4

C) 8

D) 16

Correct Option : B



81. A,B and C can do a piece of work in 20,30 and 60 days respectively. In how many days can A do the work if he is assisted by B and C on every third day.

A) 10 days

B) 12 days

C) 15 days

D) 20 days

Correct Option : C



82. In a school of 250 pupils 100 are girls and 200 pupils stay at school for lunch. If 40 girls go home for lunch, find the number of boys who go home for lunch

A) 20

B) 15

C) 10

D) 140

Correct Option : C



83. If x-y=2 and xy=15, then x3-y3 is

A) 125

B) 98

C) 82

D) 220

Correct Option : B



84. The time shown in a clock is 11.11. How many minutes before this would the watch have shown time with all digits alike?

A) 72

B) 216

C) 316

D) 144

Correct Option : C



85. Arun was born on 4th December 1990. His cousin Varun was born on 4th November 1990. The birthday of their cousin Kiran was on Tuesday, 25th December of that year. In which day Varun was born

A) Tuesday

B) Wednesday

C) Friday

D) Sunday

Correct Option : D



86. Choose the correct form of adverb from the given alternatives They seemed to have acted in haste

A) with haste

B) without haste

C) hastily

D) in the hastly manner

Correct Option : C



87. The phrase Pull out means

A) to escape

B) die

C) withdraw

D) save

Correct Option : C



88. Synonym of obsolete

A) Talkative

B) Lovable

C) Dangerous

D) Outdated

Correct Option : D



89. Antonym of sacred

A) Senile

B) profane

C) Nadir

D) Praise

Correct Option : B



90. Pick out the wrong word from the following

A) parallel

B) privelage

C) referee

D) separate

Correct Option : B



91. Replace the underlined phrase with one word I did not expect such childish talk from a grow-up man

A) tamper

B) prattle

C) ridicule

D) stammer

Correct Option : B



92. Fill in the blanks with suitable idiom`The policeman came to my house and accused me of stealing a necklace but I told them that they were............

A) looking a gift horse in the mouth

B) blowing hot and cold

C) one for the road

D) barking up the wrong tree

Correct Option : D



93. I am new to this place. I have not ....... adjusted to the climate

A) now

B) yet

C) just

D) only

Correct Option : B



94. Arun filed a .............. in the high court

A) Suite

B) Suit

C) Suiting

D) Suited

Correct Option : B



95. Which of the following is wrong

A) glass-glasses

B) Lion-lioness

C) leaf-leaves

D) wolf-wolves

Correct Option : B



96. I....nothing in front of me

A) am seeing

B) see

C) have been seeing

D) shall see

Correct Option : B



97. His `Eagerness to know` is superb:

A) curiosity

B) ability

C) fortitude

D) mirth

Correct Option : A



98. She`s got an ............. friend

A) imaginery

B) imagenary

C) imaginary

D) imedinary

Correct Option : C



99. He is a man ........ you can trust

A) who

B) whom

C) which

D) whose

Correct Option : B



100. English still remains the ......... in India

A) infradig

B) lingua franca

C) locus standi

D) none of these

Correct Option : B