1. Kochi Rajyapraja mandalam was formed in the year

A) 1940

B) 1941

C) 1942

D) 1943

Correct Option : B



2. Which among the following is a Megalithic Burial site in Kerala

A) Peruvanam

B) Muzhikkulam

C) Cheramanangadu

D) None of these

Correct Option : C



3. The name of the social reformer who was called as Pandiparayan by the Savarnas (high caste people)

A) Vaikunda Swamikal

B) Vagbhatananda

C) Thycaud Ayya

D) Ayyankali

Correct Option : C



4. In which year Sree Narayanaguru established a Siva temple at Aruvippuram

A) 1888

B) 1913

C) 1887

D) 1987

Correct Option : A



5. Monthly published by Vakkom Abdul Khader Maulavi

A) Al Hilal

B) Al Rashid

C) Al Amin

D) Al Islam

Correct Option : D



6. First Anti Caste movement against the practices of untouchability and unapproachability in India

A) Vaikom Satyagraha

B) Paliyam Satyagraha

C) Guruvayoor Satyagraha

D) Salt Satyagraha

Correct Option : A



7. Who was the third signatory to the Malayali Memorial

A) K.P Sankaran Menon

B) Dr.Palpu

C) G.P Pillai

D) N.Raman Pillai

Correct Option : B



8. Which colonial power constructed the Thangasseri fort

A) French

B) Portuguese

C) English

D) Dutch

Correct Option : B



9. `Keralam Valarunnu` was written by

A) P.C Kuttykrishnan

B) George Onakkur

C) Pala Narayanan Nair

D) Sugatha Kumari

Correct Option : C



10. World`s largest Bird statue is built in Jatayu Nature Park. In which place of Kerala, it is built?

A) Chennamangalam

B) Kothamangalam

C) Kaipamangalam

D) Chadayamangalam

Correct Option : D



11. The author of `Experiments with Untruth` is

A) M.K Gandhi

B) Michael Henderson

C) Indira Gandhi

D) Milton

Correct Option : B



12. Who was the leader of the Chittagong Armoury Raid

A) Suryasen

B) Rash Behari Bose

C) Subash Chandra Bose

D) Bhagat Sing

Correct Option : A



13. Tattwabodhini Patrika` promoted the study of India`s past in which language?

A) Bengali

B) Gujarathi

C) Marathi

D) English

Correct Option : A



14. Which Indian viceroy said`Judge me by my acts not my words`?

A) Lord Curzon

B) Lord Lytton

C) Lord Mayo

D) Lord Rippon

Correct Option : D



15. Bardoli satyagraha took place in which part of India

A) Gujarat

B) Bihar

C) Pune

D) Culcutta

Correct Option : A



16. Rajiv Gandhi Zoological park is located at

A) Hyderabad

B) Vishakahapatanam

C) Guwahathi

D) Pune

Correct Option : D



17. Write the abbreviated form of SAI

A) Sports Atlairs of India

B) Sports Authority of India

C) Sports Advisory of India

D) Sports Affinity of India

Correct Option : B



18. Who among the following was elected as the President of Indian National Congress in 1928?

A) Gandhiji

B) Jawaharlal Nehru

C) Motilal Nehru

D) None of these

Correct Option : C



19. Wild life protection Act of India was enacted on

A) 1952

B) 1962

C) 1972

D) 1982

Correct Option : C



20. Which of the following mountain ranges form a dividing line between Ganges plain and the Deccan plateau.

A) Aravalli

B) Satpura

C) Western Ghats

D) Vindhyas

Correct Option : D



21. Who invented the steam Engine?

A) Macroni

B) Thomas Savery

C) James Watt

D) Wright Brothers

Correct Option : C



22. Decimal Scale was introduced by

A) Hahnemann

B) Hering

C) Hartmann

D) Hufeland

Correct Option : B



23. A component of the Integumentary system in human

A) Nerves

B) Skin

C) Trachea

D) Kidney

Correct Option : B



24. A solution of washing soda is

A) Acidic

B) Basic

C) Neutral

D) None of these

Correct Option : B



25. In which direction does rainbow appear in morning

A) North

B) South

C) East

D) West

Correct Option : D



26. Mango juice is obtained from:

A) Mesocarp

B) Epicarp

C) Endocarp

D) Pericarp

Correct Option : A



27. The disorder characterized by the absence of melanine?

A) Haemophilia

B) Fabry`s disease

C) Albinism

D) Anaemia

Correct Option : C



28. The condition when both the kidneys fail to function are called

A) Nephritis

B) Renal Colic

C) Uremia

D) Uretal Disorder

Correct Option : C



29. Methane gas is invented by the scientist

A) Alessandro Volta

B) Alexander Flemming

C) John Dalton

D) Thomas Alwa Edison

Correct Option : A



30. The elements which show variable valency

A) Inert gas

B) Non metals

C) D block elements

D) S block elements

Correct Option : C



31. Meera ,Arun and Gopa divide a sum of Rs.6000 in such a way that Arun gets 1/2 of what Meera gets and Gopu gets 3/4 of what Arun gets. Then what is Arun`s share?

A) Rs.1200

B) Rs.1480

C) Rs.1600

D) Rs.3000

Correct Option : C



32. The radii of base of a cylinder and a cone are in the ratio 3:4 volume of cylinder and cone are in the ratio 9:8. Then their heights are in the ratio

A) 3:2

B) 4:3

C) 8:9

D) 2:3

Correct Option : D



33. A student multiplied a number by 3/5 instead of 5/3. What is the percentage error?

A) 45%

B) 86%

C) 36%

D) 64%

Correct Option : D



34. A teacher driving her car at 24 kmph ,reaches her school 5 minutes late. If she had driven the vehicle 25% faster on an average. She would have reached 4 minutes earlier than the scheduled time. How far is her school?

A) 72 km

B) 36 km

C) 48 km

D) 18 km

Correct Option : D



35. A and B together can do a piece of work in 12 days and A alone can complete the work in 18 days. How long will B alone takes to complete the work

A) 6 days

B) 30 days

C) 36 days

D) 21 days

Correct Option : C



36. Find the value of X, if 3( x-2) /5 = 5(2-x)/3

A) 3

B) 2

C) 6

D) 8

Correct Option : B



37. A train of length 100 m runs at a speed of 120 km/hr from North to South. Another train of length 150 m travels with a speed of 80 km/hr from South to North. What is the time required to cross each other?

A) 3.6 s

B) 4 s

C) 4.5 s

D) 5.2 s

Correct Option : C



38. The difference in the simple interest and compound interest on a certain amount for two years at 6% per annum is 3600. Find the amount

A) 10,00,000

B) 50,000

C) 1,00,000

D) 15,00,000

Correct Option : A



39. The cost price of an article is Rs.450. If a Shopkeeper gains 20% profit even after a discount of 10%. Find the market price of the article

A) 600

B) 585

C) 575

D) 540

Correct Option : A



40. A purse contains 1 rupee, 50 paise and 25 paise coins in the ratio 7:8:9. Total money in the purse is 159. The number of 25 paise coins in the purse will be

A) 96

B) 108

C) 112

D) 106

Correct Option : B



41. If 8th of the month falls 3 days after Sunday what day will be on 17th of that month

A) Thursday

B) Tuesday

C) Wednesday

D) Friday

Correct Option : D



42. Which of the following number is divisible by 11?

A) 8294627

B) 3495714

C) 7546743

D) 974362

Correct Option : A



43. Three of the following four pair numbers are alike in a certain way and so they form a group . Which is the one that does not belong to the group?

A) (2,10)

B) (3,26)

C) (5,124)

D) (4,63)

Correct Option : A



44. If A is in the north of B and C in the west of B. In what direction is A with respect to C?

A) South

B) East

C) South-West

D) North -East

Correct Option : D



45. Find the next series AP5 QR, ZP4 QS, BP3 QT, YP2 QU,.......?





Correct Option : C



46. The angle between both hands of a clock at 9:20 am will be?

A) 120°

B) 150°

C) 160°

D) 130°

Correct Option : C



47. Simplify 0.2* 0.2+ 0.01* 0.01/ 0.401

A) 1.0

B) 0.01

C) 0.1

D) 0.001

Correct Option : C



48. Kavya is elder than Veena ,Anu is younger than Kuttan and Veena is elder than Kuttan Who is eldest?

A) Anu

B) Kuttan

C) Kavya

D) Veena

Correct Option : C



49. If we arrange the numbers 1,2,6,3,5,2,4,9 in ascending order, how many number keep the same position?

A) 1

B) 2

C) 3

D) 4

Correct Option : D



50. If a/4 = b/5 = c/7 then a+b+c/ a =?

A) 4

B) 5

C) 7

D) 16

Correct Option : A



51. Who wrote the Vayalar Award 2017 winning Novel Sugandhi Enna Andal Devanayaki?

A) T.D Ramakrishnan

B) K.P Ramanunni

C) Benyamin

D) Punathil Kunjabdulla

Correct Option : A



52. India`s first ever `Khadi Haat` has inaugurated in which city?

A) Lucknow

B) Patna

C) Ahmedabad

D) New Delhi

Correct Option : D



53. Who has won the 2018 women`s single`s Indonesia masters badminton tournament?

A) Carolina Marin

B) Tai Tzu-ying

C) Saina Nehwal

D) P.V Sindhu

Correct Option : B



54. The 1st ever India-Vietnam Bilateral Army Excercise ((VINBAX2018) has started in which state?

A) Madhyapradesh

B) Karnataka

C) Kerala

D) Gujarat

Correct Option : A



55. The 2018 International Bird festival will be held in which National Park of India?

A) Dudhwa National Park

B) Kaziranga National Park

C) Bandhavagarh National Park

D) Jim-corbet National Park

Correct Option : A



56. Which state government has recently launched `Shakti` app for women`s safty in the state?

A) Himachal Pradesh

B) Punjab

C) Haryana

D) Uttar Pradesh

Correct Option : A



57. Which country has launched the world`s largest human genome research project

A) China

B) Japan

C) Brazil

D) Russia

Correct Option : A



58. Which cricket team has won the 2017 Ranji Trophy tournament?

A) Hyderabad

B) Gujarat

C) Chattisgarh

D) Vidarbha

Correct Option : D



59. Which state hosted the 105th edition of the Indian Science Congress 2018?

A) Tripura

B) Manipur

C) Mizoram

D) Nagaland

Correct Option : B



60. India`s first high-speed Electric locomotive has been flagged off from which state?

A) Assam

B) Uttar Pradesh

C) Maharashtra

D) Bihar

Correct Option : D



61. The national commission for women bill was passed on

A) 30th Sep.1990

B) 30th Aug 1990

C) 30th July 1990

D) 30th June 1990

Correct Option : B



62. The maximum gap between two sessions of the Parliament?

A) 3 months

B) 6 months

C) 4 months

D) 1 year

Correct Option : B



63. Which of the schedule of Indian constitution enumerates powers and functions of Panchayat Raj Institution?

A) 11th

B) 7th

C) 12th

D) 10th

Correct Option : A



64. The Chairman and members of the State Public Service Commission are appointed by:

A) The President

B) The Chief Justice of High Court

C) The C.M of the State

D) The Governor

Correct Option : D



65. The Lokayukta Act was first passed in :

A) Maharashtra

B) West Bengal

C) Karnataka

D) Odisha

Correct Option : D



66. . The Nomination of members in the Rajyasabha by the President was borrowed by the constitution of India from

A) U.K


C) Australia

D) Ireland

Correct Option : D



67. The President of India may sometimes simply keeps a bill on his office indefinitely without giving or refusing assent This is :

A) Absolute Veto

B) Qualified Veto

C) Suspensive Veto

D) Pocket Veto

Correct Option : D



68. The reports of the Comptroller and Auditor General is examined by........ committee in the Parliamant

A) Public under taking

B) Estimates

C) Public Accounts

D) Privileges

Correct Option : C



69. Which Constitutional Amendment made right to free and compulsory education as a Fundamental Right?

A) 73rd

B) 86th

C) 52nd

D) 74th

Correct Option : B



70. In which year the National Development Council (NDC) was established ?

A) 1948

B) 1950

C) 1952

D) 1957

Correct Option : C



71. The passive voice of Most people opposed this is

A) This is opposed by most people

B) This was opposed by most people

C) Most people oppose this

D) This was being opposed by most people

Correct Option : B



72. Correct the statement Each of the boys were given a pen

A) Each of the boys are given a pen

B) Each of the boys was given a pen

C) Each of the boys given a pen

D) Each of the boys were given pens

Correct Option : B



73. In which part of the question`s is the mistake

A) the film

B) that I saw yesterday

C) was about an old man

D) Who was living a long time ago

Correct Option : D



74. Most of the film stars have passion .......fashion:

A) at

B) to

C) in

D) for

Correct Option : D



75. Find the word which is not a synonym of modest?

A) Intelligent

B) Shy

C) Silent

D) Timid

Correct Option : A



76. The masculine gender of Duck is:

A) Duckling

B) Goose

C) Swan

D) Drake

Correct Option : D



77. Convert the sentence into indirect speech: You may leave the room said the principal

A) The principal said that I might leave the room

B) The principal said I may leave the room

C) The principal says I might leave the room

D) The principal said I could leave the room.

Correct Option : A



78. Choose the word which is spelt correctly

A) Maintananace

B) Maintainance

C) Maintenance

D) Maintinance

Correct Option : C



79. Choose a suitable interpretation for the Idiom `hand and glove`

A) Very friendly

B) In confusion

C) earnestly

D) entirely

Correct Option : A



80. Milk is ......... in proteins and minerals

A) good

B) large

C) big

D) rich

Correct Option : D



81. എഴുത്തച്ഛനെഴുതുമ്പോള്‍ എന്ന കൃതിയുടെ കര്‍ത്താവാര ്?

A) ആറ്റൂര്‍ രവി വര്‍മ്മ

B) ആര്‍ രാമ ചന്ദ്രന്‍

C) കെ.സച്ചി ദാ ന ന്ദന്‍

D) ഒളപ്പ മണ്ണ

Correct Option : C



82. ചന്ദ്രക്കാരന്‍ ഏത ് കൃതി യിലെ കഥാപാത്രമാണ്

A) രാമരാജ ബഹദൂ ര്‍

B) ഇന്ദുലേഖ

C) ശാരദ

D) ധര്‍മ്മ രാജ

Correct Option : D



83. ഇ. എം. കോവൂര്‍` എന്ന തൂലികാനാമത്തില്‍ അറിയപ്പെടുന്ന വ്യക്തി

A) മാത്യുഐപ്പ്

B) മാമ്മന്‍ മാത്യു

C) മാത്യു എം. കുഴി വേലി

D) മാത്യു മറ്റം

Correct Option : A



84. ചെമ്മനം ചാക്കോയ ്ക്ക ് കേരള സാഹിത്യ അക്കാ ദമി അവാര്‍ഡ ് ലഭിച്ച കൃതി ഏത്

A) രാജ പാത

B) കന കാ ക്ഷരം

C) ആഗ്നേയ ശാസ ്ത്രം

D) ജൈത്രയാത്ര

Correct Option : A



85. മലയാളത്തില്‍ ഏറ്റവും കൂടുതല്‍ വിറ്റഴിക്കപ്പെട്ട കവിത പുസ്തകമേത്

A) കരുണ

B) കൃഷ്ണഗാഥ

C) കയര്‍

D) രമണന്‍

Correct Option : D



86. പ്രയോ ജക ക്രിയക്ക് ഉദാ ഹര ണ മേത ്

A) തീറ്റുക

B) കളി ക്കുക

C) തിള ക്കുക

D) ഒളിക്കുക

Correct Option : A



87. രാവിലെ എന്ന പദം പിരി ച്ചെഴുതുക

A) രാവില്‍+എ

B) രാവ്+ലെ

C) രാവ്+എ

D) രാവില്‍+ലെ

Correct Option : A



88. ശരി യായ പദമേത്?

A) ജാള്യത

B) ജാള്യത്വം

C) ജാള്യം

D) ജാള്യത്തം

Correct Option : C



89. ഒറ്റപദം എഴുതുക. ഋഷിയെ സംബന്ധിക്കു ന്നത ്

A) ഋഷകം

B) ഋഷികം

C) ആര്‍ഷം

D) ആര്‍ഷികം

Correct Option : C



90. വ്രീള എന്ന പദ ത്തിന്‍റെ അര്‍ത്ഥം

A) സമുദ്രം

B) രക്തം

C) ലജ്ജ

D) കിരണം

Correct Option : C



91. ......... is a private computer network owned by a company or an organization and is accessible only to its employees

A) Internet

B) Intranet



Correct Option : B



92. Which of the following used for e-mail transmission across internet





Correct Option : A



93. IBM 1401 is........ generation computer

A) First

B) Second

C) Third

D) Fourth

Correct Option : B



94. Which of the following programme is not a utility?

A) Debugger

B) Editor

C) Spooler

D) All of the above

Correct Option : C



95. Who started free software foundation ?

A) Linus Torvalid

B) Richard Stallman

C) Bill Gates


Correct Option : B



96. Section which provide punishment for sending offensive message through communication service

A) 66 A

B) 66 B

C) 66 D

D) 66 C

Correct Option : A



97. An attempt to make a computer resource unavailable to its intended users is called

A) Malware attack

B) Worms attack

C) Denial of service attack

D) Adware attack

Correct Option : C



98. This kind of crime involves altering raw data just before a computer process it and then changing it back after a processing completed?

A) Data diddling

B) Data tampering

C) Salami attack

D) None of these

Correct Option : A



99. IBM stands for

A) Internet Business Machine

B) Integrated Business Machine

C) Indian Business Machine

D) International Business Machine

Correct Option : D



100. Which function key using for spelling checking

A) F3

B) F5

C) F7

D) F9

Correct Option : C