1. First Woman Judge of the Supreme Court is :

A) Anna Chandi

B) Suchetha Kripalani

C) Vijayalakshmi Pandit

D) Fathima Beevi

Correct Option : D


2. Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore is related to:

A) Athletics

B) Boxing

C) Football

D) Shooting

Correct Option : D


3. Which Magazine was called the Bible of the Thiyyas?

A) Dootan

B) Sujana Nandini

C) Sahodaran

D) Mithavadi

Correct Option : D


4. Channar Revolt was started in the year ?

A) 1813

B) 1820

C) 1822

D) 1832

Correct Option : A


5. APJ Abdul Kalam Memorial was Situated in

A) Sri Perumbudhur

B) Pudukottai

C) Thiruvarur

D) Pei Karumbu

Correct Option : D


6. The first robot to get a citizenship is :

A) Catherine

B) Sophia

C) Jennifer

D) Esther

Correct Option : B


7. The unit of Kinematic viscosity is ...........

A) Stoke

B) Poise

C) Pascal

D) Faraday

Correct Option : A


8. Vitamin which is most likely to become deficient in alcoholics is

A) Ascorbic Acid

B) Thiamine

C) Niacin

D) Riboflavin

Correct Option : B


9. Which of the following belongs to antipyretics

A) Paracetamol

B) Morphine

C) Ranitidine

D) Amoxylin

Correct Option : A


10. Which instrument is used to measure Pressure

A) Ammeter

B) Manometer

C) Lactometer

D) Sacharimeter

Correct Option : B


11. The place known as the city of scientific instrument?

A) Kolkata

B) Ambala

C) Faridabad

D) Jumbarigette

Correct Option : B


12. Which one of the following is a non-renewable source of energy?

A) Hydel

B) Thermal

C) Solar

D) Wind Power

Correct Option : B


13. Who wrote “Gajendramoksham Vanchipattu”

A) Kunjan Nambiar

B) Vagbhatananda

C) Saint Chavara Kuriakose Elias

D) Sree Narayana Guru

Correct Option : D


14. First Political drama in Kerala:

A) Rithumati

B) Pattabakki

C) Achante Makkal

D) Thozhil Kendrathileku

Correct Option : B


15. The konkan railway does not pass through

A) Goa

B) Kerala

C) Karnataka

D) Maharashtra

Correct Option : B


16. NITI Aayog (National Institution For Transforming India) Formed on :

A) January 26, 2015

B) January 1, 2014

C) January 1, 2016

D) January 1, 2015

Correct Option : D


17. Name the only state in India that Produce diamond

A) Jharkand

B) Madhyapradesh

C) Odisha

D) Karnataka

Correct Option : B


18. Netaji Subhas National Institute of Sports is located at

A) Kolkata

B) Patiala

C) Bengaluru

D) Gwalior

Correct Option : B


19. The first cinema scope film in India?

A) Deewana

B) Baazigar

C) Kaagaz Kaa Phool

D) Dangal

Correct Option : C


20. The river is known as Vridha Ganga?

A) Narmada

B) Sindhu

C) Godavari

D) Bharathapuzha

Correct Option : C


21. The concept of Directive Principles was borrowed from?

A) Irish Republic

B) Switzerland


D) Canada

Correct Option : A


22. The fourth President of Indian National Congress in 1888?

A) W.C. Banerjee

B) George Yule

C) Dadabhai Naoroji

D) William Wedderburn

Correct Option : B


23. The Comptroller and Auditor General of India is appointed by

A) Speaker of Lok Sabha

B) Governor

C) Prime Minister

D) President of India

Correct Option : D


24. Pedology is the science that deals with the study of ____

A) Soil

B) Water

C) Mountains

D) Lakes

Correct Option : A


25. Kochi Metro was formely inaugurated by

A) Sadasivam

B) Narendramodi

C) AK Sasindran

D) E. Sreedharan

Correct Option : B


26. Who won ‘Odakkuzhal Award’ 2017?

A) K R Meera

B) Aymanam John

C) C Radhakrishnan

D) Subash Chandran

Correct Option : B


27. The famous “Mamankam Festival’ was celebrated on the banks of the river?

A) Periyar

B) Kabani

C) Pamba

D) Bharathapuzha

Correct Option : D


28. Headquarters of KILA is at:

A) Kozhikode

B) Kottayam

C) Thrissur

D) Ernakulam

Correct Option : C


29. The soil which is most suited for cotton cultivation is .........

A) Marshy soil

B) Red soil

C) Black soil

D) Laterite soil

Correct Option : C


30. Lok Sabha is also known as:

A) House of the Elders

B) House of the Leaders

C) House of the People

D) Council of the States

Correct Option : C


31. Which Article guarantees freedom to manage religious affairs?

A) Art 26

B) Art 32

C) Art 19

D) Art 21A

Correct Option : A


32. Name the Union Territories that have legislative Assembly

A) Delhi and Andaman Nicobar

B) Delhi and Chandigarh

C) Delhi and Puthucherry

D) Lakshadweep and Andaman Nicobar

Correct Option : C


33. In which part of the constitution Fundamental rights are included




D) V

Correct Option : B


34. Who discovered Hydrogen?

A) Priestly

B) Hendri Cavendish

C) Lavoisier

D) William Ramsay

Correct Option : B


35. Who was the Political guru of Dr.BR Ambedkar

A) Pherozshah Mehta

B) Veeresalingam

C) Jyotiba Phule

D) EV Ramaswami Naicker

Correct Option : C


36. Who invented the CT Scan

A) Franc Whittle

B) Christian Dopler

C) Frederic Wholer

D) Godfrey Hounsfield

Correct Option : D


37. Opium war was fought between:

A) USA - Britain

B) Britian - Ireland

C) Britain - China

D) Britain - Denmark

Correct Option : C


38. Which among the following is not a green house gas

A) Nitrogen

B) Methane

C) Nitrous oxide

D) Carbon di oxide

Correct Option : A


39. In which layer of atmosphere is ozone found

A) Mesosphere

B) Thermosphere

C) Stratosphere

D) Troposphere

Correct Option : C


40. The doctrine of lapse was introduced by

A) Lord Minto

B) William Bentick

C) Dalhousie

D) Wellesley

Correct Option : C


41. The first Non-Indian to get Bharatratna:

A) Dalai Lama

B) Nelson Mandela

C) Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan

D) Julius Nyerere

Correct Option : C


42. The headquarters of the international labour organisation is at?

A) Rom

B) Vienna

C) Geneva

D) Brussels

Correct Option : C


43. Which planet has the maximum number of satelities?

A) Saturn

B) Uranus

C) Jupiter

D) Neptune

Correct Option : C


44. Which is the first indegenously made missile of India?

A) Agni II

B) Agni III

C) Prithvi

D) Akash

Correct Option : C


45. The energy from the sun reaches the earth by

A) Radiation

B) Conduction

C) Convention

D) Condensation

Correct Option : A


46. In which river is chitrakot water fall?

A) Sheonath

B) Indravati

C) Hardeo

D) Rihand

Correct Option : B


47. Poona Pact aimed at

A) Hindu Muslim Unity

B) Privilleges of the princes

C) Representation of the lower classes

D) Review of the working of Diarchy

Correct Option : C


48. Deepak Mishra who became the chief justice of India is a native of

A) Gujarat

B) Odisha

C) Maharashtra

D) Sikkim

Correct Option : B


49. Which state recently formed helipad policy

A) Kerala

B) Tamilnadu

C) Maharashtra

D) Odisha

Correct Option : C


50. National Science day celebrated every year

A) Feb 28

B) March 28

C) Feb 2

D) March 29

Correct Option : A


51. Which Indian state declared Urdu Second language

A) Andrapradesh

B) Telangana

C) Jammukashmir

D) Odisha

Correct Option : B


52. Venue of Women’s Hockers World Cup 2018

A) London

B) Washington

C) Brussels

D) Paris

Correct Option : A


53. Winners of Blind World Cup Cricket 2018?

A) India

B) Pakistan


D) China

Correct Option : A


54. Vagbhatananda organised an inter dining known as

A) Pandhi bhojanam

B) Misra Bhojanam

C) Preethi Bhojanam

D) None of these

Correct Option : C


55. The beginning part of kathakali

A) Purapadu

B) Kelikottu

C) Mangalam

D) Dhanasi

Correct Option : B


56. Kerala Police Act amendment come into force in

A) 2010

B) 2011

C) 2014

D) 2012

Correct Option : B


57. First city chosen for hunger free city mission

A) Kozhikode

B) Ernakulam

C) Malapuram


Correct Option : A


58. Which metal is known as `future metal`?

A) Iron

B) Tungsten

C) Titanium

D) Platinum

Correct Option : C


59. Headquarters of NDC?

A) Mumbai

B) New Delhi

C) Hyderabad

D) Chennai

Correct Option : B


60. The first talking ATM in india was started

A) YES Bank

B) Union Bank of India


D) Canera Bank

Correct Option : B


61. ‘Hue and Cry’ means

A) A noisy expression of disapproval

B) Completely

C) Every part of a place

D) In addition to

Correct Option : A


62. Either Reema or her friends ......made a mess

A) has

B) is

C) were

D) have

Correct Option : D


63. The dead body was taken to the_____ for an authority

A) Morague

B) Morgue

C) Morg

D) Morrgue

Correct Option : B


64. I look forward to _____ you again

A) seeing

B) saw

C) see

D) have seen

Correct Option : A


65. When I reached the railway station, the train ____ left

A) had left

B) left

C) was left

D) has left

Correct Option : A


66. Antonym of ‘Praise’

A) Fame

B) Surplus

C) Cheap

D) Blame

Correct Option : D


67. Father was angry _____ what I had done

A) with

B) in

C) at

D) for

Correct Option : C


68. A person who wants no formal or official organisation to society

A) Anarchist

B) Agnostic

C) Burglar

D) Altruist

Correct Option : A


69. His handwriting is shabby, I cannot ____ what be has written

A) make up

B) make at

C) make out

D) make off

Correct Option : C


70. Time _____all sorrows

A) heels

B) heals

C) hails

D) heirs

Correct Option : B


71. The richer you are, ____

A) the greed will increase

B) the greedier you become

C) your greed increases

D) you become the greedier

Correct Option : B


72. Choose the incorrectly spelt word

A) recommend

B) reccomend

C) Vacation

D) Psychology

Correct Option : B


73. When Thomas came to the bank 2015 Biju .... there for two years

A) had been working

B) was working

C) had worked

D) has been working

Correct Option : A


74. I have my bedroom.......

A) on the stairs

B) in upstairs

C) upstairs

D) at upstairs

Correct Option : C


75. Rarely _____ my college mates

A) I see

B) I don’t see

C) do I see

D) I saw

Correct Option : C


76. The reported speech of : He asked what is the time? is

A) He asked what the time was

B) He asked what is the time

C) He asked what the time is

D) He asked what was the time

Correct Option : A


77. A group of birds is called a

A) Herd

B) Pack

C) Flock

D) Flight

Correct Option : D


78. The plural of ‘Commander in chief’ is

A) Commander- in-cheifs

B) Commander-in-chieves

C) Commanders -in-chief

D) Commander in -chiefs

Correct Option : C


79. The boy prefers coffee ....... tea

A) with

B) on

C) to

D) than

Correct Option : C


80. The latin phrase ‘malafide’ means

A) In bad faith

B) In good faith

C) Without faith

D) Having high hopes

Correct Option : A


81. In a certain code FIRE is coded as DGPC. What will be the last letter of the coded word for `SHOT`?

A) Q

B) P

C) R

D) S

Correct Option : C


82. Which of the alternative figures would correctly fill in the blank in following series of numbers? 1,5,10,16,23,31,......

A) 38

B) 50

C) 39

D) 40

Correct Option : D


83. Meena, Arun and Gopu divide a sum of Rs. 6000 in such a way that Arun gets of what Meena gets and Gopu gets of what Arun gets. Then what is Arun`s share?

A) Rs. 1200

B) Rs. 1480

C) Rs. 1600

D) Rs. 3000

Correct Option : C


84. What should be the measure of the diagonal of a square whose area is 162cm2?

A) 15cm

B) 19cm

C) 18cm

D) 14cm

Correct Option : C


85. Find the sum of the numbers lying between 200 and 700 which are multiple of 5?

A) 44550

B) 34440

C) 65240

D) 32300

Correct Option : A


86. Jayesh can do a piece of work in 25 days and Panchu can do the same work in 30 days. They work together for 5 days and then Jayesh leaves. Panchu will finish the remaining work in

A) 19 days

B) 20 days

C) 21 days

D) 11 days

Correct Option : A


87. A garden is 90m long and 75m broad. A path 5m wide is to be built outside around it. Find the area of the path?

A) 850m^2

B) 6750m^2

C) 1750m^2

D) 7600m^2

Correct Option : C


88. An automobile financier claims to be lending money at simple interest, but he includes the interest every six months for calculating the principal. If he is charging an interest of 10%, the effective rate of interest becomes:

A) 10%

B) 10.25%

C) 10.5%

D) None of these

Correct Option : B


89. If EDUCATION is coded as NOITACUDE, then REDFORT will be coded as?





Correct Option : A


90. If I=9 You = 61 then We =........?

A) 28

B) 32

C) 65

D) 50

Correct Option : A


91. Find (125+95)2-4x125x95

A) 400

B) 900

C) 1000

D) 440

Correct Option : B


92. If the 11th day of a month having 31 days is a Saturday, which of the following days will occur five times in that month?

A) Monday

B) Saturday

C) Sunday

D) Thursday

Correct Option : D


93. Window is to pane as book is to

A) novel

B) glass

C) cover

D) page

Correct Option : D


94. Salary of an employ increases consistently by 50% every year. If his salary today is 10000 Rs. what will be the salary after 4 years?

A) 62500

B) 26500

C) 33750

D) 50625

Correct Option : D


95. The angle between both hands of a clock at 9.20 am will be

A) 120º

B) 150º

C) 160º

D) 130º

Correct Option : C


96. A chess board contain 64 equal and the area of each square is 6.25cm2. A border round the board is 2cm wide. Find the length of the side of the chess board?

A) 24cm

B) 42cm

C) 60cm

D) 64cm2

Correct Option : A


97. The mean of a set of 40 values is 6. Each of the values is increased by 5. What will be the mean of the set of new values?

A) 11

B) 45

C) 60

D) 70

Correct Option : A


98. A and B started a business investing Rs. 22500 and Rs. 35000 respectively. Out of a total profit of Rs. 13800 B`s share is

A) Rs. 5400

B) Rs. 7200

C) Rs. 8400

D) Rs. 9600

Correct Option : C


99. What will be the next number in the following series of numbers 2,4,16,.....

A) 96

B) 92

C) 256

D) none of these

Correct Option : C


100. Find out the medium of the values 5,10,3,7,2,9,6,2,11

A) 2

B) 6

C) 11

D) 9

Correct Option : B