1. Who is the author of `Economic History of India`?

A) Amartya Sen

B) Dadabhai Naoroji

C) R.C. Dutt

D) J.W. Keynes

Correct Option : C



2. Tebhaga revolt happened in which region?

A) Bengal

B) Punjab

C) Madras

D) Bombay

Correct Option : A



3. The Malayalee who assisted Sardar Patel in the integration of princely states?

A) K.M. Menon

B) K.M. Panicker

C) V.P. Menon

D) V.K. Krishna Menon

Correct Option : C



4. Who was the leader of revolt of 1857 in Lucknow?

A) Kunwar Singh

B) Begum Hazrat Mahal

C) Rani Lakshmi Bhai

D) Devi Singh

Correct Option : B



5. National Institute of Homoeopathy is situated in?

A) Kolkata

B) New Delhi

C) Chennai

D) Pune

Correct Option : A



6. New alluvial soil composed to form ......

A) Khadar

B) Bhangar

C) Terai

D) Bhabar

Correct Option : A



7. Which two countries are separated by 80 channel

A) India & Pakistan

B) Pakistan & China

C) India & Srilanka

D) India & Maldives

Correct Option : D



8. In which state, Simlipal National Park situated?

A) Telangana

B) Odisha

C) Maharashtra

D) Karnataka

Correct Option : B



9. Which Indian State is known as `Abode of God`?

A) Himachal Pradesh

B) Uttar Pradesh

C) Punjab

D) Haryana

Correct Option : D



10. Tamasha` - is the dance form of which State?

A) Madhya Pradesh

B) Maharashtra

C) Assam

D) Goa

Correct Option : B



11. Which woman renaissance leader led the `Kathumuri Movement`?

A) Arya Pallam

B) Mary Punnan Lukose

C) Thottakkadu Madhavi Amma

D) Annie Mascrene

Correct Option : A



12. Who is known as `Chinnaswami`?

A) Dr. Palpu

B) Sree Narayana Guru

C) Kumaranasan

D) E.V. Ramaswamy

Correct Option : C



13. Liquor is poison, not make it, not sell it and not drink it- whose advice is this?

A) Vagbadanandhan

B) Chattambi Swamikal

C) Mahatma Gandhi

D) Sree Narayana Guru

Correct Option : D



14. Which bird sanctuary in Kerala protects Peacocks?

A) Mangalavanam

B) Choolanoor

C) Kumarakam

D) Arippa

Correct Option : B



15. Vaikom Satyagraha was started on

A) 30 March 1924

B) 11 November 1924

C) 24 June 1930

D) 15 March 1925

Correct Option : A



16. Which is the river flows through Kottayam town?

A) Achankovilar

B) Meenachilar

C) Pamba

D) Periyar

Correct Option : B



17. Kerala State Drugs and Pharmaceuticals is at .....?

A) Thavanoor

B) Vayalar

C) Kalavoor

D) Kottarakkara

Correct Option : C



18. Which is the first tourism village in India?

A) Kumbalangi

B) Mattancheri

C) Kodungalloor

D) Kottiyur

Correct Option : A



19. In which district Pakshipathalam situated

A) Idukki

B) Wayanad

C) Palakkad

D) Kannur

Correct Option : B



20. Which ruler made primary education compulsory in Travancore?

A) Rani Lakshmi Bai

B) Sreemoolam Thirunal

C) Rani Gauri Parvathi Bai

D) Swathi Thirunal

Correct Option : C



21. When was the first meeting of the Constituent Assembly held on?

A) 6th December 1946

B) 9th December 1946

C) 11th December 1946

D) 12th December 1946

Correct Option : B



22. National Law day is observed on?

A) 26th January

B) 24th January

C) 26th November

D) 24th November

Correct Option : C



23. In India, the first Municipal Corporation was set up in?

A) Delhi

B) Bombay

C) Madras

D) Calcutta

Correct Option : C



24. What was the number of members in the Drafting Committee?

A) 9

B) 7

C) 8

D) 6

Correct Option : B



25. Who was the first Malayalee judge in Supreme Court?

A) P. Govindamenon

B) V.R. Krishnayyar

C) K.G. Balakrishnan

D) T.N. Sheshan

Correct Option : A



26. Who was the Viceroy of India when the Government of India Act 1935 passed on?

A) Linlithgow

B) Wavell

C) Willingdon

D) Mountbatten

Correct Option : C



27. Which part of Indian Constitution deals with Citizenship?

A) Part II

B) Part III

C) Part IV

D) Part VI

Correct Option : A



28. Which Constitutional Amendment Act provides that Right to Education is a Fundamental Right?

A) 86th Amendment

B) 68th Amendment

C) 69th Amendment

D) 61th Amendment

Correct Option : A



29. Concept of Fundamental Rights has taken from which Constitution?

A) Ireland



D) Britain

Correct Option : B



30. Which Article abolishes the use of titles except military or academic?

A) Article 17

B) Article 15

C) Article 18

D) Article 16

Correct Option : C



31. Which of the following drug is present in tobacco?

A) Cocaine

B) Marijuana

C) Heroine

D) Nicotine

Correct Option : D



32. Which is the most abundant tissue within human body?

A) Epithelial tissue

B) Nervous tissue

C) Connective tissue

D) Muscular tissue

Correct Option : C



33. Who prepares Red Date book





Correct Option : A



34. Who is known as the father of Modern Taxonomy?

A) Carl Linnaeus

B) Theophrastus

C) John Ray

D) Robert.H. Whittakar

Correct Option : A



35. Monazite is the ore of ....

A) Titanium

B) Thorium

C) Uranium

D) Polonium

Correct Option : B



36. Which acid is known as Muriatic acid?

A) Ascorbic Acid

B) Nitric Acid

C) Hydrochloric Acid

D) Sulphuric Acid

Correct Option : C



37. Rat poison is .....

A) Zinc Sulphide

B) Zinc Phosphide

C) Sodium Chloride

D) Silver Halide

Correct Option : B



38. The element Potassium belongs to which family?

A) Alkaline earth metals

B) Transition elements

C) Halogens

D) Alkali metals

Correct Option : D



39. Who discovered photoelectric effect?

A) Albert Einstein

B) Max Planck

C) Heinrich Hertz

D) William Rontgen

Correct Option : C



40. What is the lens in human eye?

A) Concave lens

B) Bi -focal lens

C) Convex lens

D) None of these

Correct Option : C



41. Along with whom did Bill Gates found Microsoft?

A) Jack Dorsey

B) Steve Jobs

C) Dennis Ritchie

D) Paul Allen

Correct Option : D



42. Which of the following is used for adding numbers?




D) Abacus

Correct Option : D



43. How many functional keys are there on the keyboard?

A) 10

B) 9

C) 12

D) 13

Correct Option : C



44. What is a firewall protection?

A) Malicious worms

B) Security

C) Most of the virus

D) boundary

Correct Option : B



45. A group of 4 bit is known as

A) byte

B) octel

C) nibble

D) quartet

Correct Option : C



46. Which of the following system software translate and execute high level language source code, statement by statement?

A) Assembler

B) Interpreter

C) Compiler

D) Operating system

Correct Option : B



47. Which among the following is used to view a website?

A) Web browser

B) Hyperlink

C) Resource locator

D) Search engine

Correct Option : A



48. The cyber terrorism comes under ...... of IT Act 2000

A) Section 66A

B) Section 66F

C) Section 72

D) Section 67B

Correct Option : B



49. An illegal intrusion into a computer system or network is called?

A) Hacking

B) Stealing

C) Halking

D) Spamming

Correct Option : A



50. India`s first cyber court is situated in?

A) Mumbai

B) Kochi

C) Chennai

D) New Delhi

Correct Option : D



51. Which film won the Golden Peacock Award at 48th International Film Festival of India at Panaji in 2017?

A) Daughter

B) 120 Beats Per Minute

C) Wajib

D) Newton

Correct Option : B



52. Which is the first indigenously developed air to air missile of India fired recently?

A) Nag

B) Mudra

C) Astra

D) Brahmos

Correct Option : C



53. GST came into force on .....

A) July 1, 2017

B) July 1, 2016

C) June 8, 2016

D) November 8, 2016

Correct Option : A



54. Who is the ambassador of Green Kerala?

A) Manju Warrior

B) Steffi Graf

C) Sachin Tendulkar

D) K.J. Yesudas

Correct Option : D



55. Who hit the fastest Ranji Trophy century at Thiruvananthapuram?

A) Virendar Sehwag

B) Rishab Pant

C) Sanju Samson

D) Rohan Prem

Correct Option : B



56. Who is the present Defence Minister of India?

A) Piyush Goyal

B) Suresh Prabhu

C) Nirmala Sitharaman

D) Arun Jaitley

Correct Option : C



57. Who is the 15th Attorney General of India?

A) K.K.Venugopal

B) Mukul Rohtagi

C) Rajiv Meharshi

D) Sudhakar Rao

Correct Option : A



58. The 41st G7 summit was held at

A) Japan

B) Italy

C) Canada

D) Germany

Correct Option : D



59. Who inaugurated Kerala`s first Technocity project in Thiruvananthapuram?

A) Narendra Modi

B) Ram Nath Kovind

C) Pranab Mukherjee

D) Manmohan Singh

Correct Option : B



60. Which is the first State in India to open transgenders exclusive clinics in government medical college?

A) Odisha

B) Kerala

C) Maharashtra

D) Goa

Correct Option : B



61. താഴെ കൊടുത്തിരിക്കുന്നവയില്‍ സകര്‍മ്മകക്രിയയേത്?

A) നടക്കുന്നു

B) ഉറങ്ങുന്നു

C) ശിക്ഷിക്കുന്നു

D) ചിരിക്കുന്നു

Correct Option : C



62. തല്‍പുരുഷസമാസമല്ലാത്തതേത്?

A) തലവേദന

B) വിദ്യാര്‍ത്ഥി

C) നദിക്കര

D) പൂമണം

Correct Option : B



63. പൂജകബഹുവചനത്തിനുദാഹരണമേത്?

A) അദ്ധ്യാപകര്‍

B) ജനങ്ങള്‍

C) ഭീഷ്മര്‍

D) കുട്ടികള്‍

Correct Option : C



64. പിരിച്ചെഴുതുക - വലഞ്ഞു

A) വല + ഞ്ഞു

B) വലഞ് + തു

C) വല + തു

D) വല + ഞു

Correct Option : B



65. മലയാളസാഹിത്യത്തില്‍ `ഋതുക്കളുടെ കവി` എന്നറിയപ്പെടുന്നതാര്?

A) ചെറുശ്ശേരി

B) ഇടശ്ശേരി

C) കുമാരനാശാന്‍

D) ഇടപ്പള്ളി രാഘവന്‍

Correct Option : A



66. ഏത് നോവലിലെ കഥാപാത്രമാണ് `ഓമഞ്ചി`

A) ഇരുട്ടിന്‍റെ ആത്മാവ്

B) മനുഷ്യന് ഒരു ആമുഖം

C) അരനാഴിക നേരം

D) ഒരു തെരുവിന്‍റെ കഥ

Correct Option : D



67. `റാന്തല്‍` എന്ന പദം മലയാളത്തിലേക്ക് ഏതു ഭാഷയില്‍ നിന്നും കടമെടുത്തതാണ്?

A) ഫ്രഞ്ച്

B) പോര്‍ച്ചുഗീസ്

C) ഹിന്ദി

D) പേര്‍ഷ്യന്‍

Correct Option : B



68. `ജീവാമൃതം` ആരുടെ ആത്മകഥയാണ്?

A) എം.വി.രാഘവന്‍

B) ഇടശ്ശേരി

C) ഒ. രാജഗോപാല്‍

D) ഫാദര്‍ വടക്കന്‍

Correct Option : C



69. `നാട്യപ്രധാനം നഗരം ദരിദ്രം നാട്ടിന്‍ പുറം നന്മകളാല്‍ സമൃദ്ധം` - ആരുടെ വരികള്‍?

A) വൈലോപ്പിള്ളി

B) കുറ്റിപ്പുറം

C) കുരീപ്പുഴ ശ്രീകുമാര്‍

D) കുമാരനാശാന്‍

Correct Option : B



70. മലയാളത്തിന് ശ്രേഷ്ഠഭാഷാ പദവി ലഭിച്ച വര്‍ഷം?

A) 2013

B) 2014

C) 2015

D) 2012

Correct Option : A



71. Each of the players ..... played well

A) have

B) were

C) has

D) None of these

Correct Option : C



72. If I were in Russia,I...... watch FIFA World Cup?

A) will be watching

B) would be watching

C) would have

D) would

Correct Option : D



73. I ....... to Chennai last year

A) had gone

B) has gone

C) went

D) have gone

Correct Option : C



74. We ought to help .... poor

A) a

B) the

C) an

D) No article

Correct Option : B



75. Add suitable question tag? There are a few tigers in the forest,.........?

A) aren`t they

B) are they

C) aren`t there

D) are there

Correct Option : C



76. The passive form of `Will the Government build a bridge`?is

A) Will the government be built a bridge?

B) The government will be built a bridge

C) Will a bridge be built by the government?

D) Will be a bridge built by the government?

Correct Option : C



77. Doctor sat .... the patient

A) besides

B) beside

C) along

D) with

Correct Option : B



78. One word substitution for ` One who draws plans for building`

A) Sculpter

B) Conscript

C) Draughtsman

D) Numismatist

Correct Option : C



79. Choose the antonym of `Calm`?

A) Anxiety

B) Trivial

C) Timid

D) Callous

Correct Option : A



80. Find the correctly spelt word

A) Tuiton

B) Ommlette

C) Manageable

D) Assasination

Correct Option : C



81. A certain amount at simple interest amounts to Rs.1260 in 2 years and Rs.1350 in 5 years. The rate % per annum is?

A) 6%

B) 5%

C) 3.5%

D) 2.5%

Correct Option : D



82. A train 280m long is running at a speed of 60km/hr. The time taken by the train to cross a platform of 220m long is?

A) 60 seconds

B) 30 seconds

C) 45 seconds

D) 50 seconds

Correct Option : B



83. Two numbers are in the ratio 3:5, If 9 is subtracted from each, the new numbers are in the ratio of 12:23. The smaller is?

A) 33

B) 27

C) 55

D) 54

Correct Option : A



84. If a:b = 3:4, b:c = 5:6 and c:d = 7:8, then a:d?

A) 64:35

B) 35:64

C) 65:34

D) 56:43

Correct Option : B



85. A pipe can fill a tank in 10hrs. Due to a leak in the bottom, it fills the tank in 30hrs. If the tank is full, how much time will the leak take to empty it?

A) 30hrs

B) 20hrs

C) 15hrs

D) 25hrs

Correct Option : C



86. 15 men can do a piece of work in 18 days. How many men are required to complete the work in 27 days?

A) 12 men

B) 14 men

C) 10 men

D) 20 men

Correct Option : C



87. Find the average of first 140 natural numbers?

A) 65.5

B) 70.5

C) 85.5

D) 95.5

Correct Option : B



88. If the difference between 30% and 60% of a number is 60. Find the number?

A) 300

B) 400

C) 200

D) 150

Correct Option : C



89. Two goods train each 500 m long, are running in opposite directions on parallel tracks. Their speeds are 45 km/hr and 30 km/hr respectively. Find the time taken by the slower train to pass the driver of the faster one.

A) 12 sec

B) 24 sec

C) 48 sec

D) 60 sec

Correct Option : B



90. The next term of the series 1,2,6,24,120,...... is

A) 810

B) 216

C) 610

D) 720

Correct Option : D



91. Choose the odd man out

A) Japan

B) India

C) Madagascar

D) Newzealand

Correct Option : B



92. Drama is related to Scene in the same way a Book is related to .....

A) Chapter

B) Page

C) Story

D) Author

Correct Option : A








Correct Option : B



94. If FULFNHW is the code for CRICKET, EULGH will be coded as?





Correct Option : A



95. Radha who is facing South turns to her left and walks 15m, then she turns to her left and walks 7 meter, then facing West she walks 15m. How far is she from her original position?

A) 22m

B) 44m

C) 37m

D) 7m

Correct Option : D



96. FAG, GAF, HAI, IAH, ____





Correct Option : A



97. Arrange the given words in alphabetical order and choose the one that comes first?

A) Slander

B) Similar

C) Stimulate

D) Skelton

Correct Option : B



98. How many 7`s immediately preceded by 6 but not immediately followed by 4 are there in the following series? 74276436753578437672406743

A) Six

B) Four

C) Two

D) One

Correct Option : C



99. An automobile financier claims to be lending money at simple interest, but he includes the interest every six months for calculating the principal. If he is charging an interest of 10%, the effective rate of interest becomes:

A) 10%

B) 10.25%

C) 10.5%

D) None of these

Correct Option : B



100. What is the angle between the minute hand and hour hand of the clock,when the time is 7.20?

A) 90 degree

B) 110 degree

C) 210 degree

D) 100 degree

Correct Option : D