1. The total number of wild life sanctuaries in Kerala?

A) 11

B) 17

C) 18

D) 15

Correct Option : C


2. First district in India with Rural Broadband Network?

A) Alapuzha

B) Malappuram

C) Idukki

D) Kannur

Correct Option : C


3. `Edasseri Memorial` situated at which place?

A) Ponnani

B) Kottaikal

C) Tirunavaya

D) Nilambur

Correct Option : A


4. Who conducted Panthi Bhojanam for the first time in India?

A) Sree Narayana Guru

B) Thycaud Ayya

C) Chattampi Swami

D) Vagbhadanandan

Correct Option : B


5. The renaissance leader known as `The teacher of atheist`?

A) Vagbhadanandan

B) Sree Narayana Guru

C) Brahmananda Sivayogi

D) Ayyankali

Correct Option : C


6. `Jeevakarunya Niroopanam` written by?

A) Bodheshwaran

B) Vivekananda

C) Brahmananda Sivayogi

D) Chattampi Swami

Correct Option : D


7. Second Governor of Kerala is?

A) V.V. Giri

B) V. Viswanathan

C) P.S Rao

D) Ram Dulari Sinha

Correct Option : A


8. Headquarters of Malabar Special Task Force

A) Kannur

B) Malappuram

C) Thrissur

D) Kozhikode

Correct Option : B


9. Numer of central prisons in Kerala?

A) 4

B) 5

C) 2

D) 3

Correct Option : D


10. The system of police department which helps a citizen to bring a crime to light without revealing the name of the informer?

A) Operation Bhai

B) Operation Valsalya

C) Crime Stopper

D) None of these

Correct Option : C


11. `Porattathinte Dinangal` is a book wrtten by whom?

A) Pinarayi Vijayan

B) Oommen Chandy

C) V.R. Krishna Iyer

D) K.R Gouri Amma

Correct Option : B


12. The Constituent Assembly adopted or enacted the constitution of India on?

A) January 26, 1950

B) January 24, 1950

C) November 26, 1949

D) July 22, 1947

Correct Option : C


13. Article 111 of Indian Constitution deal with which of the following?

A) Money bill

B) Veto power of President

C) Veto on account

D) Supreme court

Correct Option : B


14. The article which deals about Fundamental Rights?

A) Article 5-11

B) Article 32-36

C) Article 12-35

D) None of these

Correct Option : C


15. The meaning of the writ `prohibition`

A) we command

B) Produce the body

C) By what authority

D) Stay order

Correct Option : D


16. Directive Principles are taken from the constitution of which country?

A) Ireland

B) Britain

C) Spain

D) America

Correct Option : A


17. East - west distance of India be calculated as?

A) 3214 km

B) 2933 km

C) 6100 km

D) 2453 km

Correct Option : B


18. Which state in India to form e-cops as special team to prevent cyber crimes?

A) Madhya Pradesh

B) Bihar

C) Andhra Pradesh

D) Punjab

Correct Option : C


19. The head quarters of Bharat Petroleum is located at?

A) Chennai

B) Mumbai

C) Bhoppal

D) Nagpur

Correct Option : B


20. Nalanda University was destroyed by?

A) Akbar

B) Sha Alam II

C) Bhaktiyar Khilji

D) Babar

Correct Option : C


21. The tribal peoples known as `Oraon and Kora` were belongs to which state?

A) Chattisgarh

B) Madhya Pradesh

C) Bihar

D) West Bengal

Correct Option : D


22. Headquarters of Door Darshan known as?

A) August Kranti Bhavan

B) Mandy House

C) Dolpur House

D) Baroda House

Correct Option : B


23. Delhi on the banks of which river?

A) Ganga

B) Brahmaputra

C) Yamuna

D) Satlaj

Correct Option : C


24. In which year Brahma Samaj was found?

A) 1848

B) 1828

C) 1876

D) 1891

Correct Option : B


25. Who among the followed lived the court of Akbar?

A) Tulsi Das

B) Amir Khusrau

C) Ibn Batuta

D) Alberuni

Correct Option : A


26. The viceroy who formed the `Safety Valve Theory` ?

A) Canning

B) Mayo

C) Curzon

D) Dufferin

Correct Option : D


27. In which year Gandhiji organised Penix settlement near Durban?

A) 1904

B) 1906

C) 1908

D) 1911

Correct Option : A


28. Who made the first estimate of National income in India?

A) Adam Smith

B) Dadabhai Naoroji

C) Alfred Marshal

D) J.B Clerk

Correct Option : B


29. First country is the world introduced Salt Tax?

A) India

B) Britain

C) France

D) China

Correct Option : D


30. R.N.Malhotra Commission is associated with which of the following?

A) Tax

B) Stock Exchange

C) Insurance


Correct Option : C


31. The President of India who exercised his franchise in Assembly election?

A) R. Venkitaraman

B) A.P.J. Abdulkalam

C) Zakkir Hussain

D) None of these

Correct Option : B


32. Who visited Vijayanagr during the reign of Achutha Raya?

A) Nicolo Conti

B) Ferno Nuniz

C) Domingo paes

D) Abdur Razak

Correct Option : B


33. The leader of 1857 Revolt at `Gwalior`?

A) Nana Saheb

B) Bhakt Khan

C) Rani Lekshmi Bai

D) Kanwar Singh

Correct Option : C


34. Nehru Report was prepared under which leader among the following?

A) Jawaharlal Nehru

B) M.A Ansari

C) Lala Lajpat Rai

D) Motilal Nehru

Correct Option : D


35. The INC session which approved the basic education project prepared by Gandhiji?

A) Haripura Session

B) Tripura Session

C) Kolkata Session

D) Bombay Session

Correct Option : A


36. Cabinet mission Submitted its final report in which year?

A) May 1, 1946

B) May 16, 1946

C) May 5, 1946

D) May 31, 1946

Correct Option : B


37. Who is regarded as the father of Botany?

A) J.C. Bose

B) Aristotle

C) Theophrastus

D) Robert Hook

Correct Option : C


38. Which of the following is the best source of Iodine?

A) Algae

B) Beans

C) Radish

D) Wheat

Correct Option : A


39. The instrument used for measuring the specific gravity of liquids?

A) Gravimeter

B) Hydrometer

C) Gyroscope

D) Fathometer

Correct Option : B


40. The scientist who put forward the modern periodic laws?

A) Lother Mayer

B) Dobarainer

C) Moseley

D) Hans Orsted

Correct Option : C


41. When the temperature of water is increased from 00c to 40c, the volume .........?

A) Decreases

B) Increases

C) No change

D) Decreases or increase

Correct Option : A


42. The no.of naturally occuring elements in the periodic table is?

A) 102

B) 92

C) 96

D) 98

Correct Option : B


43. The production process of Magnesium is known as?

A) Solvary process

B) Dumas process

C) Dow process

D) Frasch process

Correct Option : C


44. The chemical substance used to Dehydrate Ammonia gas?

A) Pottasium Oxide

B) Calcium Hydroxide

C) Calcium Oxide

D) Sodium Hydroxide

Correct Option : C


45. The acid which is used for preserving food?

A) Benzoic acid

B) Oxalic acid

C) Tartaric acid

D) Nitric acid

Correct Option : A


46. The study of reptiles known as?

A) Hippology

B) Hepatology

C) Herpatology

D) Haematology

Correct Option : C


47. Father of E-mail?

A) Alan Shugart

B) Ray Tomilson

C) Douglas Engelbert

D) James.T.Russel

Correct Option : B


48. Type of memory that can be erased and reprogrammed repeatedly?





Correct Option : A


49. The interface between computer and user?

A) Hardware

B) Complier

C) Software


Correct Option : C


50. `DSL` stands for

A) Digital Subscriber Line

B) Digit and sign Logic

C) Digital Software Logic

D) Digital Signature Line

Correct Option : A


51. `Hacking` in computer system under IT Act 2000 in which session?

A) 66 C

B) 66 F

C) 66

D) 65

Correct Option : C


52. IT Amendment Act 2008 came into force on?

A) October 1, 2009

B) October 8, 2009

C) October 31, 2009

D) October 27, 2009

Correct Option : D


53. World teachers day was observed on?

A) September 5

B) October 5

C) November 5

D) November 6

Correct Option : B


54. Name of scorpene class submarine recently handed over to the Indian Navy?

A) INS Vikrant

B) INS Chakra

C) INS Kalvari

D) INS Vikramadithya

Correct Option : C


55. Who is India`s Captain in the 2017 Under 17 World Cup Football?

A) Amarjith Singh Kiyan

B) Sashi Shanker

C) Kuldeep Yadav

D) Balraj Joshi

Correct Option : A


56. Which state launched India`s first electric bus service at high altitude?

A) U.P

B) Himachal Pradesh

C) Sikkim

D) Assam

Correct Option : B


57. Which Indian cricketer has recently taken a hat-trick in One Day International?

A) Praveen Kumar

B) Harbajan Singh

C) Kuldeep yadav

D) None of these

Correct Option : C


58. Age group of the people who were eligible under the `TRYSEM` system?

A) 18 -35

B) 18-25

C) 18-40

D) 18- 30

Correct Option : A


59. The scheme `PMRY` launched on?

A) October 1, 1993

B) October 2, 1993

C) October 31, 1993

D) October 6, 1993

Correct Option : B


60. Rajiv Awaas Yojana aims at which of the following?

A) House Constructor

B) Emloyment to Youth

C) Slum free India

D) Basic Infrastructure

Correct Option : C


61. Which of the following sentence is correctly given?

A) Either he or his brother are guilty

B) Either he nor his brother are guilty

C) Either he or his brother is guilty

D) Either he and his brother is guilty

Correct Option : C


62. Use with correct preposition. The class will end ......... 3`O clock

A) at

B) by

C) for

D) from

Correct Option : B


63. The foreign word for the meaning `in law`?

A) De jure

B) De facto

C) De luxe

D) De novo

Correct Option : A


64. The word which is similar to `polite`

A) Covert

B) Counterfeit

C) Courteous

D) Cratfy

Correct Option : C


65. Which word in the following is correct?

A) Abbreviate

B) Abreviate

C) Abraevite

D) Abbraeviate

Correct Option : A


66. The policeman asked him whether he ........ give him the information

A) who

B) will

C) could

D) can

Correct Option : C


67. The officer ............ out five minutes ago

A) had

B) went

C) has gone

D) was going

Correct Option : B


68. Animal that feeds on its own species is called

A) Lexicographer

B) philanthropist

C) calligrapher

D) cannibal

Correct Option : D


69. If you ......... me, I would have come

A) would invite

B) had invited

C) invited

D) invite

Correct Option : B


70. Post with little work but high salary

A) Titular

B) Premium

C) Honorary

D) Sinecare

Correct Option : D


71. The present age of Krishnan is twice the age of his son Raju. 10 years ago, krishnan`s age was three times the age of Raju. What is the present age of krishnan?

A) 40

B) 50

C) 60

D) 46

Correct Option : A


72. The number is twice 75% of 150. Then what is the number?

A) 275

B) 115

C) 225

D) 150

Correct Option : C


73. A train passes a station platform in 36 seconds and a man standing on the platform in 20 seconds. If the speed of the train is 54 km/hr, what is the length of the platform?

A) 120 m

B) 240 m

C) 300 m

D) None of these

Correct Option : B


74. River :Dam :: Traffic: ...........

A) Signal

B) Vehicle

C) Lane

D) Motion

Correct Option : A


75. The length of a rectangle is halved, while its breadth is tripled. What is the percentage change in area?

A) 25% increase

B) 50% increase

C) 50% decrease

D) 75% decrease

Correct Option : B


76. Find the odd one





Correct Option : C


77. A man starts walking towards east from a point A and after walking 25m turns to his left and walks 20m, again he walks 22m turning to his left and finally walks 24m turning to his left and reaches B. How far and which direction is he from A?

A) 7 m South -East

B) 7 m South

C) 7 m East

D) 5 m South- East

Correct Option : D


78. What is the next term of the sentence 1,2,2,5,3,10,4,.....

A) 15

B) 14

C) 4

D) 17

Correct Option : D


79. A vender increased the price of a commodity by 20% and then given a reduction of 10%. What will be his profit percentage?

A) 10

B) 12

C) 8

D) 15

Correct Option : C


80. What is my relation with the daughter of the son of my father`s sister?

A) Niece

B) sister

C) Cousin

D) Maternal aunt

Correct Option : A


81. The no.of days from 31 October 2011 to 31 October 2012 including both the days?

A) 365

B) 368

C) 366

D) 367

Correct Option : D


82. Complete the series A,P,B,Q,C,.......

A) D

B) T

C) O

D) R

Correct Option : D


83. Find the HCF of 21 and 27

A) 7

B) 189

C) 3

D) 9

Correct Option : C


84. 15 men can do a piece of work in 30 days. How many days are required to complete this work it 6 men do this work

A) 80

B) 70

C) 85

D) 75

Correct Option : D


85. Optimist is to cheerful as pessimist is to

A) gloomy

B) mean

C) petty

D) helpful

Correct Option : A


86. The angles in a traingle are in the ratio 1:2:3. the possible value of angles are

A) 10,20,30

B) 30,45,90

C) 45,45,90

D) 30,60,90

Correct Option : D


87. QPO, NML, KJI, _____, EDC





Correct Option : A


88. The length and breadth of a room is in the ratio 3:2. It is perimeter is 80 m then its length will be?

A) 24m

B) 20m

C) 33m

D) 35m

Correct Option : A


89. Angle traced by an hour hand in 12 hrs?

A) 180º

B) 360º

C) 120º

D) 260º

Correct Option : B


90. Today is Monday. After 61 days, it will be

A) Monday

B) Tuesday

C) Saturday

D) Sunday

Correct Option : C


91. താഴെ കൊടുത്തിരിക്കുന്നവയില്‍ വിപരീതാര്‍ത്ഥം വരാത്ത ജോഡി ഏത്?

A) ഫലം - വിഫലം

B) രസം - വിരസം

C) യോഗം - വിയോഗം

D) ജ്ഞാനം - വിജ്ഞാനം

Correct Option : D


92. മലയാളത്തിന് ശ്രേഷ്ടഭാഷാ പദവി ലഭിച്ച വര്‍ഷം?

A) 2013 മെയ് 23

B) 2013 മെയ് 1

C) 2013 മെയ് 13

D) 2013 മെയ് 5

Correct Option : A


93. ശാകുന്തളം മലയാളത്തിലേയ്ക്ക് വിവര്‍ത്തനം ചെയ്തതാര്?

A) ചങ്ങമ്പുഴ

B) എ.ആര്‍. രാജാരാജവര്‍മ്മ

C) എം.കെ സാനു

D) സി. രാധാകൃഷ്ണന്‍

Correct Option : B


94. `പറഞ്ഞ്കേട്ടു` ഏതിനുദാഹരണം

A) പേരെച്ചം

B) പറ്റുവിന

C) വിനയെച്ചം

D) മുറ്റുവിന

Correct Option : C


95. സന്ധിയേത് - തിരക്കഥ

A) ദ്വിത്വസന്ധി

B) ലോപസന്ധി

C) ആദേശസന്ധി

D) ആഗമസന്ധി

Correct Option : A


96. വിപരീതപദം കണ്ടെത്തുക നിവൃത്തി

A) അണിയം

B) അപകൃഷ്ടം

C) വ്യംഗ്യം

D) പ്രവൃത്തി

Correct Option : D


97. `കാണാന്‍ ആഗ്രഹിക്കുന്നയാള്‍` ഒറ്റവാക്കെഴുതുക

A) ദിദൃക്ഷു

B) പിപഠിഷു

C) ആവൃതം

D) പിപാസ

Correct Option : A


98. പക്ഷിയുടെ പര്യായമല്ലാത്ത പദമേത്?

A) ഖഗം

B) പതംഗം

C) ശുകം

D) നിഡജം

Correct Option : C


99. കേരള സ്റ്റേറ്റ് ലൈബ്രറി കൗണ്‍സിലിന്‍റെ മുഖപത്രം?

A) ഗ്രന്ഥാലോകം

B) സാഹിത്യലോകം

C) ഗ്രാമഭൂമി

D) ജനയുഗം

Correct Option : A


100. മലയാളത്തിലെ ആദ്യ സന്ദേശകാവ്യം?

A) മയൂരസന്ദേശം

B) ഉണ്ണുനീലി സന്ദേശം

C) മേഘസന്ദേശം

D) ഇതൊന്നുമല്ല

Correct Option : B