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1. Who is the father of Indian Army?

ans: Major Stringer Lawrence

2. First Indian to become Commander in Chief of Indian Army

ans: KM Kariyappa

3. Which is the first and only military base outside Indian Territory?

ans: Farkhor Air Base (Tajikistan)

4. Indian Army Day

ans: January 15

5. Indian Air Force Day

ans: October 8

6. Indian Navy Day

ans: December 4

7. Which is the largest Cantonment (military area) in India?

ans: Bathinda,Punjab

8. India’s First Nuclear Submarine

ans: INS Arihant

9. The organisation which guards International Border of India

ans: Border Security Force

10. What is the motto of Indian Navy

ans: Shanno Varuna

11. What is the motto of coast Guard

ans: Vyam Rakshamah

12. Which security force is known as “Sentinels of North-East”

ans: Assam Rifles

13. DRDO was formed in the year

ans: 1958

14. Which is the major Aerospace company under the Management of Ministry of Defence

ans: Hindustan Aerospace Limited (HAL)?

15. Headquarters of DRDO

ans: New Delhi

16. Hindustan Aerospace Limited (HAL) is located on

ans: Banglore

17. Which is the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle developed by DRDO?

ans: Nishant

18. Which is the highest Battle ground in India?

ans: Siachin

19. Which is the first Short Range surface to Air Missile of India?

ans: Trishul

20. Which is the first Intermediate-Range Ballistic Missile of India?

ans: Agni

21. Which was the first missile boat of India?

ans: INS Vinash

22. Which was the first tanker Naval Ship of India?

ans: INS Shakthi

23. Cyber Defence Research Centre came into operation recently in which Indian State

ans: Jharkhand

24. Air force Academy Situated at

ans: Hyderabad

25. Indian Military Academy Situated at

ans: Dehradun