1. The Right to education Act came into force from?

A) April 10, 2010

B) April 1, 2010

C) June 1, 2010

D) June 14, 2010

Correct Option : B

2. Article deals with the state emergency?

A) 352

B) 360

C) 356

D) 365

Correct Option : C

3. The Loksabha speaker who have later became the president of India?

A) V.V. Giri

B) R. Venkitta Raman

C) K.R. Narayanan

D) Neelam Sanjiva Reddy

Correct Option : D

4. Highest Law officer in India?

A) Prime Minister

B) President

C) Attorney General

D) Advocate General

Correct Option : C

5. How may writs are issued by the court?

A) 6

B) 5

C) 7

D) 3

Correct Option : B

6. Force which acts on a body moving in a circular path and it is directed towards centre is called?

A) Circular motion

B) Centrifugal force

C) Centripetal force

D) Frictional force

Correct Option : C

7. Angle of red colour in rainbow?

A) 42.8º

B) 40.8º

C) 45º

D) 41.8º

Correct Option : A

8. An instrument to measure intensity of sound?

A) Audiophone

B) Audiometer

C) Eudiometer

D) None of these

Correct Option : B

9. The most abundant element in the universe is?

A) Helium

B) Hydrogen

C) Oxigen

D) Nitrogen

Correct Option : B

10. The metal helps for blood clotting?

A) Calcium

B) Sodium

C) Pottassium

D) Iridium

Correct Option : A

11. PH value of `Vinegar`?

A) 2

B) 2.5

C) 2.9

D) 2.4

Correct Option : C

12. Study of teeth is known as?

A) Orthology

B) Oesteology

C) Dentology

D) Odontology

Correct Option : D

13. World Cancer day is obsereved on?

A) February 2

B) February 4

C) February 4

D) February 28

Correct Option : C

14. Father of Indian Ornithology

A) Salim Ali

B) Anderson

C) A.O. Hume

D) Stanley

Correct Option : C

15. Coldest planet in the universe is ........?

A) Neptune

B) Uranus

C) Jupiter

D) Mars

Correct Option : A

16. ICDS is being implemented through out the country from?

A) 2006

B) 2005

C) 2008

D) 2002

Correct Option : B

17. First state in the contry to submit state annual action plan under AMRUT?

A) Bihar

B) MadhyaPradsh

C) Sikkim

D) Rajasthan

Correct Option : D

18. Initial deposit required to open an account in `Sukanya Samridhi Yojana` is?

A) Rs. 1500

B) Rs. 1000

C) Rs. 2000

D) Rs.800

Correct Option : B

19. First women Chief Minister of a state?

A) Sarojini Naidu

B) Vijayalekshmi Pandit

C) Sucheta Kripalani

D) Anna George Malhotra

Correct Option : C

20. Name of first Indian state that has come out with a public cloud policy?

A) Rajasthan

B) Maharashtra

C) Madhya Pradesh

D) Karnataka

Correct Option : B

21. Who was appointed as the governor of Madhya Pradesh?

A) Anandiben Patel

B) Tracey benjamin

C) Anoop Khanna

D) Amarjith Singh

Correct Option : A

22. Which country has the largest source of Foreign District Investment in India?

A) Swedan

B) China

C) Mauritius

D) Russia

Correct Option : C

23. The successful launching of PSLV -C 37 with 104 satellites in single light in Satheesh Dawan Space centre Sriharikota was on?

A) 16th January 2017

B) 15th December 2017

C) 16th February 2017

D) 15th February 2017

Correct Option : D

24. Section 66C of 17 Act deals with?

A) Cyber stalking

B) E-mail bombing

C) Child pornography

D) Punishement for identify theft

Correct Option : D

25. ODBC stands for?

A) Object Database Connectivity

B) Oracle Database Connectivity

C) Oral Database Connectivity

D) Open Database connectivity

Correct Option : D

26. Convert (50)8 to Decimal?

A) 40

B) 50

C) 45

D) 60

Correct Option : A

27. Which of the following is not a programming language?



C) Logo


Correct Option : D

28. The domain name `.com` stands for?

A) Computer

B) Commercial

C) Communicate

D) None of these

Correct Option : B

29. Who is the father of Internet?

A) Alan Turing

B) Richard Stallman

C) Vinton Cerf

D) Tim Berners Lee

Correct Option : C

30. The district having the largest Reserve forest in Kerala?

A) Idukki

B) Wayanad

C) Palakkad

D) Pathanamthitta

Correct Option : D

31. First bird sanctuary in Kerala?

A) Thattekkad

B) Mangalavanam

C) Arippa

D) None of these

Correct Option : A

32. The longest river of Kerala is .......?

A) Bharathapuzha

B) Pamba

C) Periyar

D) Chaliyar

Correct Option : C

33. The renaissance leader behind the idea of a school along with every church?

A) Ayyankali

B) Kuriakose Elias Chavara

C) Thycaud Ayya

D) Sree Narayana Guru

Correct Option : B

34. Which of these is the childhood name of Chattampi Swamikal?

A) Kunjan pillai

B) Nanu

C) Kali

D) Kuttiyappi

Correct Option : A

35. `Adyatmayudham` is a book written by?

A) Chattampi Swami

B) Vagbhatananda

C) Sree Narayana Guru

D) Thycaud Ayya

Correct Option : B

36. Whose statue is located in front of secretariate?

A) T. Madhava Rao

B) Ayilyam Thirunal

C) Veluthampi Dalawa

D) Swathy Thirunal

Correct Option : C

37. Kerala forest Research Institute located here?

A) Ranni

B) Ranipuram

C) Nilambur

D) Peechi

Correct Option : D

38. Kollam Era was started in?

A) A.D 800

B) A.D 825

C) A.D 725

D) A.D. 780

Correct Option : B

39. First Europeans who reached India by Sea?

A) British

B) Dutch

C) French

D) Portuguese

Correct Option : D

40. `Theendis is the old name of which place in Kerala?

A) Ponnani

B) Vizhinjam

C) Purakkad

D) Edappally

Correct Option : A

41. Which river is known as Vridha Ganga?

A) Krishna

B) Yamuna

C) Godavari

D) Tapti

Correct Option : C

42. First state in India to completely prohibit liquor?

A) Goa

B) Gujarat

C) Maharashtra

D) Kerala

Correct Option : B

43. Which one of these is diamond city of India?

A) Kohinoor

B) Mumbai

C) Jaipur

D) Surat

Correct Option : D

44. Where is Salim Ali National Park?

A) Bihar

B) Madhya Pradesh

C) Srinagar

D) Delhi

Correct Option : C

45. First INC president after independent?

A) Patytabhi Sitaramayya

B) Rash Bihari Khosh

C) Moulana Abdul Kalam

D) J.B. Kripalani

Correct Option : A

46. The book `1857` the great rebellion written by?

A) V.D Savarkar

B) Ashok Mehta

C) S.B. Chaudhary

D) R.C. Mujumdar

Correct Option : B

47. Oldest existing newspaper in India?

A) Bombay Samachar

B) The Times of India

C) Financial express

D) Bengal Gazatte

Correct Option : A

48. The viceroy of India at the time of Govt. of India Act 1935 passed?

A) Lord Rippon

B) Lord Linlithgow

C) Lord Wellington

D) Lord Irwin

Correct Option : C

49. The cabinet missin arrived in India on?

A) March 1, 1946

B) March 23, 1946

C) July 18, 1946

D) June 23, 1946

Correct Option : B

50. `I know only one culture that is agriculture` is related to which leader?

A) Gandhiji

B) B.R.Ambedkar

C) Sarojini Naidu

D) Sardar Vallabhai Patel

Correct Option : D

51. Ambedkar and Gandhiji signed the poona pact in the year?

A) 1931

B) 1932

C) 1936

D) 1934

Correct Option : B

52. The founder of Satyashodak Samaj?

A) Jyotirao Phule

B) Vinobha Bhave

C) Atmaram Pandurang

D) Gopala Krishna Gokhale

Correct Option : A

53. Indian Home Rule Society was founded in?

A) London

B) Bombay

C) Adayar

D) Kolkata

Correct Option : A

54. `Prison day` a famous work done by?

A) Sarojini Naidu

B) Vijayalakshmi Pandit

C) Annie Besant

D) Aruna Asaf Ali

Correct Option : B

55. Indian Statistics day is observed on?

A) June 9

B) July 9

C) June 29

D) July 29

Correct Option : C

56. `Lakadawala Committee` is related to which of the following?

A) Banking service

B) Tax Reforms

C) Poverty line

D) Insurance Privatisation

Correct Option : C

57. The Imperial bank of India was established in?

A) 1921

B) 1935

C) 1955

D) 1920

Correct Option : A

58. `Koyali oil Refinery` is situated in?

A) Rajastan

B) MadhyaPradesh

C) Andra Pradesh

D) Gujarat

Correct Option : D

59. Largest producer of jute in the world?

A) China

B) India

C) Pakistan

D) Japan

Correct Option : B

60. The Indian port which leadfs in exporting textiles?

A) Thoothukudi

B) Goa

C) kandala

D) Vishaka Patanam

Correct Option : C

61. select the correct sentence?

A) Columbus invented America

B) Columbus found out America

C) Columbus discovered America

D) None of these

Correct Option : C

62. Let us go for a walk,..........?

A) Shan`t we

B) Will we

C) shall we

D) won`t we

Correct Option : C

63. Mark out the correct sentence from the given?

A) I will meet you tomorrow

B) I might meet you tomorrow

C) I shall meet you tomorrow

D) I shall have to meet you tomorrow

Correct Option : C

64. The passive voice of the sentence is:- `Raju has written a novel`

A) Raju has been written a novel

B) A novel was written by Raju

C) A novel was being written by Raju

D) A novel has been written by Raju

Correct Option : D

65. He is very popular ......... employee

A) in

B) among

C) with

D) into

Correct Option : C

66. `birds` are collectively known as?

A) flock

B) herd

C) swarm

D) Pack

Correct Option : A

67. The word meaning to :- One having unusual habits is

A) Epilogne

B) Eccentric

C) Dubious

D) Dotage

Correct Option : B

68. Which one of the following is a synonym of `Delusion`

A) delight

B) pleasure

C) illusion

D) subtle

Correct Option : C

69. `abinitio` means

A) for a specific purpose

B) without limit

C) in the mean time

D) from the begining

Correct Option : D

70. Plural form of mouse?

A) Mouses

B) mice

C) mouses

D) None of these

Correct Option : B

71. A man walking with a speed of 10m/s reaches the office 5 minutes late. If he walks at a speed of 15 m/s, he will reach the office 5 minutes earlier. Find the distance to office?

A) 400m

B) 500m

C) 300m

D) 200m

Correct Option : C

72. If (2+3y):(2-3y) = 4:1. Find :y

A) 15:6

B) 10:6

C) 5:2

D) 2:5

Correct Option : C

73. Triplicate ratio of a :b is .........

A) a2:b2

B) 3a:4b

C) 1:3

D) a3:b3

Correct Option : D

74. Subtracting 60% of a number from the number, we get?

A) 600

B) 200

C) 300

D) 800

Correct Option : B

75. If the loss % of article is 20 nad the cost price is Rs. 5050. Find the selling price of the article

A) 5500

B) 4000

C) 6400

D) 4040

Correct Option : D

76. If the height and diameter of a cylinder are 49 cm and 20 cm respectively, find its volume?

A) 49000 cm^3

B) 51400m^3

C) 15400cm^3

D) 50000 cm^3

Correct Option : C

77. What is the angle between the hands of a clock when time is 8:20 am?

A) 110º

B) 130º

C) 105º

D) 115º

Correct Option : B

78. If 8th December 2007 is a Saturday, what day of the week was 8th December 2006

A) Friday

B) Saturday

C) Thursday

D) Sunday

Correct Option : A

79. If a clock shows the time as 12.20. what is its mirror image?

A) 12.40

B) 11.40

C) 10.40

D) None of these

Correct Option : B

80. If `light` is called `morning`. `Morning` is called `dark` dark is called `night`. `night` is called `sunshine` and `sunshine` is called `dusk`. When do we sleep?

A) night

B) Dark

C) Sunshine

D) dusk

Correct Option : C

81. In a certain code language CREATIVE is written as BDSBFUJS. How is TRIANGLE written in that code?





Correct Option : B

82. `Flower` is related to petal in the smae way as `Book` is related to?

A) Author

B) Content

C) Library

D) Page

Correct Option : D

83. If A is in the north of B and C is in the west of B. In what direction is A with respect to C?

A) South

B) East

C) south -west

D) North -East

Correct Option : D

84. Find out the missing numbers in this series 2,6,18,54,......., 486,1458

A) 152

B) 182

C) 162

D) 108

Correct Option : C

85. A garedn is 90m long and 75m broad. A path 5m wide is to be built out side around it. find the area of the path?

A) 850m^2

B) 6750m^2

C) 1750m^2

D) 7600m^2

Correct Option : C

86. Find the odd one among these?

A) Lake

B) River

C) Pool

D) Sea

Correct Option : B

87. Manu`s age is 6 times Binu`s age. 15 years hence manu will be 3 times as old as Binu, Find Binu`s age?

A) 60 yrs

B) 10 yrs

C) 45 yrs

D) 21 yrs

Correct Option : B

88. If I = 9, Yoo = 61, then we?

A) 28

B) 32

C) 65

D) 50

Correct Option : A

89. Two numbers are respectively 20% and 50% more than a third number. The ratio of the two numbers is:

A) 2 : 5

B) 3 : 5

C) 4 : 5

D) 6 : 7

Correct Option : C

90. Which of the following numbers is divisible by 33?

A) 1333

B) 1375

C) 2133

D) 2145

Correct Option : D

91. ഒരു കഥാപാത്രത്തിനും പേരു നല്‍കിയിട്ടില്ലാത്ത `മരണസര്‍ട്ടിഫിക്കറ്റ്` എന്ന നോവല്‍ എഴുതിയതാര്?

A) അക്കിത്തം

B) ആനന്ദ്

C) ജി. ശങ്കരക്കുറുപ്പ്

D) തകഴി

Correct Option : B

92. `ന്‍റെ` ഏതു വിഭക്തിയെക്കുറിക്കുന്ന പ്രത്യയമാണ്?

A) പ്രതിഗ്രാഹിക

B) ആധാരിക

C) സംബന്ധിക

D) നിര്‍ദ്ദേശിക

Correct Option : C

93. കേന്ദ്ര സാഹിത്യ അക്കാദമി അവാര്‍ഡ് 2016 ല്‍ നേടിയ മലയാളി?

A) പ്രഭാവര്‍മ്മ

B) സി. രാധാകൃഷ്ണന്‍

C) ബെന്യാമിന്‍

D) സന്തോഷ് ഏച്ചിക്കാനം

Correct Option : A

94. `മരിക്കാത്ത ഓര്‍മ്മകള്‍` ആരുടെ ആത്മകഥയാണ്?

A) പി. കേശവദേവ്

B) പാറപ്പുറം

C) തോപ്പില്‍ഭാസി

D) പവനന്‍

Correct Option : B

95. `ഒരടി` ഏതു സന്ധിയ്ക്കുദാഹരണമാണ്?

A) ആഗമസന്ധി

B) ആദേശസന്ധി

C) ദ്വിത്വസന്ധി

D) ലോപസന്ധി

Correct Option : D

96. `വേലിതന്നെ വിളവ് തിന്നുക` എന്ന ശൈലിയുടെ അര്‍ത്ഥമെഴുതുക?

A) സ്വയം അപകടത്തില്‍പ്പെടുക

B) ഒന്നിനുദ്ദേശിച്ചത് മറ്റൊന്നിനായി

C) അപ്രതീക്ഷിതമായ ഉപദ്രവം

D) സൂക്ഷിപ്പുകാരന്‍ തന്നെ നശിപ്പിക്കുക

Correct Option : D

97. `ഭംഗി` എന്ന വാക്കിന്‍റെ വിപരീതാര്‍ത്ഥമുള്ള പദമെഴുതുക

A) വിഭംഗി

B) അഭംഗി

C) വിഭംഗം

D) ഇതൊന്നുമല്ല

Correct Option : B

98. താഴെപ്പറയുന്നവയില്‍ താഴ്വര എന്നര്‍ത്ഥം വരുന്ന പദമേത്?

A) സാനു

B) സൂനു

C) സൂനം

D) പരിഖ

Correct Option : A

99. കേരള വനം വകുപ്പിന്‍റെ മുഖപത്രം?

A) കേളി

B) പൊലി

C) ആരണ്യ

D) തളിര്

Correct Option : C

100. `കമലജന്‍` ഏതു സമാസത്തിനുദാഹരണം

A) അവ്യയീഭാവന്‍

B) ദ്വന്ദ്വസമാസം

C) ദ്വിഗു സമാസം

D) ബഹുവ്രീഹി

Correct Option : D