1. Kannur was formed on jan 7, 1957.
  2. Municipalities - 6
  3. Taluks -4
  4. Block Panchayat - 11
  5. Grama Panchayat - 81
  6. Legislative Assembly - 11
  7. Loksabha seat - 1.
  8. Old name in Ptolemy's book - Nauru
  9. Longest river - Valapattanam Puzha , origin -Brahmagiri Reserve.
  10. Smallest grama panchayat in Kerala - Valapattanam.
  11. Male Female sexratio highest in Kannur district.
  12. The district with longest coastal area.
  13. Aralam central State Farm is in Kannur.
  14. Sultan Canal is in kannur.
  15. Panniyoor Pepper research Centre is in Kannur.
  16. Headquarters of Kerala Dinesh Beedi is in Kannur.
  17. Kannur is known as Land of Theyyam.
  18. Land of Cashewnut - Kannur.
  19. Largest production of cashewnut in Kerala - Kannur.
  20. Sugarcane Research Centre - Kannur.
  21. First Khadi factory was started in Kannur.
  22. Madayipara Hill, Kottiyoor wildlife sanctuary is in Kannur.
  23. Erani Kavu(Kannur) is the first Coast Guard academy in in India.
  24. Paithalmala tourist centre is in Kannur.(famous for ‘ mala kayattam‘ )
  25. Kerala State Handloom Development Corporation - Kannur
  26. Handloom Industries popularised in Kannur by - Basal Mission
  27. Headquarters of Valluva Kolathiri Kings - Kannur.
  28. Only one Condolement in Kerala - Kannur.
  29. The fourth upcoming International Airport in Kerala is situated at Moorkhan Parambu is in Kannur district.
  30. Parassinikadavu Snake Park is in Kannur.
  31. Ezhimala Naval Academy is in kannur - INS Zamorin.
  32. Famous religious destinations in Kannur are Parassinikadavu Muthappan temple, Kottiyoor Mahadeva temple, Taliparamba Rajarajeswara temple, Trichambaram temple, Madayi Mosque.
  33. Dakshina Varanasi - Kottiyoor Mahadeva Temple.
  34. Headquarters of Kannur University - Mangattu paraba ( 1996 march 1)
  35. Muzhappilangad is the only Drive in Beach in Kerala.
  36. The wildlife Sanctuary which is known as silent valley of Kannur- Aralam wildlife Sanctuary.
  37. St. Angelo’s Fort( 1505 by Portuguese ), Thalassery Fort are in Kannur.
  38. Thalassery is known as Land of Three C’s ( Cake , Cricket, Circus).
  39. Thalassery is the homeland of Kerala Circus.
  40. Keeleri Kunhikannan is known as ‘Father of circus in Kerala’.
  41. India’s first gymnasium was set up at Thalassery.
  42. First bakery in Kerala setup in Thalassery.
  43. The first Malayalam newspaper ‘Rajyasamacharam’ , First Dictionary in Malayalam was published from Illikunnu bungalow at Thalassery.
  44. Brannan’s Graveyard is in St. John's Church, Thalassery
  45. People’s Planning was firstly started in Kalliasseri (1996 Aug 17).
  46. Payyannur is known as Second Bardoli.
  47. Payyannur Satyagraha march lead by K Kelappan started from Kozhikode to the Payyanur beach and broke the salt law.
  48. In 1934 Gandhiji visited Ananda Tirtha Swami’s Gurukulam
  49. Pariyaram is the first medical college in Kerala established under cooperative sector.
  50. Dharmadam Island is in the river Ancharakandy.
  51. Biggest Kuruva plantation in Asia - Browns Plantations -Ancharakandy.
  52. Malabar Cancer Centre under KSEB is in Kodiyeri.
  53. Swadeshabhimani , AKG, Pamban Madhavan, K G Marar, E K Nayanar, Sukumar Azhikode are buried in - Payyambalam.
  54. Arakkal Dynasty is the only Muslim Dynasty in Kerala.
  55. Villarvattom is the only Christian Dynasty in Kerala.
  56. Hanveev Founded in 1968.
  57. First Panchayat to become 100 percent literate through ‘Akshaya keralam’ Project is Karivellur, Kannur